Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Evening Day Blues For Me

Well, Lorna was on MC and so its just me & Baizura today. Us ladies are considered near-to-extinction species for the Evening Shift here in the office. Or shall I say the endangered species - it sounds better doesn't it? Considering that we are quite dangerous at times wakakakaka. Baizura was a bit concern as she knows that I normally spend my dinner time at the pantry with Lorna - but I told her not to worry as I have some things to do - which is updating my blog and therefore I won't feel all alone. Kelly Clarkson is here singing to me. :) I like her singing soooooooooooo very much. Suddenly the subject of my-ex came to mind - Kak Nina informed me a few months ago that he is to get married in March. So I guess he is now a happily married man. Good for him. Yes its true I can not forget him. Well, FYI I am not with amnesia you know. So whatever that has happened and whoever so that has crossed my mind are not easily forgotten especially in "extra-special" cases hehehehe.

I met him through the internet (yeah yah cliche - I saw that cynical smile but never mind I'll let it pass this time). We started out as friends. He had a girlfriend of 7 years but had to break up coz his mother doesn't like her - a complicated family affair situation I must say. They were somehow related. He was too weak in defending the relationship- I should have seen it coming but what do I know I was to blind (and not to mentioned stupid that time). Then his mom introduced him to another girl - a surprise awaits me; I know the girl! She was my "kakak angkat" during my high school. I was even the volunteered "Posto Girl" between her and her then BF. What a small world.

I know that the relationship between him and me was not meant to be because I am a true believer that guy should start first or in a different way of saying - to propose. But in this case it was me! Sigh, I do not know...but all I know is that I really loved him very very much and I just wanna be by his side. And so I popped the question during Ramadhan after a special night after a special occasion and after a special plea with God :) I do have normal conversational session with my God as HE had promised each and every one of us that HE will always be there for us.

I thought it was a bad move because he kept quiet for few days and I thought "You are such an idiot girl! You have had a nice friendship and relationship and you have done a very good job at destroying it"! At least that is what I thought before he called to say that he accepted it :) There were things which he have said to me on that night that I still remember and still make me smile till today. But if you don't mind, I would like to keep it to myself :)

Well, time flies and honestly no one spoke about breaking up but I noticed we were getting far apart in every aspect. Even when I was with him, he would talk about that 'kakak' I mentioned up there and also about the girl his mother was interested in, to match make with him. And that point of time, I was still his girl friend! Like I said, no one said anything about breaking up.

I was really heart broken, because he is (yes it's a present tense and not past tense - for some reason) my first love. Honestly, after that incident, I can only look at guys as friends and not more than that. Its very hard for me to comprehend but yes, friends is all it is. Its not that I forced myself to avoid relationships but I did not see anyone with the same feeling I had when I was with him. Pathetic, yup indeed I was and perhaps I still am. I do not know what's the future holds for me but I do know that HE is with me along the way :)

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Malam yang Suram

Hm, two of my faithful passengers are now in the sleepy state & mind you; it's not even midnight yet! Well, to those who are not yet familiar with our working hours, its 4pm - 1am. So normally one would expect us to be sleepy around midnight. But I can see that Lorna is not feeling well - she's been coughing along the way to work just now. Jai was lying at the back seat of the car just now. We took a longer route since the traffic was rather congested from One Utama and since it was raining we dare not used the LDP highway. We did once and there was a small flood over at the Western Digital area heading towards the LDP Toll and because of that we arrived half an hours late to the office. We arrived late today, but not as late as if we were to use the LDP highway. I was late about 15 minutes, Lorna & Jai about 10 minutes. Why was it different? Because I usually dropped them up at the entrance and went to look for a parking. There's a parking up the main entrance; but its either meant for the MSC's Visitors or reserved. I have to park my car along the main road and then moved my car to a nearer spot during my break time at about 715pm. Yup that's how it goes everyday of my working life here in Cyberjaya hehehehe.

As for me, I was not really sleepy. Not even tired. I am not sure if its due to my "oversleeping schedule" or the Power Root Per'l Cafe Kacip Fatimah which my Bonda gave it to me a few days ago. FYI , my Bonda informed me that she just wanna have a taste of the Tongkat Ali Cafe that was in the Per'l Cafe's package. Those who is a regular drinker of the Power Root series of herbal drinks would notice that in each package there will be an extra 2 sachets of other herbal products of the same company. A good way of promoting the rest of the herbal drinks in the Power Root products if I may say so. Well, it certainly got my Bonda into purchasing it right? And Bonda did say something to add to it - "Ibu pergi PERNAMA tak tahu nak beli apa jadi Ibu belilah benda ni, tapi Ibu cuma nak rasa yang 2 paket tu ajer sebenarnya." Women and buying power hehehehehe. Hey, I ain't complaining coz I got free drinks right? I think this one tastes better than the canned cafe. Normally I would buy the canned Power Root Per'l Kacip Fatimah with honey & dates. Power Roots suits my taste. But my Bonda enjoys the Orang Kampung brand more than I do. I don't mind drinking herbal long as it doesn't taste like one. Yeah yeah I know - I am a weirdo so sue me :)

Well, its almost the end of the week, and not to mentioned the end of the month. A good thing is that its nearing the PAYDAY, yeah bebeh!!! The drawback - I don't think I will be able to recover from my drop-flat accuracy. It came down from a 97 -ish% to a mere 91%. Wallawei a dramatic drop man! Sob sob sob sedih tu. Well, have to gear up for next month now. Or else there goes the monthly bonus - kaching! Yea, saya mata duitan wakakakaka

As the title said so, I end it with a good rest and sleep :)

The Shutter

I resumed the activity of watching my favorite genre movie, horror aka ghosts stories. This time I am targeted "The Shutter", a Thailand horror movie. Maybe I am stressed and I need to DE-stressed myself by scaring myself. Does that even make sense hahahaha I don't think so.

As usual the hanging place was the Cine Leisure Movie theater. And so the movie begins....showing a couple meeting with an accident. One which the GF was convinced that she had ran over a girl. But the plot thickens when the BF's BFF all died in a horrific way shortly after the incident. The GF was very much sure that they were haunted by the girl whom she had ran over but was clueless as to who it was.

After much investigation, the 'ghost' happens to be the BF's ex college mate and ex-GF. But the girl had committed suicide after he decided to end their relationship. A shocking experience for them when they found out that the body of the girl was laid to decompose on her own bed in her house, when they came to share their experience with the girl's mother. After a proper burial, the GF was pretty much sure that they will be left alone only to find that more secrets are to be revealed by the 'ghost'.

A camera was found bearing pictures of the ex-GF aka 'ghost' being raped by the BF's BFF, and the person who actually took the picture was the BF himself! What the hell! That is so cruel wei, and not to mention heartless!!! It happens that the 'ghost' was once an awkward young lady who does not socialize that much and the BF was so embarrassed that he refused to tell his friends and even decided to break up with the poor girl. And when she threatened to commit suicide he went and told his friends. That's when they decided to rape the girl and asked him to take the pictures to keep the girl quiet.

I pity the girl very much. I mean she was really in love with the guy and out of embarrassment he just decided to go along with his friend's plan. Suckers! By the way, all along the guy was actually having a severe neck pain and on the same night that the GF left him (she decided to do so after knowing what the BF had done) he decided to take pictures of the room he was in, trying to look for the 'ghost'. And guess what, the 'ghost' was actually sitting on his shoulder all the time, hence the neck pain.

Pergh awesome revenge if I may say so. In the end he was admitted in an institute, for nutcase, I think and as the ex-GF left the room after visiting, you can actually see the 'ghost' in the mirror, still clinging to his shoulder.

I know that separation and break ups are very painful and can at times be a burden on your shoulder. But I had never thought it to be this way :). Literally portraying the "burden on the shoulder". Well, this movie is good enough for me. I like it very much and I honestly think its a good horror movie :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bahalol & Monyet

Hm, as we were standing at the Borders Booth at The Curve Councourse Area CT Yam came over. Why am I not surprised? Christine came slightly earlier that very same day. For all of you readers out there, Christine & Ct Yam makes a slightly weird twin if I can say so - well this is my blog right? So I can definitely say so hehehehe. Ct Yam used to be our CO and Christine was my manager. They usually teamed together going to the banks early in the mornings of the shifts. Christine is a "Rebel" kinda manager. A gangho - I believe that's the word the Chinese usually used to describe these type of people. Normal youngsters slanga will be "Otai" I guess. Remember my "Tongue Clashing" with that Chinese customer who accused me of being racist? Christine stood by me even when those couples called her "Bitch". She stood by my side through and through. She even stood by my decision not to apologize to the &&&&&& ***-#### customer. I liked to tease her by speaking in Malay. Its not that she does not understand its just that when we talked too fast; she easily got lost in the conversation. "Aiyah, what are you guys talking about"? She would be asking me. And I would continue teasing her - "La Boss, if I kutuk you in English it will be no fun lah cause you would be able to understand me wouldn't you? Hehehehe."

"Aiyah, so bad lah this girl," She would say, before turning to go away and make herself busy helping us out at the Register usually. Well, eventually those two have plans to meet up for a short while & now Ct Yam is stranded here at The Curve. Well, anyway back to the current situation

Ct Yam asked me out of the blue "Kak, akak ada krisis ke dengan Kak I**?" That question sorta caught me by surprised.
"Why", I asked.

"Takderlah saya YM dia, dia tak jawab. Mesej pun tak reply," she answered me nicely.

"So what makes you think that it has got anything to do with me," I asked her back. Knowing CT Yam, she will try her best to not to tell what she heard until I informed her of my side of the story.

"Hari tu saya ada datang beli buku lepas tu Kak I** suruh Margaret shelve buku semula. Dia ada sebut lebih kurangnya macam ginilah, "Entah monyet tu hendak ker tak hendak entah." Saya pun tanyalah siapa monyet Kak I**. Dia kata kakak engkaulah. Saya tanya siapa, dia sebut nama akak. Tu yang saya tanya tu."

"Entahlah Ct Yam, akak pun tak reti nak cakap. Tapi memang akak adalah lawan cakap dia dan macam biasa barangsiapa yang lawan cakap dia akan di anggap musuh," I replied back. I was actually tired of her nonsense charade actually.

"Yealah, macam mana boleh jadi macam tu kak," asked CT Yam wanting to know the story. Well, I don't blame her either.

"Ada satu weekend tu akak kerja di atas dengan Jimi, Zana MC so tinggal kami berdua ajer. Akak ajak Jimi pergi makan sekali. Dah pukul 2 petang tu Kak I** call, tanya akak tak reti-reti nak turun? Akak jawab sekejaplah kak, budak petang tak naik lagi. Then akak turun dengan Jimi and the 3 of us walked to the Teh Tarik Place. Tengah berjalan tu akak teringat yang dia ada benda dia nak cerita pagi tu tapi tak sempat sebab masing masing ada kerja, so akak pun tanyalah dia "Apa yang akak nak cerita pagi tadi kak?" Tiba tiba dia jawab dengan nada bengang "Malas nak cerita bukan boleh percaya sangat mulut mulut orang nih, ada ajer nak menyampai karang. Malas nak percaya orang - lebih kurang macm itulah dia cakap. Akak tersentaklah kan, akak terasa macam dia tujukan dekat Jimi pulak; sebab yelah memang dari pagi tadi dia nak cerita pada akak kan, takkan dia sound akak pulak. Akak diam ajer lagi. Then akak bercerita dengan Jimi - pasal akak plan nak buat aktiviti mewarna untuk bebudak minggu ni sebab akak dekat Concourse kan, takder orang nak tolong Azreen buat recovery. Tetiba dia menyampuk "Ala, nama pun orang kalau kau suruh buat diorang tak mahu tak ada diorang nak buatnya."

"Kalau kita letak memang diorang akan buat sebab tak semua budak budak yang di tinggalkan mak bapak tu pandai membaca, ada yang budak kecik lagi. Bila diorang tak reti membaca diorang rosakkan lah benda benda yang keliling tu sebab bosan kan? Dulu memang kerap jugak kami buat, tapi lepas tu IT hentikan. Bolehlah suggest dekat dia semula nak buat balik aktiviti tu." Tetiba dia membentak naik suara dengan akak, nak marah marah "Tulah korang buat benda main buat ajer, nanti esok esok dia membebel dekat aku jugak. Penatlah nak dengar dia membebel!"

Akak jawablah balik,"Kalau akak tak nak dengar dia membebel janganlah layan dia. Sebab akak nak dengar, dia membebel lah dengan akak. Dengan kita orang takder pun dia membebel. Sebab kitaorang tak layan."

"Ko jawab senang lah - IT tu sampai ke mana pun dia cari akak kalau nak bercerita. Dah tak boleh nak elak," dia jawab.

"Kalau akak tak nak dengar dia membebel, akak beritahu dia yang akak tak mahu dengar dia membebel. Akak cakap aja, tapi dengar jugak," terus kami tak bercakap lagi dah. Akak dengan Jimi plan nak makan roti canai tapi bila kenang kena tunggu lama nak menantikan roti canai sampai, kami sanggup beratur nak amik nasi. Orang tak sukalah masam masam muka menghadap rezeki, suwei tahu. Lepas tu dia terus tak mahu bercakap dengan akak. Akak pulak pergi mampus lah kan, kau suka suka herdik orang tak heranlah kalau orang pun menjauhkan diri dari kau.

Dia kalau bercakap asyik nak mengherdik ajer kerjanya - tak boleh ker cakap elok-elok. Apa mak bapak dia lupa ker hapa nak ajar adap sopan. Padahal dah berkeluarga dah tu. Budak budak tak cukup umur kau nak herdik herdik bolehlah, dengan orang dah berumur macam hamba ini - sekali dua bolehlah sabar tapi kalau dah kerap jadi meluat jugak.

Well CT Yam just smiled, she knows that as bad tempered as I am I shall not shout at people for no reason. That's crazy. But I told her its ok, once she has come back to her senses she will be fine. "Layan kan jer CT Yam and just don't talk about it. Let it past" and she smiles at me :)

Come to think about it, the three monkey policy "Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil" hehehehe. I can't and refused to be surrounded by negative vibes. Not good for the brain and soul, but I must admit that its very difficult to stay away from it as it happens everywhere and anywhere. So please help me God :) please help to push away all the bad things that might affect me negatively, Amin :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pilihanraya 2008

Rasanya bahang Pilihanraya yang sudah pun selesai proses pengundiannya semalam masih terus di perkatakan. Apatah lagi dengan kekalahan teruk seperti yang di jangka oleh Tun Dr Mahathir. Mana silapnya? Hehehehe saya bukanlah orang yang sesuai untuk merperkatakan tentang senario politik itu? Kenapa? Saya hanyalah orang yang membaca suratkhabar yang bernaung dengan kerajaan pusat, menonton televisyen yang juga bernaung dengan kerajaan pusat & mendengar radio yang rata rata juga adalah pro kerajaan pusat (walaupun mereka berstatus swasta). Kesimpulannya, saya hanya mendengar & membaca apa yang kerajaan mahu saya dengar dan baca, tidak begitu?

Jadi apa yang bakal saya tulis ini adalah dari pemerhatian saya yang buta politik. This is only through my observation of the current thing that I have read or listen through the mass media. Kelihatan pada pilihanraya kali ini, kerajaan pusat seakan akan terdesak dengan program jentera pilihanraya yang boleh saya tafsirkan sebagai kucar kacir dan tidak tentu hala. Sebaik sahaja pengumuman pembubaran dilakukan oleh Perdana Menteri, keadaan sesetengah perwakilan seperti gelabah, bingung, hilang akal atau dalam erti kata mudahnya takutkan posisi yang disandang akan terlepas ke pihak lain. Cerita berkenaan calon pilihanraya yang bakal di kemukakan kepada Perdana Menteri untuk persetujuan meletakkan mereka sebagai wakil BN di setiap negeri menampakkan warna warna yang pelbagai. Not a smooth start in my opinion.

Tambah buruk lagi dengan hujah berdegar degar BN yang terdesak sungguh mahu menawan Kelantan - hingga terus menjayakan rancangan penubuhan Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. Setelah setengah abad Merdeka baru kini Kerajaan Pusat mengambil berat soal pendidikan anak-anak Kelantan? Bukankah nampak kesungguhan Kerajaan Pusat menganak-tirikan Kelantan? Hutang 1Bilion Kelantan? Hm, pelik bunyinya kan? Kenapa pelik? Sebab rasanya Mursyidul AM PAS tidak mempunyai kebolehan langsung untuk bermain rasuah! Jadi kalau demi keperluan Bekalan Air Rakyat, Kerajaan PAS terpaksa berhutang - persoalan saya mana perginya duit peruntukan itu semua? Pst bisik seorang teman, dana itu kan datang dari Kerajaan Pusat. Maksudnya' tanya saya. Maksudnya, Kerajaan Pusat boleh menahan dana dari di salurkan kepada Kerajaan Negeri. Wallawei, macam tu ker? Abis macam mana dengan nasib rakyat, tanya saya lagi. Kesan memang kepada rakyat kata teman saya lagi. Hanya kerana bersungguh sungguh mahu menunjukkan betapa Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan di bawah pimpinan Mursyidul AM Tuan Guru Nik Aziz itu tidak stabil atau dengan kata lain tidak layak memerintah itulah cara BN menunjukkan kuasa mereka.

Hm, penyelamat atau pengkhianat? Tapi seperti yang saya katakan tadi ini berdasarkan apa yang saya dengar dan baca sebab saya cuma manusia kerdil yang tidak bercampur dengan golongan atasan yang lebih memahami senario politik dan terlibat langsung dengan semua agenda politik negara. Menyerang PAS tanpa alasan & kes yang kukuh adalah suatu perkara PALING BODOH yang pernah di buat BN. Pas rileks ajer. BN pulak yang berdegar degar nak menumbangkan PAS - dengan manifesto pembangunan yang pelbagai kononnya hendak di bawa. BN hendaklah memahami apakah konsep pembangunan yang dimahukan oleh Rakyat Kelantan. Mereka pastinya tidak perlukan bangunan pencakar langit yang mahal mahal atau eksotik kalau sekadar di jadikan kasino atau kelab malam, mereka tidak perlukan kereta ratusan ribu ringgit kalau itu hasil dari duit rasuah.

Menurut adik tersayang yang pernah menuntut 3 tahun di sana; kehidupan di sana memang damai berbanding kota kota metropolitan yang lainnya di Malaysia. Pendapat saya, sekiranya BN benar benar serius (bukanlah mengatakan selama ini mereka tidak serius) mahu menawan Kelantan apa yang perlu mereka lakukan ialah mendengar apa yang dimahukan oleh rakyat Kelantan, bukan apa yang di mahukan oleh BN untuk rakyat Kelantan. Ibarat menjawab soalan peperiksaan - You don't aswer what you know but instead you answer according to the questions. Benar PAS bertunjangkan Islam sebagai aturcara perjalanan politiknya,(bukankah seharusnya begitu kan?) tapi mengapa tidak timbul soal krisis kaum dan sebagainya? Kerana mereka prihatin dalam menangani isu isu berkait rapat dengan perbezaan budaya, agama. Kestabilan ini yang menggamit rakyat agar terus mengundi PAS di bawah pimpinan Mursyidul AMnya sejak sekian lama Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. BN takder isu sebenarnya nak menentang PAS, jadi yang timbul ialah isu isu (yang tidak boleh dipanggil isu pun sebenarnya) yang poyo, personal, dan yang entah apa apa. Isu pemimpin PAS tidak mahu bersalam dengan calon BN, isu pemimpin PAS membenarkan calon calonnya membalas cemuhan BN, isu pemimpan PAS menyamakan mereka yang tidak berpegang pada Islam seperti Orang Utan etc. Kawan kawan nilaikan sendiri apa relevannya isu isu sedemikian dengan soal rakyat Kelantan?

Jangan di serang keperibadian pemimpin pemimpin PAS kerana, rakyat Kelantan lebih mengenali & memahami keperibadian pemimpin mereka. Itu suatu pokok soal yang lemah yang di bawa BN dalam usaha menawan Kelantan. Selain dari isu mahu melunaskan hutang 1 bilion itu, tiada isu lain yang dimainkan oleh BN, selain isu emosi personal antara pemimpin 2 parti tersebut. Sememangnya walaupun saya sendiri merupakan penyokong UMNO - saya memang menjangkakan PAS akan terus dapat bertahan di Kelantan. Terasa sayang pulak kalau BN berjaya menawan Kelantan.

Namun kali ini bukan sahaja di Kelantan, malah beberapa kawasan utama juga berjaya di pelopori oleh PAS. Hebat kali penangan PAS di seluruh negara kan? Para pembaca yang terbaca sila ambil perhatian sekali lagi. Ini adalah pernyataan berdasarkan pemerhatian & pendengaran saya yang buta politik. Tapi saya mengalu alukan kenyatan para pembaca yang lebih celik politk untuk membantu saya memahami senario politik ini, kali ini. Yup, especially you Zul :)

Lain kali untuk cerita yang lain pula

Office Politics

Hm, I don't really remember the exact date when I actually knew the politic thingy that happened in the office. All I remember was it was on a Saturday morning and after the morning's briefing I went to the "Kids Heaven" to do my work as usual. Then as the store almost opened, a staff asked me "Akak dah dengar cerita pasal Sang Kancil?" "Which one?" I asked. I do know there's a few stories in regards with the Malacca's mascot. The staff looked at me puzzled. "Cerita Sang Kancil?""Yelah, yang mana satu? Kan ker banyak cerita Sang Kancil?"I asked again. "Oh, akak tak tahu ker? Tak tahu takperlah. Ingatkan akak dah tahu. Tak mahulah cerita." Ok, this I don't like. A half way story which left me clueless. So, I asked her again whats its all about. The staff hesitated before proceeding with the story (after I "pujuk" her slowly to share the story with me). Well here it goes-----

"Kami ada buat karangan dalam folder kak. Kami namakan Sang Kancil. Bendanya macam sambung sambung ayat jadikan ceritalah. Cerita pasal macam macam segala apa pun lah, banyaknya pasal benda dalam store lah."

"Simpan dalam folder?", I asked. The staff nodded. Hm, such an un-wise move, don't you agree?

"Tapi entah macam mana Boss boleh dapat tahu'" the staff continued.

"La, dah simpannya pun dalam PC store memanglah dia boleh tahu. Korang pun agak agaklah kan?" I said. Obviously if you are saving something inside the PC which is accessible to everyone, its not a miracle if the Boss managed to find it.

"Tapi kami dah delete benda tu sehari sebelum Boss masuk kerja."

"And you think that management could not find a way to detect it?"

"Boleh detect ker benda dah delete kak?"

"Entah yea, akak pun tak tahu sebenarnya. Tapi from what I heard; you can trace the things from the deletion bin. Tak tahulah betul ker tidak." The staff just nodded. What happen next?"I asked.

"Kami kena panggil beramai ramai kak. Mengadap lah kena tegur Boss. Tapi yang agak kecik hati tu, macam kami ni tak buat kerja langsung. yang sorang tu di puji puji yang lain di tegur teruk. Mana boleh macam itu. Sya ni tiap tiap pagi meng"alpha" tempat saya, tapi de"generalize"kan tak buat kerja. Saya faham lah yang sorang tu memang di puji tapi dalam Islam pun ada kata seorang ibu kalau nak puji anak dia kena secara personal supaya anak yang lain tidak kecil hati". I just smiled.

"Well, dia pun bukan ibu kita kan? Tak semua orang pun tahu konsep tu. Seeloknya biar tegur dan puji secara general. Kalau ada rasa nak tegur atau puji secara perseorangan, seeloknya biar disediakan teguran & pujian untuk setiap individu yang terlibat dengan perjumpaan itu. Supaya takder yang terasa hati. Tidaklah nampak sangat seolah olah kita melebihkan orang yang tertentu. Itu pendapat akaklah kan. Tapi still akak rasa memang korang salahlah. Salah konsep nak mengumpat & mengutuk. Kenapa mesti nak tulis dan tinggalkan dalam folder? Kenapa biarkan diri korang terlalu vulnerable. Memang macam korang sengaja nak biarkan diri kena marah. Saja biar orang cari peluang untuk mencari salah korang. Dah tahu selalunya orang beranggapan yang di atas tak sesibuk di bawah, you guys kena selalu make your place better or perfect. Tak mahu senggang senggang sangat."

What more can I say? I am not supposed to side with any party here. I remembered Big Boss's advise- come to work, be happy then go back happily. Don't get involved with the office politics. Why? Because it seems there are some people who enjoys twisting my words to their advantage. Not saying anyone but Big Boss did remind me that it had happen, so I should be extra careful with what I say and to whom I say it.

Later when more staffs came in, I heard more "Luahan Hati". Too many that it can by itself turn into a novel plot. Interested to know? Cheh, I knew it. People sure like to listen and take part in gossips huh? How shall I begin, seems like everyone is voicing their dissatisfaction. But I think its because they trusted me..or because they know that I may as blunt as telling these people off. Hmm I am not really sure about that. But I do know that as a senior staff I need to calm them down and try to knock some senses in these younger generations.

So far my slow talk seemed to be able to calm them down and make them think about the rationale of doing things...and not get caught doing it. Simple mantra of mine "Please everyone and you please no one". So kids, its ok to have make a blunder and learn from it ok :)

As a lesson learn, avoid office politics and be careful. Take care of yourself, especially yourself dear people :)