Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Honesty The Best Policy.....Hmmmm So Not

Greetings People,

The topic which we will be talking about today is

Why did I chose this topic? Well, it is known to some people that I was and still am looking for opportunities. Why did I not utilize the word "Better opportunity" instead of Opportunity - as normally this associates with work/career. Well, until you have been in that "opportunity" you would not know if its a better opportunity right? Some may offer better salary but perhaps a rather inconducive work environment.

Well anyway, I have been sending my CVs and applying online actively for the past few weeks. Why? Well, I would say it will be a good exposure for myself, to get to know what will be the latest trending in the market. The skills, the requirements, the job which is in demand etc. But yes, I do think of leaving my current company seriously. Why? Perhaps, its time for me to move.

Yes, there has been a lot advices given to me pertaining to this move. Some would say stay as getting a job with a better prospect is not easy nowadays. And plus I have been in this environment for sometime now and so it helps. Being in one's own comfort zone and being complacent is definitely an enemy when one is thinking about moving out and on with life. Hence why some say that change may not necessary be for the better. Well, it depends on personal opinion and experience I'd say.

And so I did forward a few resumes to friends as well. I received a call from my former lecturer asking if I would like to join her. It seemed that her boss is looking for a few candidates and she was reminded of me (aww so sweet). I sent my resume and was informed that an interview is required for her boss to meet me. And so I asked if it can be done on Friday as the client will be coming up to KL this week (conversation took place on Monday and client came on Tuesday. Expected to be here till Friday). She informed me that she will check on her boss's availability.

Well back to the title up there. Asked my boss if I can get leave on Friday. He asked why. I told him that I need to go for an interview.

Me: boss are u in?

Boss: yes i am

Me: saya nak mintak HD this friday boleh?

Boss: naper/

Me: i have an interview. i know it sounds weird but i do not wish to lie

Boss: times...honesty can be a little mellow

Me: rezeki tak berkat kalau menipu
even i told the interviewer that i will not be able to leave early
because i have commitment still here
in case i got the job lah
sebab dia ada tanya if two months negotiable

Boss: ok

Me: tapi kalau bukan rezeki saya di sana then i am ok with it too

Boss: ok

Me: i am only left with 5.5 days and 5 days will be utilized to go kinabalu
then i have no more leave so i can not leave teh company just like that kan

Boss: yup

Me: dun wori i dunn the intention to AWOL
not my style

Boss: i know

Sent at 10:19 AM on Tuesday

And so the conversation just ended like that. See, I may be seen as the dumbest person on the face of the earth just by being honest about the reason for me to take leave. Even my comrades shared their concern as well. They even told me to be strong about it.

I don't feel that lying is good especially when it comes to things as such. Why is it so hard to acknowledge that your subordinates wishes to go for an interview. I mean don't you feel happy that your subordinates might be getting a better offer, better position, better career enhancement etc. Well, I guess not. A colleague was asking if I purposely did that to see if I am worth of a value or important to my boss? No No No No...That has never been my intention. Never. I just wanna see if he is different. Apparently he is not :(

I have repeatedly informed him that I will leave properly when the time comes. I know how it feels when your people left just like that. FYI, none of my team has ever done that but when others do, the work burden is felt on the rest of us :)

So Learning Point of the day:
Should you need to go for an interview, do not ever tell your boss. If he asked what will you be doing on your AL applied? Just say sleeping (well if you were sleeping during any of that 9 hours of supposedly working time, its not considered lying tau).

Life After Marriage...

Well, I did promise to stop talking about my wedding day but did not say anything about post wedding day kan kan kan huhu. Well, Alhamdulillah everything went pretty ok I guess :) The most sought after event is "Open Your Presents" huhu

Although some of my friends used to complained that duplicate presents is an issue, I don't seem to think so. Well, I did receive the normal wedding gifts, Dinner Set, Breakfast Set (a set for two so I guess I can use it until the family expands huhu) , Iron, Kitchen ware etc and I am just happy that I can have something to put in my kitchen cabinet which has always been empty for as long as I can remember :)

The most famous question which I still received on daily basis is "How's marriage life?" from those who genuinely would wanna know, those who is ready to tease and those who are merely kay-pho-chi. Well, I don't really know what do I need to say. The vocabulary chosen needs to be correctly and wisely used to avoid any misunderstanding which could easily leads to disaster *exaggerating wink wink. I guess its ok for me. For one thing I am glad that a relationship has been made halal, that would be the most important thing for me. I am now a makmum to an imam. I have someone I can snuggle with whoa.... too much info there. Turn around turn around hehehe. We played computer games together; or rather the FB games together. Other than that, I am washing twice the clothes, folding and ironing twice as much, having to share the Astro remote control, having to share my queen bed (my bed is my gymnastic floor hehe). Well, based on what I share you guys can do your own math...

One thing that I have yet to venture is cooking for my hubby. I don't cook at home, one of the reason is because of the house kitchen piping has been giving us some problem dating like years ago (giving me problem since years ago, as he just came on board last December). And I need to learn more on what he like to eat and what he doesn't. Well, he doesn't like vegetables at all with the acceptance of Kobis Masak Lemak . I like vegetables especially simple salads and am not really a big fan of chicken and meat. Haish clashes of interest..See? This is one of the things which I need to overcome as well .

Well, so far everything seemed to be under control. We'll see how it goes with Food War muahaha.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding day Part Three

Well well well, I promise that this will be the last post of my wedding day. Hehehe macam lah orang lain tak pernah kahwin is what most married readers would say (ada ker orang yang baca blog ni, mode perasan).

Malay custom states that after the bride's side of the 'kenduri' has been done, now its over to the groom's side. We had ours in LGM in Sungai Buloh, the place was nice and with a big size parking lot as well. Next to the hall is the LGM hotel so its easier for the seminar participants or in our case, the bride and groom to have a place to get themselves prepared before the ceremony.

The night before the ceremony, we went to the hall to send some things over and have a look at the work of the catering team :) They were fast, efficient and very clean. The theme here is black and white, back to retro bebeh!!! And also to place our door gift bag - a big orange for 'pencuci mulut' (dessert). Simple and convenient :)

Well, the very next day we were there roughly around ten plus in the morning. We sent some extra dishes which my mother in law had cooked (yup, with all the fodd she was still cooking some more 'lauk') and off we go to get prepared. The guests arrived around 12 and we had our "makan beradap" as usual. My guest of honour was of course my parents, Nina's parents and Mak Cha :).

We had nice food and nice companionship. Abang Morhizam, Hubby's cousin was our official photographer of the day:) Thank you abang Morhizam.

Let me see, at the moment I am lazy so maybe later I will update more :)

Cau Cin Cau :)