Friday, March 16, 2012

Torn in between Two

Hm, these past few weeks have been quite challenging for me. With work mainly. Office quarrels seemed to get tougher although its nothing related to me. I work closely with two personnel from two different departments, whom at this point of time does not seemed to be seeing eye to eye with one another. It had started roughly last year due to this 'certification' thingy and it seemed that another round of certification has rekindled some 'good old memories' between these two :(

My opinions were always asked by not only these two, but others as well. Why - because I was told that my opinion is trusted because I am neutral. Am I? Being neutral is not easy, and I do asked myself if indeed I am neutral. All I know is that I am blunt, most of the time when giving opinions. So even when I am giving my 'neutral' opinion, honesty may not be the best policy at this point of time. But I wouldn't lie either, hence why I'd rather keep things to myself. But then again this squabbling just had to be stopped! Even if I have to be in the middle to ensure it happens!

I understand where both parties are coming from but they need to sit down and be mediated by a neutral party of a higher position to ensure that it remains calm and that a resolution can be achieved. We are working together under the same roof and therefore we need to work together to avoid flaws instead of showing other's flaws to everyone else. Yes, to a certain extend we are frustrated when things which we are hoping for and aiming is not achieved due to constraints from others. But to point out each and every flaws to others especially the clients, is definitely not a wise move. I have given my point of view to my comrade because I was asked to, but not to another comrade, for I was not asked to.

But to make the first move, everyone needs to shove aside their negative emotions and sit together to share their opinions or to pour their heart out. Let everyone talk and voiced out their opinion. Then allow everyone to defend any accusations made to them. Before concluding what needs to be done to move on.

This is what I believe needs to be done. But I will let them decide, for at this point of time only my opinions were asked and nothing more.