Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Work Work & Work

Hi There,

So in case I have not shared yet, my boss just gave birth on the eve of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, I think it s boy.
Well she just text to inform of the safe labor and none else. My boss is very personal of personal things. She has and of course but you won't be seeing too much things which is private. Like who got divorce, who got dumped, who is she angry at etc. Which I believe is a good thing.

Well, move on to my working life. I must admit that its a bit at the moment. I have to take over half of her workload, then a staff of ours is on hospitalization (three weeks now) and so some of her admin work falls on me. That's no issue at all, but there are things which was not hand over properly (I mean who could forecast that they are going to get injured next week, and so do the handover this week right?) And AlFatihah to our colleague's Father In Law who just passed away yesterday. This colleague is handling hardware request and so unfortunately I have to wait for him to come back next week to settle a few laptops request.

Other than that database update is in progress. And my next table neighbor is having headache with the reply he got. Hahaha when you don't understand the question you failed to give the needed/required answer. And so he has to do the induction/deduction thingy.

Somehow I am enjoying this environment. Am I being a nutcase? Of course not, it's just that I am learning something in a fast pace mode huhu

Its already the second day of Ramadhan. I failed to do my terawih last night. I was too tired and slept after Isyak up till 4:30 for sahur. Reason? Hahaha I missed my sahur and my dinner so I was very tired. I am known to have issues with waking up for sahur. Bu Alhamdulillah, managed to wake up this morning for Sahur, Thank you to Mr Hubby for waking me up. Simple Nasi Goreng Ayam and some left over kuih was just nice. Its still early Ramadhan so the stomach is still digesting the food and the fact that we are eating at 4am. Be nice to your stomachs ok people. They need rest too you know. Don't stuff too much else they'd go crazy, and when they go crazy you go crazy too huhu. I hope I will be able to continue the Terawih tonight, InsyaAllah.

Wish me luck with work and Ramadhan.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ramadhan is here....

Alhamdulillah Penyimpan Mohor Besar has announced last night that 1st Ramadhan will fall on Wednesday, yippi yeay yeay. I was in the car when the DJ announced it and I was so happy.

The new operating hours for my office is 8:30am to 5pm. So InsyaAllah I will have ample time to prepare the food for berbuka and sahur.Oh yeah, this year no escape for me...I have to wake up and eat sahur. That's what hubby told me...or rather reminded me. He needs to eat rice because he has to work hard. When Ramadhan comes, people will be changing furniture and hence more and more work coming his way.

And so I am waiting for tonight's Maghrib for the usual hehehe ...

Arwah emak saya cakap, Syaitan dan Iblis semua kena ikat time Ramadhan. Jadi kalau buat salah, monteng puasa, monteng solat, mengumpat etc tak boleh salahkan syaitan dan iblis hehehe. Sebabnya salah diri sendiri ... Sendiri jadi syaitan sendiri jadi iblis hehehe.

Sometimes people asked, why even when Syaitan has been kicked out people still tend to do wrong things, bad deeds etc. 

Here's a good and wise answer:

Ramadhan is all about freeing yourselves from what ever negative thoughts, activities etc. This helps in making you to become a better person, and hopefully InsyaAllah it will continue so even after Ramadhan.

I do not know yet what is the menu for buka or sahur. Whatever there is I guess, then its off to terawih yippi yeay yeay. Remember that fasting for the day does not mean that you can eat till you drop at night ok. Being hungry during the day is definitely a concrete reason to be overloaded with food during night time.

There's a lot of opportunities to grab during one whole month, 
  inclusive of

A prayer to all my friends

So all together now.....

Monday, July 8, 2013

A month has passed by...

I was posting a comment in one of those websites for online short stories and decided to drop my blog address. And I just realized that it has been more than a month since I last posted anything. My apologies readers (hahaha, if any) for my laziness. Yup, I am just going to admit it...I am lazy. Haiya people wanna have blog, you also wanna have blog. But people are constantly updating, you are constantly being lazy huhu.

Well, I joined my new place on the 3rd of June 2013. I had to report to Dayabumi (HQ) before going to Shah Alam. I went there by LRT and thank god, my new boss was having a meeting there as well.So she took me back to the office in Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah, for I was actually forecasting on how do I travel from Dayabumi to Shah Alam. One option was to go home and take my car hehehe. Though I will be arriving slightly late in Shah Alam. But Allah sent me a saviour, my new boss :)

We stopped by Bangsar to buy lunch and my boss treat me to CoffeBean. (waaa belum mula kerja dah kena belanja hehe). We drove back and she helped to assigned a laptop and working desk for me. Everything was done swiftly and before I knew it, I has started working already. There was a new project that needs a database clean up, and so that was my task for the day. My new desk was slightly bigger than before and less clusters because the Execs were given a laptop instead of a desktop and everything was on wireless!!!!! Muahaha

The area was humongous...extremely humongous. As compared to the old office. But I will be positioned at the main building next to the car park. Yeay. And every car has to do reverse park, its a standard which must be followed by every staff. And the guards will call out your car name if you don't...and maybe a summon from HR. I guess so, because no cars seem to defy the orders.

My next table was still empty as my new partner in crime will only be coming in the next Monday. In front of me is Kak Zam (the only female programmer) and next to Kak Zam is Fendi (also a programmer). Most often they will be seating at the meeting table in the middle of the office, as there's a lot of brainstorming session taking place for the new project. So I am left all alone...Lonely, I'm Miss Lonely.....huhu

Oh yeah, did I mentioned that I was seated in front of the boss's rooms. Yeah, you read it right. My desk is directly in front of the Manager's room and to make it worse, the Manager's room is next to the HOD's room. Hwargh, stress stress stress
The feeling of having your bosses looking and monitoring at what you do each and every second you were in the office is suffocating. Well, they don't like look at you all the time right?! Logic speaking they have tonnes and tonnes of work to do, so Jangan Perasan! Huhu

There's a canteen behind the office and that's the port for breakfast and lunch. Though the service is kinda slow but its faster than if you are going out. There's really not much choice around here. Either the canteen, or at the other side of the main road you have Pizza, KFC, a Malay shop and few Mamak's shop (which according to some friends are quite expensive).

There's a small "surau" inside my office which is a relief. We can go at anytime we wish to, provided waktu solat la. If you go 11 am then it looks fishy lah kan. The surau is shared but there's a sign to show if its a male or female who is currently in the praying room. Good eh. And the Muslims here do pray, Alhamdulillah...I am back to the "environment" which Allah has given for me to be a better Muslim.

Altogether there are roughly twenty people in this office, but it is very quiet and calm. A lot of work no doubt but the peacefulness is maintained and hence, its easy to focus on work here. Officially I start work at 8:30am and ends at 5:30. But to avoid the traffic, I normally arrived in the office latest 7:45am and I only go back after Maghrib. Hahaha but I get to finish more work I guess.

So there you go... A little bit of my new life here :) We'll continue some other time ok. Bye.....