Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic 2012

Well, to be totally honest I have forgotten all about it until I watched the Olympic Documentary in TV1 a few days back. A good one but too bad 'boring' documentary was always meant to be shown during midnight. What a waste :( The first I watched was something to with gymnastics. The history of the champions and the legends. Of course since I was small, Nadia Comaneci was the one name repeatedly mentioned as the first to score perfect ten's for her routine. An achievement no one thought possible in the previous decades.

Well, I was able to view through her performance and I find it very ...perfect! Lost for words there, but I had actually started watching Olympics Gymnastics when Shanon Miller was the American Queen of Gymnast. I remember that I was glued to the TV whenever the gymnastics routine started because I find her to be very graceful (if you can that to describe the beautiful movements). Even I felt sad when she lost to the Romanian and China's gymnasts. Pergh meleleh air mata kesedihan, sorry but that was the exaggerating part :) Well anyway, I envy those gymnasts for having such a flexible body able to twist and turn very neatly. How I wish I can do the same just for fun. But crap my body is as hard as a plywood can be, so count that out :(

Other than gymnastics, my favorites would be the track and field. I know everyone are so eager to see who is the next King and Queen of speed :) One name I considered to be a legend is Flo-Jo. I guess most of the names belongs to the American Team because they sort of dominates the games which I am into. The quartet was always fondly known as The Bullet. And I must say that the baton passing was awesomely done each and every time possible. Marvelous, oh so  marvelous.

But a link via the Yahoo website intrigues, not to mention intrigues me as well as Malaysian Olympic Official Dress was said to be amongst the bad ones in London. Well, if you read my profile I did say that I was a fashion victim but I think it is kinda cool.Kebaya for the ladies and Tanjak for the gentlemen. Maybe perhaps tanjak could be black in colour but then it won't be that catchy as orange with stripes right? Or perhaps the Fashion Police would rather have this instead hehehehehehe

There's no harm in trying something different right? I dare them

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ramadhan is here...hurray :)

Assalamualaikum and peace to you readers (if any),

Ramadhan is the holy month where every Muslim around the world is anxiously waiting for. Why? Because it marks the celebration of Hari Raya AidilFitri in a month time :) Well, it is true. The first day of Ramadhan itself you can see the Aidil Fitri sales going on through out the cities across the shopping malls. I was happy when I walk through KLCC for I did not see any sign of Selamat Hari Raya, it is too soon in my opinion anyway. But how wrong was I, the decorations they hanged actually had the word Selamat Hari Raya written on it.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Aidil Fitri, in fact I do love Aidil Fitri for the scrumptious Beef Rendang,

 Ayam Masam Merah,
Ketupat, Rendang Itam etc wallawei food food and more food.

But the main reason for the 'celebration' of Aidil Fitri is about the winning against the obstacles you have faced during Ramadhan. So its not really justified for you to prepare for the celebration when you have not even started the 'war' againt all the temptations right?

The biggest temptation for me is  not the food and drinks but 'anger management' :) seriously Ramadhan is teaching me to be more patient, calmer and more relax. More relax in the sense that do not look in to unnecessary things that is nonsense and may cause unnecessary issues causing unnecessary blood pressure. Wah, that is not easy wei. Difficult very difficult indeed. Haha but that is a very interesting challenge right?

Anyways, I head back to my parents place on Saturday afternoon and had a buka puasa with my families. My two nephews are fasting (6 and 5 years of age). Awesome kids. The youngest are still a little bit too young. My youngest sister came back from UCSI Terengganu and it was havoc.

After terawih, I had dinner with my younger sister for our gossip routine...haish puasa puasa pun nak mengumpat kan, teruk betul :) My mother joined in before dad came down and asked for some food. Dad was not feeling well and had gone to bed earlier. He woke up to realize that my mom was not next to him and went looking for her. Awww, so sweet kan kan kan :)

Sahur went as usual, woke up to heat up the food and then after subuh went straight to bed. Not a good habit by the way people, please be reminded. Cleaned the house while the sisters and nephews went to shop for Baju Raya :) Then had a lepak lepak with them and continue gossiping wakakaka rare opportunity tau ...

Have to stop here for a while. My boss is calling me. Ok this is after office hours and I am waiting to meet up with friends later. Does that answer the question of why I am here in the office still? :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I am just a normal human beings....

Well, late last night I bumped into some comments made by some of the staffs where I work with in one of the famous social media ever...Facebook. Well, it started with a frustration post regards to work and although the person who posted it had said something nice about me, unfortunately my own staff had posted some racial comments. I had responded generally by stating my own experience so that racial issue should not be, well....an issue.

It was late at night and hence I do not wish to disturb my PIC (Partner In Crime) and my boss. So the very next morning I went to see my boss first thing in the morning. I showed him the comments and he asked me to calm down. I did told him that I do not wish to have the person in my team - was a bit emotional once I realized how much I have actually gave in to this person's demands. But my boss had asked me to calm down and try to explain about the things to my team. Well, honestly that should be it and so I walked up while figuring out on ways to break the news to the team.

After a few minutes my PIC came and started shouting his frustration not towards me but the situation and the staff of course. Hm, I smiled for I do not know what else to do. I am juggling on my own next course of action. We went to see the boss and was told that a decision will be made by the end of the day.

I called everyone in the room, put the tablet on the table and asked them to read and then decide. Decide on what you ask? I don't know what exactly but just read it and just decide what ever you want to decide. To cut the story short, I have then discussed on the consequences of those kind of posting and then I blasted. I had actually informed them how frustrated I was and I end the session by telling them "Thank you, for on this very day, you guys have slapped me directly in the face and telling me what a bad manager I have been". I walked out from the room feeling very weak and I ignored everyone merely because I don't have the strength anymore. I almost fainted, I do have low blood pressure and this incident so doesn't help me feeling better.

I end up doing my work alone quietly and limiting any interaction possible.....