Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wet, Bored with Enthusiasm for P Ramlee The Musical

It rained last night which makes my sleeping more soundly than usual and it cost me ten minutes; well slightly later than my normal waking up time. To some might say 'ala, 10 minutes only'. What difference does it make? To those who are on a 4-wheel thingy driving around KL and cities nearby, you definitely know how 10 minutes can cost an hour later in your your life. I remember the dreadful day when I left home 5 minutes later than usual; and end up getting stuck in the traffic jam for an HOUR! So yes, it does makes a difference. Plus I aimed to maintain my clean record of no Late, no MC, no EL, no UL with my new company as I did in my previous one. The slightly earlier-than-usual-New-Year-Resolution -For-2008. Yeah, now is the part where you say 'poyonya budak ni'. No worries I'll gladly accept that. :)

Well as usual, brewed my Nescafe and got ready for work. Well, description of my work is rather simple actually............Boring. ;( Perhaps cause I am not used to be working in front of a PC for 8 hours straight. I am used to meeting people and walking around a lot; exercising in the process. Currently, I am just sitting in front of the PC, through out the day. I think my butt is getting more rest that it needs, while my brain is a bit stuck due to less movements, and my eyes need more of the Eye-mo to reduce the strain. And as for me generally, I need more and more Coffee or Nescafe to keep me awake and active throughout the day, (Unfortunately it sometimes lasts till night time, whereby I will then be tossing myself; struggling to get some rest & sleep, sigh). The good thing is that the pay is kinda expensive for the job description and no more uniform. Hurray!! I have been wearing uniform ever since I started working and so having the chance to wear normal civilian outfit feels so goooooood hehehehe. Of course there's the day to day What-Should-I-Wear-Today Dilemma :). Fashion victim or not, I am still a girl & that's what worries us girls most of the time anyway, right? As long as my scarf has at least a color that matches my clothes, I'll be happy. To safe more time on shoes, black is the smartest choice I believe. Okaylah, in other way Me Malas. Satisfied? :)

Despite the wet weather, my "Minah Rempit Driving' (arrived at the office just few seconds before the clock turn 8, phew just nice, eh?), coping with the boredom while achieving my target for the day, I am in a good mood for tonight's P Ramlee The Musical. In a few hours time, I will be more ancient in the cyber age definition, therefore my former colleague decided to treat me. I love to watch theaters, just that I rarely have time for it anymore. Plus, I dislike going alone :(

I used to watch the Philharmonic Theater during college years with a brother whom I fondly call KN. Philharmonic Theater also gave me the first experience of being being stood up! I remember waiting anxiously for Captain Crab to show up and up till the show finishes, he neither turns up nor call to inform. That was the the 1st & the last time I went to watch a theater alone. Not a good feeling that is. When I brought my cousin to watch Mahsuri , he shed a tear at the part where Mahsuri was begging for her innocence; before being killed by her father-in-law. FYI, he was raised in Hawaii, due to his father's contract with the UN and I guess he'd lost touch with Malaysian history & folktales. I had a mixed of feelings, wanting to laugh as I do find it rather amusing (for a man to cry over a theater, that is), and touched by his deep feelings towards the story as a whole (he clearly did not show the cool-macho-tough side of a man who thinks that crying is a sign of weakness during the show). I respected him for that. Nevertheless, I told his GF about it & we had a good laugh over it. Erk, that was before; she started to get jealous about me spending more time with her bf. Elo, girl wake-up, he's like my brother ok. Well, hadn't heard from him ever since. There goes my Mojo Jojo.

Well, back to the P Ramlee The Musical. I think ticket prices are up due to several reasons. One of it; is because Siti Nurhaliza, Malaysian Darling Song Bird is the Azizah. Eventhough my colleagues were amongst the earliest to purchase, the intended date, 3rd November, were already sold out except for the RM200. I told her no! I mean, I know that she's paying for it but; no thanks. Tickets for that day sold out soon afterwards. The other thing is, Tiara Jacquelina has never let anyone down. She set a high standard for this genre of Malay Theater - Musical, that is. A standard where we never thought could be reached. Once skeptical, now Malaysian can be proud of our own Malaysian Broadway. She truly lives the Malaysia Boleh slogan. Go Datin Tiara! Well, nothing much I can say for the theater as I haven't yet seen it, duh! I know for a fact that regardless of whatever price you are paying, it is definitely worth the money. So, jom pergi tengok P Ramlee The Musical beramai ramai!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My 1st day writing My 1st Post on My 1st Blog

Hello Bloggers & Welcome to another boring blog. Well, I have been reading other people's blog in the past; and I am not sure if I would like to own & write one. Why you might ask? (If you don't, then perhaps you are now reading someone else's more interesting blog) For one, I am not such a good writer, heck I am not a writer at all (except of course when I am filing a complaint). I don't know all these latest "slangs" or whatever terms the Malaysian youngsters are currently using. Well, in the cyber age I am considered ancient.... Huhuhu

And I ought to think that I don't really have anything interesting to write about. I don't travel that much, I don't see people that much, I am not crazy for movies or bowling or a die-hard fan of any particular artists or magazines. Basically I am a Plain Jane but Thank God I am not a Dumb Blonde (though I am not that smart either; hehehe)

Then, out of a sudden I feel like writing and owning my own blog. Why again you might ask. (Up to this point, I should thank you for continue reading my 1st attempt of writing my own blog). Well, I am working 7 days a week (Seriously; no kidding!). To some I don't have a life (Not to worry, I am still breathing here). For those who gets to spend more time with their family, friends, going shopping during weekends, 'lepaking' anywhere and everywhere from glamorous coffee house to 'kedai mamak' bitching about any1 & every1 -> Yes, definitely I don't have a life.

But to those who appreciates privacy, being alone (not lonely ok - there's a huge different in that), likes to 'malas-malas' at home with a pair of lovely and sooooo manja cats, reading, listening to radio, errr doing housechores (washing dishes, cooking, cleaning the house, washing clothes etc). It ain't that bad for a 'life' kan? Hey, I don't have any maids and am staying by myself so obviously I have to do all this by myself right?

Well, back to why I am writing. I just feel like I need to release it out without having to talk to someone. Well, as you've read from the above, working 7 days a week kinda limits your time to hang out with friends. And after weeks and months of not being able to see each other surely everybody has lots of things to share within such a short period of time. Imagine 5 people trying to sum up the story of their lives for the past 5-6 months into like..... few minutes of the few hours spent. Sigh, see. So, even if I don't take it as a concrete reason for a blog writing, here I go at writing.

Therefore, I will try to write anything on my blog. Any comments, would very much appreciated especially on how to make it a better looking and readable, at least nice to look at. Or anything you would like to share with me, are very much welcome. Bear in mind my blog is not Harry Potter thingy nor would it be Lemony Snickets Series Of The Unfortunate Events. Somewhere in between for me to enjoy writing and hopefully; you reading.

So, perhaps I'll be seeing some other people later. Have a great day day for all :)