Sunday, November 25, 2007

So Not In The Mood

Saturday morning went to see CT Nina as promised. I was thankful that the riot has not yet started and for the fact there was no road block, except for one that was due to a road construction. But all was well. Once I arrvived, Ibu invited me to come up, but I remembered that Nina has reminded me not to, because she doesn't want her daughter to see us leaving. She will definitely cry upon seeing us leave. But since Nina needs to head to Selayang to send some lamps to the house contractor for Ibu's new house, might as well bring her together. The house was slightly larger than Ibu's current house and with the renovation in its final stage, it is seemingly nice. Upon coming back, we opt to take the LRT merely to avoid the heavy traffic around that area especially during weekends. Just as we were about to leave the 2nd station, the door suddenly re-opened and the lights went out. Ok, we were surprised. They kept making announcements in regards with technical faulty but never mentioned what it was or how long will it take. Then, we decided to go by cab, we don't want to waste time as it is almost 2 o'clock and I can tell that Nina was hungry ----for a McDonald's Chicken Foldover hehehe. She misses McDonald's so very much. She is my McDonald's partner in crime. Her friend text her, informing us that due a electric faulty one of the LRT actually slipped from the track. Phew, are we glad it was not ours.

After lunch we spent about half an hour checking out shoes for Nina, the phone rang. Ibu asked us to come home, Ibu wants to go and buy the fans to be installed in the new house. I can tell that Nina was kinda pissed, but I told her its ok. I don't mind. She then apologized for having me taking leave to accompany her on that day to go shopping but eventually, something else came up. I just smiled and told her I glad I did, since it is quite difficult for me to see her since she is literally living "across the sea :. :) I got to hold Fahim as I watched a Hindi movie. Hehehe Nina loves Hindi movies, She even watched Tamil movie too. Watching those movies with her are so much fun, though I am not really a big fan of those movies myself. We eventually went back to Sogo after Maghrib. Shopping was easier and faster as we had already see the shoes during our earlier visit just now. She bought 2 pairs of shoes and few booties for Fahim. Then we walked over to Restoran Insaf, Nina was going to treat us nasi beriyani yippi yay yay :) Went back after dinner, at about 10pm, I still have one more date to go; with :)

Yesterday, I was informed that Nancy will be coming this Tuesday. Who is Nancy? Well, I am not sure really of her exact title. But from what I heard she is the most powerful lady in BTC over the Asia Pacific Region. Cool huh? Since they are opening another store, which is by the way currently in progress, she will be here to ensure that everything will be set to go once the store is open. So I took the time yesterday to help Rin & Victor out, they are hanging on very well I think. Victor is not bad, I sorted some books & asked him to shelve. He managed to finish it within a short period of time. Then he constantly do recovery, he is by far not the lazy type. Then both me & Rin change the lead bay. Hehehe dah lama tak buat so, menggeragau jugaklah kan? Well, anyway told Rin to leave the unshrink-wrapped items for the time being as we might not be able to clear it all up. Main focus right now is the display and the merchandise concept. We just want to ensure that the store us neat & tidy, the way BTC would have written it in the description work guide.

Well, before I went home, TM asked me to meet up in the office. Then I was informed that eventually someone has been saying how dis-satisfied I was with the BTC decision to hire a new MT. Well, I was told by a colleague that he was already been informed that TM knows that there are gossips & someone firmly been saying that I was spreading rumours and gossiping. Yeah, I am only there during weekends therefore it is easier to target me right? I couldn't be bothered to defend myself because clearly I was not blamed of accused therefore, I don't feel the necessity of doing so. I knew by heart the individual who said so, since others dare not confront it of their feelings except for me I do believe this person thinks that its a score and bonus point for this individual if this relatively important message be conveyed to TM. Hehehe that's how it is. Sometimes when people gets too close with TM, they tend to think they have the immunity and so they are every time better with no mistakes and that they are untouchable. I have seen that but I don't know how to participate in the office politics. And I guess, I never learn from my mistakes. I don't do that kinda thing to people and therefore I assume people don't do that to me as well. How wrong was I for the gazillion time.

Personally, I don't know what this individual's problem is though I know *** has a lot of them for what it seems like forever now I think. This person seems to be the one with the most problem is its life and that no one can challenge *** I-am-so-with-problems. Nah, I know whom I can trust and this individual is definitely not one of them. *** just sat down & confessed how *** think that *** can't cope with *** duties right now. Seems that *** thinks that *** job scope is just too much on hand. So I think so that people don't continuously sees *** as being with too many problems, it is diverting other people's attention to others instead. It is easier to do so with me rarely around. Its ok. Sooner or later people will now and like before I will keep quiet about it. Best thing to keep mum when *** is around. And not to mention to keep my distance from ***. Better remind myself that each time I met ***; so that *** won't be able to spread more stories about me continuously hehehehe. Reminder to myself.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Painful Widsom Tooth

Well, I followed :) to buy some things then have it sent over to :) mom's place. They made me fried some keropok lekor, Hehehehe testing kot boleh buat kerja kerja rumah ker tidak agaknya. Well, I am not sure if I pass. All I know is the pain is killing me literally, as I can not even open my mouth wider than the size of my finger huhuhu. Chewing is definitely something difficult, swallowing even more painful. Sheesh, if only Major Dr Faiz Khaleed can do something about hehehe. Just a flirtatious thought. Now that he is amongst the most sought after bachelor in Malaysia, I don't think he even has time to look into the wide mouths of the patients. Well, hearing the incident that occurred in front of his house, I couldn't help wondering and praying for his complete recovery. I hope he does not have any permanent injuries which can lead to his dismissal from the second launch as per promise. It will be disappointing for him if the injury will forced him to abort the mission after fulfilling the criteria and now becoming the main astronaut intended for the next mission after Dr Sheikh Muszaphar successfully (If it is up to the definition of success I guess, now now lets not be skeptical ok Malaysians) returns home. Perhaps, just perhaps that the robbers thought that Major Dr Faiz Khaleed is already a millionaire and that by robbing him they will be able to live a good life for about few months ahead hehehehe. But a true soldier, the one he is, he fought; trying to prevent his friends from getting hurt. A move expected from a soldier and a friend I guess.

Well, enough flirting imaginations. The painful teeth and the things happening in the office lately does kinda contribute to me working with no mood. But I am forcing myself to achieve better results as my accuracy is seriously dropping down. I don't think I will be able to exceed 97% this week, let alone for this month. My brain is getting exhausted, tired of the things happening around me. Sheesh, I will not tender my resignation until I have proven to myself that I am capable of doing the job. Resigning now means I am quitting. And surely, quitting is definitely not an option. I can not go on and run away each time I fail to do something. I prefer to accomplish my task before proceeding to another level. Unless, the other job which I am waiting for is there for me to accept & if I manage to get a better offer that is. Hehehehe money money money.

I am going window shopping with my best friend, CT Nina tomorrow. She is currently in Sandakan following her hubby who is an army officer. So this is like a rare once in a year shopping & gossiping outing for us. I will have to update her on our friends, just one problem that is. I don't even see most of them nowadays. Most are with families now, so outing is kinda difficult. Phones, sms's and e-mails are the only thing which are connecting us. But sad to say that some could not even care less. I find it tiring to maintain friendship sometimes. So I leave it to them. If they choose to stay in contact I will, if they chose to brag about their my-life-is-better-&-busier-than-yours kinda attitude than I am fine with that too. My Ayah used to say, "Kawan dengan orang sombong lagi senang sebenarnya." And I was like what??? Ni mazhab mana pulak ni. His justification was "Kalau orang sombong mesti kita menyampah kan? Jadi buat apa nak layan. Tapi kalau orang baik dengan kita, mesti kita kena layan dia baik sebab takder sebab untuk kita layan dia buruk kan? Betul tak?" Lerr, so that was the justification I guess. Justified? Your pick :)

Just now some colleagues invited me to join them for a picnic in Gabai. But I am working next Saturday and since I have asked for a leave tomorrow, I think I should go and work then next week. My weekend source of income ;). I am still struggling to write a good story for Tony. But the words are just not coming to me. Sheesh, bukan senang nak jadik pengarang ni kan? Nak tulis blog ni pun punyalah susah ini kan pulak nak tulis cerita hantu. Jumpa hantu pun tak pernah. Bukanlah mintak nak jumpa kan? I don't think I would want to anyway. Nak buat apa ye tak? Not being a scaredy cat, but it never was a necessity pun. Hm, well time is almost up. I think I better continue my work, before they decided to block this website next. Hehehee until next week then friends, readers, surfers, etc whoever you are. Thank you for the time spent reading this nonsense thingy ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

After Meeting

Yesterday, we had a meeting. At 330pm we gathered inside the meeting room. Main thing discussed was the schedule. Well, the thing is since the morning shift will be getting enough ( or should I say sufficient rest) there was a suggestion that the morning shift should then work the extra day which is on Saturdays. Why we need to work on Saturdays? Because according to Boss; the US Headquarters would like us to work on One day of the weekends so as to clear the suspects on weekends. I guess assuming that weekends are the time with heavy suspects, furthermore holidays are just around the corner right? But then again, my suggestion (which I just submitted to Kak Yani just now; is that why not the afternoon shift people work a day earlier every week, Sunday afternoon that is. Why? Because we are ahead of them by a day right? So working on Saturdays means that we are clearing the suspects up until Friday, So it still does not serve the purpose of clearing the suspects for weekends? That is what I understood by clearing the weekend suspects lah kan?

Next thing was the office e-mail usage. Well, I admit I am one of the people who mis-use the e-mail. Depending on my stability (ngantuk atau tidak), it may be heavy, it may be light. But then I stopped. I don't know, maybe its coz I kinda don't know what to e-mail to my friends anymore. Plus when they say that they don't breach into your privacy by reading your e-mails.....Hmmmmmmmmmm I doubt so. After all they do have the access anyway right? I mean admit it lah kan? When you see and read the subject, don't you at least curious about the content? I mean I would hehehe. But if they are saints, hey I have no comment about that. Next is kinda a stern reminding or should I say warning. "There was once a staff who got fired because he/she was using the office e-mail to apply for another job". Aaah, now I know why some Jobs finder website are blocked hehehe. Yes, sometimes I do surf those website looking for part time jobs, not another full time post. But since dah kena block then its ok.

The other thing ( I think this is the last thing discussed yesterday), pasal optimum quality, no let me rephrase that. Maximum quality time. About taking your drink during work time, food on the table etc. Well, we were informed that the wall will be torn down to enlarge the office. Therefore we will have a bigger pantry or was it a dining table. Once it happens, there will be strictly no food on the table in front of the PC. "It's ok if its a mint but I even saw cakes on table". Alamak that would be me. Yeah, me now under attack. No, Not by Boss. But by my wisdom teeth. Yes, it's plural because both seems to make an agreement to to come out at the same time. It hurts so much that even swallowing my own saliva hurts so much. I can't even open my mouth up wide. Mulut buka pun macam tak buka. I took almost an hour to finish a plate of rice last night. :) waited patiently. Assuring me that it is ok. :) will wait until I finished eating. Sayang :) sangat sangat. And :) will answer with a sweet smile :) Sayang B jugak. Hehehe

Back to the cake thingy. Someone brought a fruit cake yesterday, and I thought maybe I could have something to munch, to avoid hunger and sleepiness. So, I took a slice, just a slice, placed it on my table and start working. My friends know that I am not the lepak lepak during break time. If I can, I will continue doing my work. Why? Bukan tunjuk rajin. Jauh sekali. Just that pantry is kinda small to accommodate around what, 30 people now. So early in the morning, I will make my Milo (kalau ada masa) and sat in front of the PC. Once in a while I will go to the ladies, or to take some drinks. Just plain water anyway. I am so sorry if I am not able to sit in front of the PC through out the day, without ever taking my ass of the chair like some people. (I do respect and admire those who can, really). But I can't. I need to rest my eyes, and my muscles, just by walking to the pantry or the ladies. that's all. And I don't eat the cakes, by holding it in one hand and typing using the other. Just when I felt like dying from hunger then I only took a small piece to swallow. Tu pun berkira. I think it's rather too much.

Now, I am seriously thinking of resigning. Most probably once they start implementing the shift session I will then tender my resignation. I am tired working shift and furthermore I do plan to continue my studies next year. So better scout for another job then. Not too worry, I won't be doing it through the office account mail. I don't want to get fired anyway right? There was a lot of job vacancies in last week's Star so I just need to update my resume and then send it all to my future prospect hehehehe.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

To Leave Or Not To Leave

Well, I don't know where to start. 2 days ago, a colleague of mine Syuk was called to see the GM. From what he told me, he was "advised to quit" for MMC. But Why? We asked, the usual kepochi "we" lah kan. Standard maaa, he is afterall our colleague right? Ni bukan menyibuk atau mengambik tahu, tetapi more to rasa concern laaa. "Well, *** said I am being a bad influence to the rest of the guys", said Syuk. The rest of the guys here are some male colleagues who are closer to Syuk. Erk, "define influence" - said I. "Well, you know sometimes they come late and so she said it was because of me". "Performance wise?" "*** said my performance was average", replied Syuk. And that got us puzzled. Us here are the concern female colleagues Hehehe.

Well, when I got interviewed I was informed that performance accuracy is THE main thing that I need to ensure. The 97% is the least accuracy allowed, and GULP....memang gila stress jugaklah kan? But since I had wanted sooooo much to try office routine work, I thought why don't I give it a try. But when such cases happens now I am beginning to wonder & question. Yesterday, a female colleague was asked to hurry up and start work because she was a minute late to start work, at 1045. Morning break is from 1030-1045. *** even stayed behind her and watch her clear up. I kena this morning. 1045 I was pouring hot water into my cup when she waited at the pantry door and ushering us to start work. Sincerely speaking, I am now trying to gain my mood to work now. *** even made the 'rounds' from time to time to ensure we are working properly. Its kinda sickening jugaklah for me, because...I can not work under suspicion and seems like there is no trust my friend.

I do admit sometimes we do office chat and e-mails to our friends, but that doesn't mean we are neglecting our work right? I know now that being in front of the PC for about 8 hours can be boring. Sometimes that's the only entertainment we have to ensure we are always awake there. Being focus is a must; that I understand in order to achieved the desired accuracy. But it is not easy to do so. I have tried and am still trying. Entahla, now I am also thinking about finding other job. Basically I don't like jumping from here to there aka job hopping. Because I don't think it is good for your resume and future career. But if the situation worsen I think I will so too. Up to this point I have not yet have any problems with the management but later tak tahulah. I dislike being watched like I am a kid, even I sometimes do act like one, especially when trying to have the tv all to myself when its my favourite cartoon time (Need I remind you that Babah always is on my side hehehe, even my youngest sister protested) Almaklum jarang pulang ke rumah parents kan?

Back to the topic, entahlah, mungkin saya sukar bekerja dengan orang yang tak percaya kepada saya. I mean I have been backstabbed not once but twice, because I trusted people so much to the extend they feel the need to topple me in order to get a better position. Tetapi hukum karma mengatakan setiap yang berbuat baik di balas baik yang buat jahat tentulah dibalas jahat kan? Sebagai Muslim pun kita percaya kepada pembalasan Tuhan, tinggal lagi tak tahu bila. Cepat atau lambat ajer kan?

But to my friends and colleagues here in MMC, I believe you are all survivors and this is just a mere test for you. You are capable of better things and so think what's best for you and go ahead. To me, chaiyyo!!!!

See me next week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pisang Salai & Nata De Coco

Well, I am bloody hungry to begin with. I came to the office & my mug hasn't been washed yet. I used to wash it on my own, even though they are some kakak cleaners who helps to wash them for us. But I admit, lately, I jadi malas pulak. Hmmm, perangai malas dah datang balik. Sometimes, I noticed that it's already 530 pm and when its time to go back, I shouldn't be late because they are all hurrying to go & they will lock the door after the last one leaves. I don't wanna be trapped inside here wei. Sia sia ajer karang. Well, anyway I took a clean mug and a spoon. Placed my Nata De Coco & walla, that's my Breakfast for today. We have been reminded again and again and again that we start work at 8, and therefore we should start at 8am. Nak bancuh air, nak makan, nak merokok (to those yang merokok lah kan?), Semua kena mula sebelum jam 8am. But sometimes, I noticed siapa yang datang sebelum jam 8 pagi pun akan terus buat kerja. Yelah, remember the monitoring part? Whereby, you listen to the radio station of the previous day to check out for bad audio or static audio. Kalau ada orang salah title ke, salah junk ker, etc etc etc...Yup, you got it right there.

I am still juggling here. A college mate of mine, Ielah is getting married next Sunday 25th of November. Di Kedah. It is quiet far. And from what I heard, 6 of my friend are confirming to go there by Friday next week, after work. Ielah lost her father at quite a young age & her mother a few years back. Her mother died the night of her graduation day. She was already sick before that, but she managed to persuade Ielah to come back to UIAM for her graduation day. I wasn't able to graduate with them (in fact I just graduated last year, Alhamdulillah), so I was at home when they informed me of that. I cried too. Besarnya dugaan Tuhan pada Ielah, tapi a friend of ours, Sal once said " Tuhan takkan turunkan ujian kepada hambaNYA, lebih daripada apa yang dapat ditanggung oleh hambaNYA". Thank you for the wisdom words Sal. By the way, Selamat Melangsungkan Pertunangan tempohari Sal.

Back to Ielah, She is such a wonderful person. Sentiasa komited dengan apa jugak yang dia buat dan tanggungjawab sebagai pelajar. Persatuan pelajar punya gathering dia tak pernah miss, walaupun sekadar pemerhati ( tahun Akhir Pengajian, dia di pilih menjadi Timbalan Presiden Persatuan). Aku memang respek pada Ielah. Dari segi pelajaran pun dia memang bijak tapi tak pernah pandang rendah pada orang. Mintak tolong dengan dia memang tak menghampakan. Dia akan cuba membantu sedaya upaya. Rajin dan kuat berusaha. Orangnya lemah lembut dan peminat setia KRU & Shin Chan. Dululah, sekarang ni tak tahulah macamana :)

I am kinda broke here. So most probably I won't be able to go. I know its just a few days before my gaji, but still I don't want to go empty handed hand and kocek not to mentioned. But I promised her that I will come & visit her one day most probably next year. Because me & my :) do have plans to go for a holiday in Kedah. Maaf yea Ielah, Insyaallah kalau ada kelapangan Sya ke sana nanti. Sya janji. :)

Lunch time, I just ate Pisang Salai, the one that I took from my Bonda's place. Apparently, someone came back from Johor and gave it to Babah. but my family doesn't really eat Pisang Salai except for me. Why? I don't know. If it was not properly done, you'll end up eating the Pisang salai that taste more smoke then Pisang itself. Then for dinner, its Pisang Salai again. I am a sucker for Pisang Salai, you can say that. No harm done. Hehehe Done with my pisang salai & Nata De Coco

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Malaysian's Attitude

Well, as usual me went to work in BTC. Wallawei, recovery macam ****! Malaysians just doesn't have the correct attitude when it comes to this-is-not-mine-therefore-I-couldn't-care-less merchandise. I mean BTC dah jadi khutub khanah (untuk generasi cyber, itu perkataan seerti dengan perpustakaan). Oklah kalau nak membaca tapi tak mahu membeli, tapi janganlah sampai jahanam buku buku tu. Tahu kenapa jahanam? Sebab mak bapak area sana yang kononnya cerdik pandai, biar ajer anak dia bersepah sepah di sana dan pergi menghilangkan diri bershopping sakan, either at Tesco or IKEA or, Ikano or Metro Jaya, or even Flea Market. Lagi lagi kalau sale. Budak tanpa pengawasan memanglah. Sometimes I do raised my voice especially when the kids start running around and knocking things or other people around them. Kenapa kita balut buku? Sebab tak mahu dia rosak kan? Kenapa kedai balut merchandise diorang? Sebab tak mahu customer bukak sesuka hati, itu pun diorang tak reti reti bahasa. Sometimes I do go and gave a lecture, to these tak-reti-bahasa punya parents ni.

"Er, excuse me Madam but there are reasons why we shrink wrapped those items, and since you have not purchased them, kindly bring it over to any staff for it to be opened. And browsing strictly at Info Counter please?"

Siap marah lagi tu, "What?! You expect to me to read here ah?!"

My answer; "Well, I do not expect you to read here, you can read it at home or anywhere else as you please, once you have purchased it. but yes, Browsing is strictly here. "

Then they say "Stupid".

Again my answer, "Forgive me for not being smart, but you did mentioned browsing and therefore, browsing should not be taking too much time I believe. You do understand that browsing and reading is 2 different thing right?". And so they kept quiet. Not without muncung panjang tu of course.

I am not saying we are always right anyway. Tapi pada padalah. Another Chinese uncle once lectured me on how Malays ni malas, assuming I am a school drop out, and was not interested in continuing my studies. Saya sengih ajerlah mendengarkan dia membebel, Melayu ni malas, tak innovative, asyik mengharapkan bantuan ajer bla blah blah. Kenapa? Sebab saya Melayu beragama Islam dan bertudung. Last sekali dia tanya saya, lepas ni nak buat apa? Takkan nak kerja saja. Slow ajer saya jawab, " Saya baru selesai graduasi dari International Islamic University Malaysia. Saya memang sedang mengumpul duit untuk menyambung pelajaran saya." Nak jadi cerita pulak, ada seorang customer datang bertanyakan sesuatu dalam bahasa Inggeris, maka saya pun berbahasa Inggeris. Tercenganglah pakcik tadi, oooh budak ni bukanlah seorang drop out, dan boleh pula berbahasa Inggeris. Demikianlah saya menutup mulutnya. Sheeesh people...............

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday to me.........

I slept so soundly that when I opened my eyes it was already 7am. Aaahhhhhhhhhhh, I am late I am late. Where's my towel? What to wear? Shit, I haven't ironed anything last night! Wallawei, sure late one. Sure die one. I have never been late to work before. I intend to stay that way, but unfortunately I will be today. Boo hoo hoo, as I was hurrying to the bathroom Then :) called. Aiyah time ni lah pulak nak call. Hearing me go berserk :) softly said "Sayang, today you work in BTC not MMC. BTC starts at 9am , MMC starts at 8am. BTC is here, MMC is far. You can still make it". I smiled and for a moment I went nenong nenong, pening pening lalat maybe because of the adrenalin shot just now. Jumping from my bed, searching for clothes dalam masa menggelabah tak tentu hala hehehe. I took a glass of plain water & slowly walked to the bathroom. Had my breakfast before work, as usual Roti Bom & Milo ais. Well, I need to be on the GF today. Hm, to think that I can finish my work today. Well, I am a PT anyway. I was to be placed wherever they felt appropriate. Especially when there are not enough staff. Bear with it girl. Just kinda frustrating when it happens because I usually planned my work before coming to work. Today, I plan to tidy CHPic. Hm, guess won't be able to do it huh?

Just before my lunch, Anne came with Noelle with a big plastic bag. Tada, my birthday present. She did not forget. I was so happy. Young Noelle is now eager to walk about, next thing you know, she will be running around. Now that will be a bit difficult for Anne then. And Anne told me another wonderful news, besides my present that is, she is pregnant! Wallawei, she is about to have 2nd baby in another year and I am not even married man. Ok, breath girl, breath. Don't panic. Most of my friends are still single anyway :). Namanya mententeramkan diri sendiri hehehehe. Kak Iza gave me a nice love-in-box (similar to jack-in-the-box) that says I-Love-You repeatedly when it opens. I love you too akak :)

Had lunch and kerja sooooooooooooo banyak giler!!!! As usual customer mintak yang bukan bukan, trying to show off how smart they are when they don't even know what they are asking, they don't even understand simple English, and they are calling retailers stupid. I never believed in customer's are always right anyway. They have been on 2 occasions that I have been called racists by Chinese. I just don't understand what's their problem.

The first was when, I was attending to an Indian customer, this Chinese old man came and as usual tak sabar sabar tak menyempat nyempat nak bertanya suruh cari buku. I politely asked him to wait a moment. I need to come up with website for the Indian customer to search for books that he might wanna purchase through a Special Order. Mark to my word, its just a few seconds, but the Chinese guy tu tak sabar, tak tahulah, isteri dia nak bersalin dekat rumah, takder orang nak tolong sambut agaknya kot. He just stormed off ke mana ntah. As soon I got the website for the Indian customer to search on his own, a Caucasian lady approached me and asked for a magazine. As I was searching for it, this Chinese guy came back and started raising his voice, "Oh you double standard yea? Orang putih you layan saya you biar". Mintak maaflah kan, bab bab perkauman ni jangan sentuh beb, sensitif. I spoke in my loud voice as well, I did not scream yea, but I did say so that others can hear; well he did make sure others hear when he told me that. " I would have helped you if you could have waited for a few seconds. This lady obviously came after you and had waited". Peduli hapa saya, nak menunduk pun pada padalah kan? The Caucasian lady even asked if she had landed me on trouble. Obviously I said no.

Another time was when I was the cashier, A Caucasian lady was queuing on the line when my Manager had asked her to queue behind the customer which I was currently attending as the customer which she was attending had purchased a lot of things. While I was packing the stuffs which belongs to the current customer, the Caucasian had placed the books on the counter and had informed me that she will be taking1 magazine, a quick one. I just smiled and acknowledged. While she was taking her magazine, an old Chinese lady came and queue and when I attended to the Caucasian lady she purposely screamed and said that I was bias. Shit man, not again. She demanded that I apologize, which I refused to and my manager had stood up for me and told her that it's not my fault. She and her husband even called my manager a bitch! Oh yea, before that she claimed that she is a lecture from which college which I have not heard. Most probably some college which intends to forged out money from the students but forgot to tell them that they were not LAN certified as yet!!!

Sometimes, I don't understand people. Everybody is considered human being kan? Must you be mean to others? What makes you think that you are superior to others? I mean, you can come and asked people nicely kan? You masuk tempat orang and you act as if you either own the place or you know it better than the retailers. Saya pelik betullah. Raja Nazrin, Permaisuri Siti Aishah, Datin Norish Karman, they have been regulars there, but they never possess that kinda attitude. Orang besar besar tu. Ni yang kecik kecik pulak yang lebih lebih. Dan orang kata teenagers sekarang takder adab sopan, well look at their parents ler. Datang tempat orang tunjuk lagak, macam bagus, nak kita menyembah sebab dia rasa dia lebih penting. Bapak borek anak rintik, mak berbintik bintik hehehe.

Lucky me, I met no ***-++++ customers. So its kinda brightens up my day. Ct Yam datang petang tu and then we went to find some Man United merchandise for her friend. I was, still, and will forever be Liverpool fans, so my friends don't worry, I won't betray you guys. You'll Never Walk Alone.

Malam tu me, :), Ct Yam, Ina & Anyah went to Uptown, tempat lepak yang murah dan affordable. Destinasi? Mana lagi kalau bukan Pirate Chicken Chop & Grill. Hehehe sebelum tu hujan, so masa mamak tu nak tutup payung tu, tersimbahlah pulak dekat Anyah. Poor girl, first time datang situ kena simbah dengan air hujan plak. Marah jugaklah dia, mahunya tidak, lencun budak tu. Mamak tu pun man man aah kan? Kot yea nak tutup payung pun kasi tahulah dulu yea tak? Dapatlah kami bangun dulu kalih badan. Anyah just came from Taiping. Of all the places that one might wanna visit during one's visit to KL, she kept asking about MRR2! Lawak ajer rasanya? When I told Zul, he said "Well, MRR2 could even be a tourist destination". Gila ke haper. Tapi betul jugak kan, another momento while visiting KL. Hehehe Then :), kept on mentioning tu abang Pirate (thats what we called the owner) that it was my birthday, so I managed to get mine free hehehehe. Pandai sungguh mereka itu. It was the happiest day for me, setelah sekian lama tak celebrate birthday dengan kawan kawan & :) Thanks for the present Ct Yam. Hwaaargh! What a nice night to end with.:0)

2nd November after work

I cooked & waited for :) to come. Sekejap sekejap dia mesej kata dah nak sampai, you know, the "on the way; on the way" thingy. Tak sampai sampai jugak. Nak bengang pun ada, jadi untuk tidak membengangkan diri sendiri, I chose to go to bed dulu. Lantaklah, pandailah dia kalau dia sampai karang. Suddenly, I heard :) calling via the phone . Oohhhhhh, :) is here. Well, :) better has some good explanation. And indeed :) has. In front of me was a chocolate cake and a brown teddy bear (By the way did you know that the word teddy is actually the nick name for Theodore Roosevelt, the American President.) Well, back to my story.....Memang terperanjat sangat sangat. On the cake was "Happy Birthday ______. I actually cried, can you believe that?! Well, I have never celebrated my birthday with a person called :). This was indeed my 1st and it was so touching. I even got my first teddy bear. The reason he was late? Dia mencari kambing di merata tempat. Kenapa kambing? Because I was born in the year of The Ram and am so fascinated by it. Hehehe unfortunately takder kambing melainkan kepunyaan pakcik India di tepi jalan itu. So :) guess better not lah kot kan?

Hehehe so we ate and wine and dine ( ok that's exaggerating I know, well, birthdays are just once a year so allow me to do so okay) Then, I went to bed with Bulat (that's what I named the teddy bear - my 1st teddy bear) . Thank you so much :) . And I slept soundly.....................Baaaa

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hello people...Erk, if there are people who actually reads my blog. Well, thank you thank you thank you hehehehe. Well, as promised my personal comments in regards to "The P Ramlee The Musical" which I watched last night. We got the utmost top seats & I was beginning to wonder if we can actually watch the show clearly from up there. As we were waiting, suddenly there was an announcement "Mengumumkan Ketibaan Duli Yang Maha Mulia............." Yup, you guess it right, The Sultan came to watch the show. Sheesh, 1st time duduk sama dewan dengan Yang Di Pertuan Agong. Well, that's the closest I can ever get near Agong anyway. I am just a humble servant :). Back to the show, it was superb start where they introduced the leads on the screen & as u can guess it started with the Special Appearance of Ct Nurhaliza and ends with Sean Ghazi.

The 3 lead child actors & actresses were superb. I believe it was Mikhail Merican (Ramlee), Wan Ramzizul (Sukardi) & the beautiful sweet Norazliana Haslin (Azizah). They started off very well, and as they say 1st impression is very very important & that made us last till end. A superb start. She really sings with such enthusiasm, expressing her feelings to the 'Kepochi' Orang Pekan on why she was attracted to the naughty & mischievous Ramlee & his idea of describing her as a violin. Siti Nurhaliza failed to give me the X-factor of Azizah that made it impossible for Ramlee to forget her, even after he was already married to Norizan & even had her jealous of Azizah. Her singing should not be judged, as she is until now amongst the ever success singer in Malaysia. I do praise her tone of speech though, the socialite tone. Anak orang kaya yang berbudi bahasa, tetapi agak sedikit terlalu control ayu. Personally, memang dia calon terbaik untuk watak Azizah, sebab dia memang cantik dan sopan santun. Watak yang teratur dengan adab sopan.

Rivalry between Junaidah & Junainah was rather funny. How Ramlee chose Junaidah, after being 'brainwashed' by their father. Atilia was known for her Pelangi Mimpi 1996. She portrays the image of Junaidah, a matured woman who expresses her love and her decision to not go on with their marriage. I shed a tear when she sang. She's the wife who was torn between her undying love for the famous husband, knowing that she couldn't be together with him anymore. And I was soooo impressed with Melisa Saila. I know that she has been acting in theaters for a long time, but I have never actually seen her in action. She was so energetic in expressing herself. I can feel the anger & frustration of the wife of the famous singer/actor/director who felt left out with the husband's workaholic attitude. She ain't no singer, I agree. So don't expect a flawless singing, but she did her very best, so you feel the inner depth emotions as she sang. If at first it does sound sweet, then, when the anger mood came into the picture, the anger needs to be shown right, replacing the sweetness? We need the anger girl, give it all.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........

The lovey dovey scene between P Ramlee & Saloma kinda reminds me when :) started courting me hehehee. Takdelah seromantik itu. But it does leave an impression. Can't help smiling all to myself. I saw :) was smiling too. Layan blues sendiri sendiri wakakaka. In short what I watched really moved me. I was brought along to feel their expression on stage. I smiled as they smiled, cried as they are sad, and smile (not to mentioned laugh) when they are happy & comical. They have made an impact on my feelings last night. Mixed feelings that ends with joy & satisfaction. I am not really good with words, but this is what I can write about the play. I noticed that I have been commenting too much on my post, but it is my blog, so I am entitled to write whatever I want right? :)

As usual people were lining up outside soon after the play finishes. To get autograph of course. Well, I just went ahead; for fun mostly. Atilia sat next to Liza Hanim who sat next to Sean Ghazi who sat next to Siti Nurhaliza who sat next to Melisa Saila. Atilia was such a sweet lady. I asked about her album & she looked surprised when I mentioned Pelangi Mimpi. Well, I however got my facts mixed-up unfortunately :(. Pelangi Mimpi was a single not a full album of hers. Nevertheless, she was smiling sincerely sweet while correcting me. I was complimenting Liza Hanim when she teased me, "What about Atilia?" - Spontaneously I replied, "She made me cried". Liza Hanim smiled as Atilia, mentioned how it was a sad song for her too; not to mention the degree of difficulty on singing the song as well. Sean Ghazi was a bit snobbish so I just handed my book for his signature. Didn't say much except for thank you. The person who made me so pissed of that night was Siti Nurhaliza! Why?! She signed behind the same page that Sean Ghazi signed! Its true that I don't care much for Sean Ghazi's signature but I don't want it to be spoiled either. Sheesh, they all signed using a small marker pen, of course the ink was clearly seen at the back side of the page on which they signed. True isn't it? Aiyyyo, dia ni berapa lama dah jadi artis? Tak reti reti reti lagi ker? Nasib baik I masih teringat air muka dia, kalau tidak memang dah nak tersembur keluar dah ayat ni "Laa, apasal sign dekat situ. Tak nampak ke bekas dakwat tanda tangan Sean Ghazi tu? Takkan itu pun nak cakap kot". - Seriously, I thought of saying that. Tetapi tak sampai hati nak malukan dia. Nanti masuk headline pulak, "Siti Nurhaliza Tak Reti Turunkan Tanda Tangan Di Buku Autograf Peminat?" Belajar tak perlu nak tinggi, but as my Babah would repeatedly mentioned - Common Sense is a must! With Melisa Saila, I just informed her how impressive she was and how that impression would last on my mind forever I must say (Exaggerating you said? A bit I must agree - but that's the truth).

To those who missed it, poor you guys. I am not sure when it will be playing again as I heard that PGL will be taking its limelight again next year 2008. But perhaps you guys will be able to catch it in Esplanade Singapore 2008 - I heard they will be bringing it there soon.