Thursday, June 28, 2012

Haven't figured out any ....yet

Hmmm, I know that its has been such a long time since I last wrote anything on my dear blog. Not enough time is such a cliche excuse, plus I can not use it anyway, since I do have time to play games and watch Euro. But I guess, the person in me just wanna wind down and relax, though with the fast pace environment in the office, you will surely get none. And at times, you were dead tired as you reached home and so you can not do anything else games of course :)

What happen to the office issues as posted in my previous entry? Well after I have voiced what I feels and think, I chose to leave it to them all to settle it between them. All I can say is that both parties need to sit down together to discuss about anything and everything. I have made it clear where I stand and have given suggestions to their line manager of what I think needs to be done and how, so its up to them to decide the next course of action. I don't want to be pulled to side each and I stand neutral firmly and I guess they respected my decision and the rest is history. Am I seeing something being done? Honestly no, because I believe that both party would rather succumb to their own way and so be it. I can not be handling everyone's emotions right? Suggestion...yes I can give but to decide whether one should take it or not...its entirely a different story right?

And sadly, this morning my favorite team  was shown the exit by Italy :( I'd say that this year's team was the strongest that German can come up with and I am quite skeptical if they can even make it to the next semi final of the next World Cup. But as they say, the ball is round and so anything and everything can happen in a game. When England lost due to penalty kicks, I called my beloved Ayah to discus about the game. Expected question was asked "Each time England took penalty, they will definitely lose. Don't their coach train them how to take a proper penalty?" Hehehe good question Ayah, and I still do not have the answer. I watched the last World Cup with my Ayah, I took leave just so that I can accompany him to watch football. But this year, I guess I was a little bit too busy. Sorry Ayah, I will try to make it home for Ramadhan :)