Sunday, January 27, 2008

The House in Thaipusam

Hm as per my usual activity during Public Holidays; I went for work at BTC. Cari RM habiskan RM cari RM habiskan RM hehehehe. Kitar kehidupan macam itulah. Well, I am looking forward for work today with Azrin around. Hehehehe my partner in crime she is. Work as usual. Not so much of recovery therefore more alpha can be done. Once the alpha is done, it will be much much easier to do recovery through and through.

Ada beberapa cerita yang di kongsi bersama. Pasal yang seorang itulah. Saya cuma senyum ajer. It seems that a new girl has join the Kiddies. A very talkative person and according to Azrin very mush praised by the It-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I can see that. They spent so much time together yak yak yak. Well, It-Who-Must-Be-Named is THE Supreme, so I guess no one can tell her not to chat that much. In fact no one can tell anything! Well, obviously It thinks IT has been so perfect that no one is better that It is. It knows how to do it's job better than the rest, knows more than the rest and above all perfect! Yeah right! Whatever - and yet It still questions why everybody seems to be ignoring It? Hm, slow gak dia ni kan?

Well, I have got plans with the Movie Buddies after work. The chosen movie - The House (Thailand Horror Movie). We plan to scare ourselves. We here referring to Kak Lorna & myself. The guys were not interested in doing so pun hehehe. Azzam & :) wanted to have something to eat befoe the movie begins. So me & Kak Lorna went to collect the tickets. We had a heavy discussion as what movie to watch at the counter (We haven't actually had any final say). We asked the people at the ticket counters for their opinions & we even called the guys to give them some description about each movies. And so we chose The House. We got the tickets and went to see the boys at Santai. Azzam went for his prayers and we've agreed to meet up at the Cinema shortly before the movie begins. As we were walking down The Street, Azzam pops up from God knows where and so we went straight to the Popcorn counter. Kak Lorna treated us again for the Popcorn. Nanti lain kali kita belanja akak pulak yea. So, the movie begins Huhuhu

I am so lazy to write and so I paste here the sypnosis of the movie I obtained from someone else's blog and review.

She has been warned not to enter The House but Shalinee (Inthira Chaloenpura - the Heroin of Nang Nak) is a TV reporter assigned to make a documentary about a murder that happened six years ago. It is her duty to check out the crime scene even though a caretaker has refused to let her in. However, even from the outside, Shalinee gets the feeling that The House is haunted. She even manages to capture images of a female ghost on her video camera! Shalinee sneaks into the spooky shack at night - ALONE!

The House", also known by its Thai moniker, "Banpeesink", is based on three real-life murder cases that are all connected to a particular house near a hospital. The first case, on 18 Sept 1959, involved a nurse, Nuanchawee Patchara, who was raped, strangled and dumped in a river. The second, on 28 Sept 1999, had a woman named Jarmjuree knifed and cut up into pieces by her boyfriend; and the third, on 20 Feb 2001, involved a woman doctor whose body parts were found near a hotel in Bangkok. How the House is connected to all these cases is open to conjecture but Arayangkoon offers his own reason at the end of the movie. It is a lame one by any count.

Of course, a large part of the movie deals with Shalinee's life, especially her problems with her husband Parnu, and a colleague named Shane who has the hots for her (but besides the vision the husband has had in his mind, nothing was shown as why the husband would have this idea). There are elements of jealousy, spiritual possession and betrayal but these are poorly developed and they lack credibility. Many of the scenes shift so randomly that they are confusing.Lead star Chaloenpura,, puts up a credible performance as an inquisitive and determined journalist. However, she is largely hampered by a weak script and poor direction that requires her to scream like a brainless schoolgirl. Still, she is the only bright spark in this horror thriller that is more to be tolerated than be thrilled about.

Scary? Oh yes, the scary element worked in the "normal-creepy-dark-" surrounding that was largely used by Thai directors. It never failed to scare me though. It still does. Even there are occasions where I accidently grabbed Kak Lorna's arm a bit too hard. Ampun Kak, saya terperanjat. Itu yang terpegang tangan akak dengan kuatnya tu. Tak sengaja. By the way, the ones highlighted in red is the one I paste, the one in blue is of my own opinion. Overall, I believe the plot was a loose one.

Well, even though the 3 incidents mentioned in the movies were based on true stories; they could not come up with an interesting interpretations as to why they think the house is connected with the murders. They did not offer any, if not so little interpretation of themselves. Well, I was so frustrated when it came to this part. For, since I knew that it was based on true accounts, perhaps they could come up with ideas like maybe the house was built on a burial ground, or the pillar was made from the tree where they tortured or killed people during the war, or perhaps people who once stayed there dabbled in black magic etc etc. The point is there are a lot of interpretation to the story. Pick one which is not lame ler. Heck I am not even a script writer myself, but one noticed that during interview session some folks did mentioned the war era, and also during the end when Shalinee had wanted to burn the pillar ( it seems that the pillar is the source of everything that happen; at least that is what shown in the movie) she was "trapped" or somehow "transported" to the scene whre there were wars raging (bit like Constantine her). So obviously something can be shown the ease the viewers anticipation right?

According to what I have read in regards with murders;

First case: The Nuanchawee MurderIn September 18, 1959 Nuanchawee Patchara, a nurse was strangled and drowned by a group of men. Her body was found in the Choa Praya River. Around the time of murder, she was having an affair with a married doctor, Utid Kajorndate who became a suspect. He finally confessed that he hired a group of men to kill his secret lover after she had threatened to tell his wife about their affair.

Second case: The Jarmjuree MurderIn September 28, 1999 Chalerm Songkramkrad, a medical student, murdered his girlfriend, Jarmjuree Ploysawangsri in a cold-blood manner, and then tried to discard the body by amputating the limbs and slicing his dead girlfriend into tiny pieces, after she tried to break up with him. He later confessed to the police that he did it out of jealousy.

Third case: The Dr Pusuratt MurderIn February 20, 2001 a female doctor, Pusuratt Bhungaysornpan was reported missing. The police later found pieces of human tissues which matched the DNA of hers in the central drainage at the famous hotel in Bangkok. Doctor Watson Bhungaysornpan, her husband immediately became a murder suspect with the motive, that he had wanted a divorce and start a new life with his new lover.

But during Shalinee's "Interview" with the ghost of Nuanchawee Patchara - What I concluded was that the ghost seems to be doing its duty to remind all ladies that they were the cause of what had happened in the house. She even put the blame on Shalinee for ignoring her signs and advice to stay away from The House. This is the part where I don't understand. What did the ladies do that gives the doctors rights to kill them? What was the ghost's clear message to Shalinee - women are the caused for the guys suffering that leads them to the killing of their once beloved spouses or partners? I just couldn't get the idea of the whole thing that the director was trying to make out of it. Or perhaps I was just being too slow to understand? I don't know.

Really, appreciate some feedbacks frm those who have watched the movie. I am exhausted from the scare and frustrated from the lack of understanding about the movie. I know most of you are not even reading my blog, but for those who did; really apprecite if you could help me with the understanding of the movie.

Not to worry, I still crave for horror movies. This definitely will not stop me from continuing my interest for horror movies. Next in line will be The Eye and One Miss Call. So movies----watch out for me!!! Or should it be the other way round? :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Unsung Heroes.....

Yesterday I arrived home around 7:45PM. Why was I that late? There was a loooong jam starting from the Kota Damansara Toll highway exit up until the toll itself. It took us one hour to get to the toll. Boy was I mad! Plus some stupid, *** **** drivers who just seems to be enjoying the cutting-the-lane habit. Once I arrived home, took my bath and went to zzzzzz. Until :) woke me up to eat something :) bought. :) just came back from meeting a friend and :) knows that I haven't taken my dinner yet. After the agony through the traffic jam, sleep seems much more important than filling my stomach there. I ate and continue my sleep.

This morning we managed to leave earlier than usual. We arrived at the Cyberjaya toll around 7:40 AM. There was a red car parked in a weird position on the left lane of the toll. I thought I saw smoke coming from the front of the car. Perhaps its the engine. But its kinda dangerous for him to leave his car there since it is just too near to the toll gate there. Though other vehicles have other 2 lanes for cash payment, I just thought it would be better for him to park the car at the parking area right after the toll.

"You guys nak tolong tak?" I asked the guys. Well, I had the intention to help but I could not imagine myself pushing the car in my Baju Kurung hehehe. Well, the guys turn around to look at the poor fella. I kept asking them and then Azam responded "It is still early right?" "Yup, we still have time,"I replied. "I think we'd better help him to push the car to the parking area," said Azam. So I parked my car by the roadside while Azam went to see the guy to offer his assistance. Jai went after him & together they managed to push the car to the parking area. Poor guy but lucky for him there was Azzam & Jai - my unsung heroes hehehehehe

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gabriel Part Two & WLR 924

After we managed to get 2 pairs of tickets, I decided to queue (again) to redeem another pair of tickets for the last cut-out coupons that Kak Lorna obtained from her cousin, while making her way to The Curve's Cineleisure. Well, the lady at the counter did mentioned that she can only give a pair of tickets per one cut-out coupon at one time; mainly to avoid people from taking the whole stack of free tickets. Kak Lorna had 3 cut out coupons with her that day (hehehe Kak Lorna was really excited about this one I guess) and I had one. She met a couple of friends who were queuing as well, and asked them to help redeemed the third cut out coupons. And for me, hehehe I opted to re-queue after the last guy in the line. Well, the lady at the counter also did mention that once the line ended and if there were still tickets available, we can redeem them. And so that's what I did. Ok, ok so I was more interested in queuing up for the free tickets rather than the eagerness to watch the movie itself. Hey, it is definitely not a sin tau! The last time I obtained such free tickets was way back in 2002; I think. I entered an SMS competition organized by the Gempak Magazine(I am such a big fan of Gempak & Utopia) and won a free tickets (3 to be exact) to the Cartoon Movie Spirit The Stallion of Cimarron at the TGV KLCC. I dragged my two friends (Ono & Kak Umi who kinda reluctant to watch a cartoon inside the Cinema) to accompany me and I got a free T-Shirt for the Lucky Dip at the entrance just before the movie. The cartoon was great too. So after 5 years the anticipation is back again. :)

"Now I feel stupid" , Kak Lorna told me as we were loitering in front of the Cinema waiting for Azzam & :). "Before, I was eager now that I have the ticket I feel stupid". I could not help myself and smile to that statement. Well, come to think of it, I do feel a bit stupid too. Why? Well, arriving there at 7 PM then queuing for almost an hour and a half just to get the tickets. And after the counter was opened, we managed to get the tickets in less than 5 minutes (less than 10 minutes, if you count my queuing for the second time). And we still have about 45 minutes before the show. "Let's go & have a drink first la" - Now that's a great idea. As we were walking to the LG, we saw Shanie, the actress at one of the food courts just below the Cinema. She looks kinda cute; nothing to do with her big size ok?! But since we were rushing to get something to bite, we just went straight to the escalators. Decided to go to Kopi Oh and bought myself a cup of Ice Coffee and Kopi Oh Sandwich. Like what Kak Lorna mentioned, we still need to have a room for the popcorns later on. :) arrived and joined us there. 10 minutes to 9:30 we went to get our popcorns. Kak Lorna bought the Beowulf Popcorn Set for me & Azzam! We were so happy! Well, at least I am ler. Bestnyer! Bestnyer! Bestnyer! I am just dying to show off the glass to my colleagues, but :) said it would not be nice to show it off to them. Drats, I thought.

Well, as we walked towards the cinema hall, I went for the look out, just to ensure we won't be sitting next or near to someone someone hehehehe. Guys you know who they are. Just nice, the cinema hall was exactly at the entrance. As we were making our way towards the left seats in the middle row, suddenly a bunch of big size guys wearing Proton shirt came walking right up and squeezing us in the middle! Aaaah, we heard Kak Lorna screamed, (and those bunch of monkeys; I mean guys wearing Proton's shirt were mocking her!) Mangkuk betullah diorang ni tau! Nak jalan pun macam gorila berkelompok kelompok atas jalan tu, tak peduli orang lain. We chose our seats and waited for the movie to begin.

Well, the movie goes like this----------Erk, hello! I ain't gonna tell you about the movie. I don't wanna spoil it for you It is still new in the cinemas. Go and watch it people! I actually enjoy watching Gabriel. The plot was ok, not bad. The twist of the story was nice. Music not bad. Kinda like it actually sorta hard rock kinda music. But Kak Lorna mentioned it to be more of the music for the play station type of game. Perhaps its because I didn't really have a high expectation for the movie. But through & through I personally think the movie was great. Not really that excellent but worth the money I guess. If you are a fan of this kinda movie. Do not compare it with Constantine, it would not be fair. But the character of the Gabriels in both movies are so different now. While the former is out to create havoc; the latter is out to bring in the light to the Purgatory. It was an indeed an interesting movie. Go and watch. But no guarantee if you will be disappointed with it ok?! Especially the ending part.

Kak Lorna & Azzam seems to be chuckling & giggling throughout the movie. Kelakar pulak bila teringat balik. Those two kan, memang tak boleh duduk berdua bersama. Ada ajer cerita kelakar dia tau! Heheheh Soup di atas & Maggie di bawah. What's that? Watch the movie & you'll understand. The movie ended around 11:30 PM. Hehehehe once the movie ended we departed and promise to see each other at work the very next day. Went to take :)'s bike at The Curve before riding together to my car. I am such a cheapskate that I parked for free behind the McDonald's near the IKEA roundabout. As I was opening the door, suddenly the there was the air-cond engine noise from the Kelisa (WLR 924) parked behind my car. Wallawei; I was so surprised that I turned to take a glance at the car. Sekilas pandang macam tak ada apa apa. But I thought I saw something in between the seats. Again I looked, laaa, there was a couple inside the car. Both of them sorta sitting in a stuck position in between the front seats before managing to seat properly back on their respective seats. What were they doing? No speculations here, figure it out yourself ok? But if they were doing what you think they were doing, they might wanna stop and think the consequences of doing so. I do know that police are doing their routine check up there. They might end up either having to bribe the cops or being taken action for their acts back there. Cheh, I am more angry than disgusted with them. Angry because they gave me the scare. Nasib baik I tak pergi calarkan kereta perempuan tu. Well since she was the one sitting behind the wheel, I assumed its her car then.

I quickly start my engine and drove home. I don't wanna wait there for they might suspect me of spying on them. Banyak lagi kerja nak di buat daripada mengintai orang dalam kereta di malam hari. Lagipun kena rehat sebab esok nak bangun awal. Quickly went to Lala Land once I put my head on the pillow. Nighty Nite Friends zzzzzzzzz............

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gabriel Part 1

I read about a new movie that will be showing in cinemas this week beginning on the 17th; titled Gabriel - well, judging by the title I believed that somehow it is connected with angels and such. I wonder if it will be as good as Constantine. It all started last Monday the 14th when me and Kak Lorna were discussing about new movies that we planned to watch. We talked about Gabriel and judging from the trailer it looks good. No to mentioned the soundtracks, too. Well, we still need to plan the date.

Well, I am kinda broke and therefore I have no entertainment budget this month. Need to carefully calculate my spending so that I can manage until my next payday. Yeah, I accidentally miscalculated my budget while paying my bills last week. But then again, since I know that the money was used to pay my bills, I have no regrets. But I do need to carefully calculate my spending so that it can last until the end of the month. Hm, to watch or not to watch - that's the question ( feel free to add a little bit of Shakespearean touch here).

On Tuesday I was little bit late; again. Then when Kak Lorna saw me; she showed me a piece of newspaper cutting from The SUN - for Gabriel ticket redemption at Cineleisure The Curve TODAY! Wallawei, I could not believe my luck. I can watch the movie while still be within my budget. We planned to go there straight away after work. It is after all a free movie, so my bet, there will be a lot of people there as well. Though I do not predict a heavy crowd, as I noticed that there wasn't a wide promotion for this movie. Could it be because its an Australian product?

Kak Lorna asked Alif & Boy to join us. But they wanna go back home first, change clothes and freshen up I guess. Aiyah, kalah perempuan betullah diorang ni. Well, never mind. The core team would be me, Azam; Kak Lorna and :). I will be meeting Kak Lorna there; we'll be queuing together. Azam & :) will be coming after Maghrib. Let them pray first. Ticket redemption will begin at 8:30 PM but even as I arrived there at 7 PM, people are already in line. Pergh, and I thought we were early. This is my first time redeeming free tickets. I must say I am more interested in redeeming the tickets rather than watching it. Don't get me wrong. I am excited to watch Gabriel but I am just more excited in redeeming the tickets.Well, as I was lining up properly, an Auntie who sat next to the pillar said to me "I am queueing in front of you yea?" - I don't even know where she'd come from. Kak Lorna insisted to stand in front of the Auntie, but I just stand behind the Auntie. Since I am still in the first 15 to queue, I don't really mind as I strongly believe I can still get the tickets. Even though there's this Auntie in between us, me and Kak Lorna continued chatting through the waiting hours. Hello, in case you missed the lines just now, I did mentioned that I arrived at 7 PM and tickets redemption only begins at 8:30 PM. Make your calculation for the period of waiting time there.

We talked about almost everything and nothing at the same time. Kak Lorna told me how she used to work in GSC, when it first opened in One Utama. The pioneer batch in fact, that they took a picture of her to be placed in their website for job vacancy. Just go to their website and click on the vacancy button at the bottom of the page. there's 5 people on the header of the page right? She is the one at the far right? Yup, for those who already knew her, yup, that's her (during the not so "chubby" & slightly longer hair era). Kenapa? Tak percaya? Percayalah. Jangan biarkan diri anda di selubungi misteri. Hehehe

While staying in line, there was one Chinese Lady who walked past us and start queuing in front of the next table. I was curious and furious. Curious as I was wondering if it is permissible to queue over at the next table. And furious because; if there is no such thing as the next line then the lady should be queuing behind us as well! Oklah, benda free kan? Obviously everyone wants to get them but everyone should used the proper channel and be polite to others as well. As I was mumbling non-stop to myself; obviously; Kak Lorna went over to check the next line. "Its for the magazine coupon lah Sya. Magazine Spotlife". Oh really? Its a good thing I didn't went over and gave her a piece of my mind. If not, pergh surely I'll be too embarrass to watch Gabriel later. Patient is virtue, hehehe. I am known to be a bit temperamental. Ask anyone who knows me, especially those who are close to me. What? You don't believe me. Ok, ok fine! I AM A VERY temperamental person; I admit. Puas hati?! Sheesh people, you guys can be sooo not-rock at times.

The Spotlife redemption counter opened way before the SUN. We can only envy those people who have already redeemed their tickets. Kak Lorna jokingly wanting to buy the magazine in order to redeem the tickets earlier. Just a few more minutes to go, before the tickets can be redeemed. Penantian suatu penyiksaan, betullah kata orang orang tua. They are the wise one. Hmmmm.....

When the representative came to open the redemption counter, I can sense the relieve & gladness surrounding me there for a moment. People seems to be alive & lively once more. Okay, I sound exaggerating I know. But seriously people didn't look so gloom anymore. Mainly because the counter is open; and secondly because it was handled by a cute girl hehehe. Such a tactic to ensure no one would go crazy while redeeming the tickets. Hm, at last we are a few steps closer to the tickets.

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the tickets. Aha aha aha
Come and do the ""Kambing" dance aha aha aha

Monday, January 14, 2008

AEON Express Card

:) wanted to buy a gold bracelet for :)'s mother's next birthday which is coming up in a few days. So we went around looking for any gold smith shop with the Aeon Express Card logo. Well, :) is kinda broke for the moment, and the gift has to be paid monthly as :) could not afford to pay it in one lump sum. We went to Tomei in One Utama Ground Floor. We chose a bracelet when we were told that :)'s Aeon Express Card can be used for another 1k value of credit. In order to get the information on the balance credit - they made us walked to the Aeon Service Center over at the end - claiming that the Aeon staf did not picked up the phone when they called to ask. Well, once the credit was informed and we chose a bracelet then we need to place deposit of RM 5o. Pulak dah. He obviously forgot to mention it earlier. :) was reluctant to place the deposit. I asked :), if :) was really interested to purchase the bracelet, then its ok to placed the deposit. But if :) had doubts or wanna search somewhere else, then perhaps its better to go somewhere else before closing the deal. After a while; doing some thinking about the pros & cons; I loaned :) the deposit. :) promised to pay once :) obtained :) pay.

Another thing that needs to be settled is the 1st month payment once the purchasing has been approved. The deposit of RM50 is just for the booking of the gold bracelet. So once it has been approved, then the 1st payment of RM115 needs to be made. That is for :) to pay later on. It took quite a few days it seems. They kept forgetting to ask of certain documents and thus making us kept coming back to the store. Aiyah, so not efficient. The last draw was when they asked us to come another day, after we've informed them that we will be coming to collect the bracelet on that very day. The reason - the girl who usually deals with the payment procedures was not around to attend to us. I told them that we ain't coming back. If it can not be settled then we would like to have deposit back & purchase the bracelet some where else. Then- apparently it can be done. Give me a break, don't tell me for a shop that opens 7 days a week only has one experienced cashier. 1001 excuses seems now easier to fulfill. Sheesh, kalau malas nak buat tu cakap ajerlah. Poor customer service I must say.

Now I am beginning to think what to buy for my Bonda's Birthday this coming May. Hmmmmm, any idea?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

You Are Soooooooooooo Dead Aaron!!!!!!!!!!

Aida Yaoi had promised to drop by today just to say hi. Well, previously we had plan to go back together. But she came with a friend therefore she will be going back with her friend. But nearing the end of my shift I received a mesage from Aida asking if she could hitch a ride since it is raining & she needs to purchase some Yaoi Manga from BTC. No problem anyway, and told her to wait in BTC. I went to see her and I was shocked to see a Masked Men whom I knew very well from his books; there sitting in front of the escalator. There was an author signing session & I know nothing about it!!! I quickly went to the kids at Info, "Is it over yet?" "Belum kak, sempat lagi kalau nak minta autograph". "Mintak A4 paper sehelai."

Slowly I tiptoed behind Aaron & tapped his left shoulder as he was talking to the Masked Man. "Oh Hi......," he was smiling sweetly & not to mentioned innocently to me. I returned the smile before saying out loud, " You are soo dead Aaron. How could you not tell me that Russell Lee is coming to BTC? You know how I am such a die hard fan of Russell Lee! How could you forgot to tell me? You are so dead Aaron. So dead in fact you won't be alive." There I was babling about how dead Aaron would be that I was forgetting that Russell Lee was in front of me. I had almost missed him again. I had missed him when he first came to Popular Book Store in Ikano end of last year, because I had to work in the afternoon shift.

One of Russell Lee's comrade took some gifts and hand it over to me. "Its ok, he is still here not to worry. You can still get his autograph", I think she is trying to calm me so that Aaron can still breath and lives. You are so lucky Aaron. And so I went to meet Russell Lee, THE RUSSELL LEE! We shook hand & I introduced myself. Oh My God, I think I talked non-stop. I was stammering and kept on blabbering on and on and on. I sure hope he is not bored by the things that I shared with him. I sounded and acted a bit poyo I think. Well, :) agreed on that. Cheh! I shared with Mr Lee on how I have his whole collection with me; how I am using it to teach :) English; how his books taught me not to be scared but rather to see ghosts in another perspectives; how his books are motivationally inspiring especially in cultivating reading and writing amongst young readers around the globe. I am not really sure whether he was impressed with what I said or with my capability to express everything within a gasp of breath hehehe. I don't know which is which. Whatever it is, it is just inspiring to have actually met him. Really! I thanked God for leading me to the events today and it is truly a memorable and cherishable one for me. When we did the Russel Lee handshake, he teased me by purposely swinging his hand sideways when we were doing the high 5. Hehehe the Singapore Master Of Horror still has his sense of humour I believed.

When I took picture with him, I can see that the people who were sitting were actually trying to take a look at who I am. The girl who expresses such enthusiasm & passion while meeting Russell Lee, whom they might never heard of anyway. That is when it hit me, perhaps I was a bit poyo while meeting Russell Lee just now. Well, whatever. Those who knows and feels the passion will understand what it is like. He signed a poster for me and gave me the freebies, including a Cell Phone pouch. Seronoknya!!!!! I put the poster inside my file, to ensure that it will not be ruined by the rain outside. and I went home smiling non-stop. Smile & Smile & Smile & Smile.

The End

Shortage of RM50!!!!!!!

Hm, went to work that morning with the left over anger from last night. Oh yeah, by the way Happy New Year 2008 to all. Arrived at BTC, slightly just nice. Quite a lot of people. Kak Zue was extremely happy seeing me (I think) , which kinda freaks me out. Hehehehe. Kak Zue cuma lega sebab semua orang dapat hadir untuk bekerja di hari yang confirm akan sibuk gila kejap lagi. Hazwan juga datang jadi dapatlah kami mencantikkan kawasan kejap lagi. Muka merah ajer, tak cukup tidur rupanya. Tersangkut dengan sambutan Tahun Baru 2008 malam sebelumnya barangkali. But he was still the same jovial person he was. No groggy froggy face or what so ever no worries hehehe.

Sometime later I was informed that I might need to do cashiering since there's this guy who went MIA for 3 days now. Pergi Tak Kembali. Wallawei dah lama tak buat cashiering New Year pulak tu. There I was after my break, stranded alone at the cash register. Called for back up but no one came. Boo hoo hoo. Sedihnya. Sudahnya, short RM50! Hwargh, tidak!!!! Katakan ia tidak berlaku. Malangnya ia telah terjadi. Ya ampun sedihnya saya. masa jumpa Big Boss ambik gaji, Big Boss tanya "When are you coming back?" "After 13thlah Boss". That's the last day I am with the promoter thingy hehehe. Took the money and went straight away to the CO to pay my RM50 shortage! Hwaaaa..........

Happy New Year 2008

On 31 st of December 2007, went to work as usual. Azam could not make it. I believe he was not feeling well. He was worried about getting the MC, as we were told no MC will be entertained during Hari Kejepit - one working day in between 2 holidays. But I told him, it can't be help. I just asked him to inform Kak Yani. As we were working through the morning, we received an e-mail from Kak Yani, informing us that we will be going back slightly earlier; but there'll be no 4pm tea break. Bolehlah tu, janji balik awal. Pukul 4 dah balik dah. Hip hip hooray! Balik jalan clear ajer. Best betul. Tapi :) balik macam biasa. Hm, nevermind, I 'll just wait for him before going for dinner. Plan to go to Ayamas TTDI, because I got the vouchers that ends that very day. Pergh, jalan menuju ke KL and OU dah jam giler. Ikut jalan rumah Aida di pinggiran TTDI tu, rupanya jam jugak. Sebab orang nak pergi ker OU ikut jalan sana supaya tak bertembung dengan kenderaan yang ikut laluan utama. Fat chance my friends. Lebih menyakitkan hati bila sesampainya kami di destinasi (setelah hampir setengah jam di jalan raya), Ayamas sudah di tutup. Sepatutnya dah boleh di agak; yelah petang Tahun Baru kan? Mestilah banyak tempat yang tutup awal, membenarkan pekerja pekerjanya balik awal untuk sambut Tahun Baru yang setahun cuma sekali (Tolak tepi Tahun Baru yang di sambut berdasarkan agama anutan lah kan?) Tapi dah namanya retail kan? Mungkin sebab tu yakin sangat yang Ayamas tu masih di buka. Sebab BTC tak balik awal pun? Tesco pun tak tutup awal. Tapi logiklah, dua dua tempat yang disebutkan itu akan kerugian besar kalau di tutup. Tapi setakat Ayamas yang kecik comel tu mungkin tak rugi apa kalau di tutup awal pun. Ragu ragu jugak nak pergi mulanya, tapi bila fikir balik baik pergi dan puaskan hati dari kerugian pulak (kalau Ayamas masih dibuka lah kononnya). Masa tu dah hampir jam 9. Hm, puas pula memikirkan nak makan di mana. Tempat yang jauh dari bandar dan tak ramai orang.

Mulanya bercadang nak makan di Kota Damansara, jadi ikut lebuhraya lebih mudah dan cepat. Tapi bila lalu di Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh tu, terngidam nak makan sate Sahmuri pulak. Hm, macam mana ni? Kami pun singgahlah ke sana. Sekurang kurangnya tengok dululah kalau tutup boleh terus ke Kota Damansara kan? Alang alang memang lalu, biarlah menyinggah tengok.

Sampai di sini memang ramai orang. Semua pun macam kami agaknya. Nak makan tapi tak mahu di tempat yang sesak sesak. Atau mungkin menyambut tahun Baru dengan berjamu sate di sini. Hm, servis memang lambat sikit di sini. Mungkin jugak sebab tempat bakar satenya agak jauh di belakang. Berdekatan dengan pejabat PLUS R&R tu. Tengah makan Kak Iza telefon. Biasalah hal tempat kerja. Kepada siapa lagi kami nak bercerita nasib diri, mengadu nasib badan. Sesama kamilah jawabnya. Tak percaya pada sesiapa lagi. Tak suka nak mengadu pada management. Kerja budak budak. :) order sate untuk keluarganya. Tapi muka :) dah kelat pasal saya bercakap dengan Kak Iza sepanjang makan malam. Tahu dia bengang tapi tak sampai hati nak letak gagang. Bukan selalu Kak Iza telefon.

Jadi masa masuk kereta saya hidupkan enjin dan terus memandu; sambil sebelah tangan memegang gagang telefon. :) masih menarik muka. Selesai bercakap, (terpaksa beritahu Kak Iza yang saya sedang memandu) kami mula bergaduh pulak di dalam kereta. Dah lama tak bergaduh sebegitu sekali. A very heated argument! Kami tak bercakap sepatah pun lepas tu. Masing masing menyepikan diri sampailah balik rumah masing masing. Terasa susahnya kalau berdua. Sometimes makes me wonder whether I should stay single. Lebih senang dan mudah. Being alone doesn't necessarily means being lonely, right? You chose your own feelings. So I chose not to be lonely, even when I am alone.

Selesai hantar sate terus balik ke rumah dan zzzzzzzz...... Esok kerja pagi tak boleh tidur lewat hehehe

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rumah Anti

Well, I had intended to start work slightly earlier today & thought of leaving slightly earlier as well to attend a "makan makan" at Anti's place in Taman Tun. Well, thought about it. Since after last night's conversation with the Magazine's Manager, I think I had better not create any more so-called issues or problems. Karang dia tak bayar gaji karang haru ajer beb. So, I finished work at 8pm, went to buy a box of Mandarin Oranges (Yup, slightly too early for the oranges I believe, Chinese New Year is not up until a month and a half I think). Went to stop by BTC to pick up Anti's SPO book. I forgot that I have fully paid for the book, and as for being one of the staff, I don't have to pay the shipping fees. Neat huh? Moi privilege that I am more than happy to obliged hehehehe. Pick Jai up from his house and zooom we went straight to Anti's place. Once there, I almost went to the next door neighbour's house instead of Anti's. Well, can't blame me. The 2 ladies were like waiting & walking towards their gate. I thought it could be Anti & someone else, welcoming us. How should I know, perhaps those were just curious neighbours as to why there are a lot of people parking their vehicles around the area & a lot of people entering their next door neighbour's house hehehehe. Agaknyalah kan?

Once inside a lot of people were already there. Most of them sat outside; accompanying the barbeque stove I guess.There's Kak Yani, Nazrin, Oni, Farid, Amin, Rohit, Nazmi, Christian, Arif, Mas, Syasya, Kak Ila - Aizan & BF, Kak Liza (was there since morning) arrived the same time as we did. Akmal was playing the electric guitar accompanying Aliff who is singing the lyrics out from the laptop. The 2 entertainers, WOW, they have thought of everything don't they?

There were the barbeque - cooked routinely by Arif, Kak Yani, Nazrin. The Nasi Goreng was gone, but Kak Liza's famous "Sambal Ikan Bilis Cili Padi" is still there. So, I took Spaghetti with the Meatballs while adding up the Sambal Ikan Bilis Cili Padi to it. Weird? Eh, sukalah! My choice of food, my mouth, my teeth, my stomach, my erk, lets just stop there ok. Takut ada yang tak lalu nak makan sambil sambil membaca blog ni pulak. We ate almost everything, but I think we were more thirsty than hungry. I myself, kept drinking than eating. Hehehe but I still add the spaghetti & I took some barbeque Squids, Prawns as well. Might as well so that I won't go back hungry right? Mas came over and feed a spoonful of Caramel Puding to me - hm manjanya. That what was I thought; but for the next split second I changed my mind. Pergh, they were all looking at me as I struggle to swallow it down my throat. I can't really hide my expression I think for it caused them burst with laughter. Cheh, hampeh dot com korang nih. Baik ada makna rupanya. Well, at least its a good thing. I had wanted to take one caramel puding later, but now I know that it is not wise to do that. Sebab itu kita di galakkan berkongsi kan? Hehehehe

About almost eleven, we gather around at the sofa for Anti wished to say something and to recite the prayer as well. I believed that Kak Lorna & Andre will be coming in a short while. Kak Lorna came slightly earlier than Andre, and she has a birthday present for Andre too! "I got you a bag that I stuffed with nespapers inside" said Kak Lorna. Yea ke? Takkan beg ajer kot? "Open the freakin' bag;" she countinued. Aaww, sooo sweet a Sponge Bob Plushy. Big size too. Hehehe thought so.

Well, as we put our hands together for the prayer, Anti has asked us to begin with the recitation of Al-Fatihah. Before reciting the doa, she shared her views with us in regards of her religion background etc. On how some might find it irony to have a "Telekung" & a praying mat in one room and a picture of Jesus in another. Well, Pendek has all including a picture of Buddha all in one room! Therefore, I am not really that surprised at all. It depends on how one view the religion really.

I remembered a story during the time of Prophet Musa or Moses as it is mentioned in The Bible. There were 2 disciples of his who has been highlighted by HIM to the prophet. Disciple A never misses any of the Prophet's classes & sermons, where as Disciple B tends to miss the classes due to work. Therefore, as one might guess, obviously Disciple A is loved more by the Prophet than Disciple B. When Disciple A died, the prophet would like to have a proper burial when he received the instruction from HIM to abandon the body & let it be eaten by the coyotes. Prophet Musa was puzzled; but nevertheless he proceeded as instructed. But when Disciple B died, Prophet Musa was advised to do a proper burial for him instead. Puzzled as he was, Prophet Musa went to meet with the late disciple's wife. Wife of Disciple B mentioned how each night before going to bed, Disciple B always seeks HIS forgiveness for not being able to attend the prophets sermon and prayed that he will still be blessed by HIM for he believes that was what has been taught by the Prophet. A shocking answer was obtained by the wife of Disciple A. His wife described that every night before going to bed, Disciple A would always sigh and said " How I wish what's said by Prophet Musa was nothing but the truth". Surprised? I bet not as much as the Prophet was. Dear readers, please do correct me if you found any mistakes from my narration. This is what I have read, but I can't remember exactly from which book. Therefore, I believed what's important is your faith in HIM, regardless of who your BIG BOSS is.

Some of the words really touched me. Its true what Anti had said earlier on. Its the connection with the Big Boss which is the utmost important thing for us. As she prayed in her indonesian language, what I can summarise - To be blessed with a better year 2008, to become a better staff in the office, for her to be a better boss in office (kantor, lama tak dengar perkataan tu). There's more but I can't remember. Once I remember I'll let you guys know by adding it in here ok.

Well, soon after the doa recitation we went home. I am kinda tired & sleepy due to my job description; standing all day that is! Sent Jai, and then went straight to bed! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz