Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dearest Mohd Au

This morning as usual I woke up early. :) sent me to IKEA where I took the free feeder bus to LRT Kelana Jaya. I made a short stop at the CM station where I went to look for a few items for the Halloween Goodie bags for this coming SUnday event at BTC. On the platform, as I was waiting for the train I heard someone calling my name. I turned & voila it AU!!! Its actually AU! To tell you the truth I was actually been thinking about him this whole morning. God knows why, but it may have something to do with my sister's upcoming final exam. WHy? You see my sis is now in form 4 in one of the boarding school that is known to cater for malay students majorly. And she and her few friends were denied from taking the Science In English for the upcoming SPM. Simple reason->the school does not wish to jeopardize their good records of producing without fail the most students with straight A's in the country. So to make things easier they chose to prevent the students for taking the paper. They came up with ridiculous excuses and un-necessary ideas to prevent the students from taking the paper. Such as? Let's see, asking the parents to sign a letter acknowledging that their children wishes to take the subject. And also to sign an acknowledgement letter releasing them from the responsibilities of being blamed should their children did not obtained the passing mark. I was so furious, as I believe every children in the country deserves the right to what they choose to learn in terms of the subjects that have been provided by the Ministry of Education. As her eldest sister I do believe I have more rights to tell my sister what to take for her SPM&what not to take. Well that led me to Mohd Au->why? You see Au eventhough is non-Malay has a flawless command of the language. He is actually now a journalist for one of Malaysia top Malay Newspaper in Malaysia. He helped me to edit the letter that I almost sent to The Star-condemning such action of the school. Lucky for them they at last have allowed the students to take the subject.
Well, we did not have the opportunity to talk much as he is heading to the office having change the train over at the Masjid Jamek station. But as usual we promised will be in touch with each other. Have a nice day Mohd Au.