Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday To Me :)

Well, as soon as the event finished we cleared the place to make it back to normal (boring is more like it I say). Then we had dinner before going to Tesco to purchase some things. I managed to take a short break @ :'s place before dragging myself to Cineleisure for a game of bowling with the rest of the ever so energetic kids. I was actually drop dead tired but hey, this is once in a while occasional event with the kids. I shall not miss it for the world! We arrived there at about 11:30 pm but the kids were nowhere to be found. :). the place will closing at 1 am and so the management had offered us 4 lanes instead of 2, to ensure that we are able to finished the games. :) called the kids to informed them of the news but then he mentioned something about the kids changed their mind & chose not to play because the lane issue. Wallawei saja lah kan nak cari pasal ni kan! Dahlah orang penat penat ni tetiba ni tak jadi main plak. Memang nak mengamuk! Then I saw them jovially galloping inside the bowling area. Cheh bebudak ni sajalah pun kan nak bikin gempak.
We had 3 lanes to ourselves, well basically we were the ones left anyways inside the bowling arena. Punyalah bising macam sentiasa strike ajer, padahal terbabas ajer masuk longkang. Then tetiba sunyi sepi ajer terasa. When I turned around I saw Jime&Zaza brought in a cake-my birthday cake!!! Awww so sweeet..... They sang the birthday song & i blow the candle (nope nothing is wrong with my singular-plural nouns-there's only 1 candle->I love you guys. Save my breath. Our celebration ended at Uptown. Mana lagi kalau bukan di Pirate Steak hehehehehe. Mine is on the house complimented with a bowl of delicious mushroom soup :). Tima kasih Abang Azmi.
It is a lovely birthday celebration for me.
Thank you :)
Thank you Jimi
Thank you Li
Thank you Zaza
Thank you Nina
Thank you Ila
Thank you Jeffri
Thank you so very much!!!
I Love You Guys

Halloween A Success!!!

Well, all the hard work paid off! It was really really a tiring experience->Halloween this year. I was informed that the kids were told not to start the decorations as yet and to wait until a day before the event; or basically to set it up last minute that is. Well, apparently the one who actually said that was never lending a helping hand anyways. But that does not mean that they don't take the credit of the great job that we did. That's what managers do I think; give orders and take the credit. And its up to us to set up everything and boy was that tiring.

But it was a success as the kids enjoyed the story telling very much and we did have some games for them to participate. Last but not least the paper bag pinata...We haven't had time to do one and so we just placed the candies in the paper bags and we hung them. When its over, we just tear the paper bags and the kids and their parents where shocked before excitingly collecting the candies.
I am just happy that it went well and now back to clearing the place.
Then it on the payday itself, we decided to hang around Mali for its Char Kue Tiaw. :) came to pick me up with Lorna. Amir decided to join us & we were fortunate when we found out that Azra & Nazeera was over at Tina & Nurul's place. Adi, a friend I met in the office joined us, for the 1st & last time as he had already resigned from SCICOM and will be flying off to Sandakan for his new job. Pergh talking about too fast too furious:). Well, Amir then decided to pick up Shan & soon we are having our gathering. Together again with the guys->wow indeed it has been that long since we were having our makan makan thingy. As we were talking & eating, Someone came up with the Idea of going to Genting. What?! In the middle of the night for what?! Well just for the sake of it I guess. Along we went with the plan. Basically there was nothing much there, except for the gambling area which is still open&the disco that is currently celebrating the Halloween.
Me & Lorna went on an Amazing Race Genting-to find a toilet. It seems that the toilet on the Ground Floor is mostly under maintenance. Heck. Well after 15 minutes of running here & there without knowing which part of the building we are in currently, we are able to find the toilet. Thank goodness for that. Lorna wanted to heat herself up (she did not bring any sweater and she was wearing a 3 quater pants-well none of us knew we will be ending in Genting right?) under the hand blower; but I could not bring myself to wait in the toilet any longer. A lady next to my cublicle was vomitting a lot & loudly. Hwerk before i am also in the mood for vomitting (I ate quite a lot of prawns just now as Lorna kept giving hers to me) I might as well get out'a there. As we were wandering aimlessly we got the shock of our lives!!! An "aqua" walked passed out with a very short short skirt that is basically showing her butt until whatever is there to be seen. I can see that everyone was staring and staying out of her/his way. A Chinese auntie was a bit scared and decided to join us in waking towards the door where her hubby was waiting. Kelakar giler...
More await outside as a bunch of "aqua" were into the mood of smashing the pumpkins on the road on the way to the parking lot. freaking man these people. We waited outside the building while taking some pictures, as to wait for the "aquas" to leave the place before making our moves to the car. Boy, was it freezing cold up there.
I ended sleeping soundly due to the tiring mis-adventures.