Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wedding Day Part One

Syukur Alhamdulillah, last Saturday officially after the Akad Nikah I am officially known as Puan GrimlyGeekyGirlNextDoor :) Awesome eh muahahahaha. Oh yes, happy happy happy happy.

One day before, on Friday I had to beg my Bonda to allow me to go out to buy some more things to finish the hantaran . These are some examples I got from the internet, not mine :)

Well, according to old wives tales, the bride and groom to be is forbidden to gout of the house, be it far or near before the wedding. Because it seemed that accidents always befall them. But imagine if I have to stay at home one whole day..I will definitely go crazy.So after much persuasion I managed to get out of the house, provided its my friend who is driving and not further that the Pekan Sungei Besi. Ok lah, rather than being confined at home muahahaha.

My Grandparents arrived later in the evening together with my Aunty and Cousin. As expected my Ayah (I fondly call my Grandpa as Ayah) drove all the way from Johor. Aiyak ini orang. Well, ayah is roughly 80 plus of age but I must admit, that he is strong as ever. But of course being a grandchild I am worried of him. I mean from Johor to KL is way too long of a journey. But Ayah being Ayah is stubborn, now I know where I got that from. Well, since I was rather busy and he was also very tired we did not get to talk that much over the night.

I slept in the Bride's Room with Ina , my BFF comes my Mak Andam comes my Lady In Waiting. Had to put some henna and immediately after that I fell asleep. Was very very tired.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Adam Dan Hawa

. The title above seemed to be some sort of a phenomenon in Malaysia, especially amongst female viewers. Maybe because of Aaron Aziz hehehe. Some were voicing their concern about Nadiya Nisaa being the heroin. But those people were so dead wrong about this actress. She is like fantabulous!!! Amazing talent I say...amazing...deadly amazing.

Well am not here to give synopsis about the book or the movie. I am sure that if you were to utilize Mr Google you will be able to find a lot of it. So don't be lazy and Google it up.

But I wanna share how impressive Nadiya Nisaa was in the drama. She is so freaking talented!. The most touching scene was when they were caught in the house. "Tangkap khalwat". My god, I actually cried seeing her acting. Her screaming was hysterical and she really lived up to that scene. No "Control control ayu". Brilliant I tell you! Brilliant.

A primadona in the making, given the right script and film/drama. Let's not waste this talent Malaysians!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Alhamdulillah....Am waiting for the big day :)

Yesterday went to see Uncle Ustaz to have my form checked, just to ensure that nothing should go wrong eg, form wrongly filled, incomplete details entered, incomplete certificates etc. Basically to avoid anything and everything that can happen :)

I drove to UPNM in the morning and was driving in circles for a while. Poor reception is so not helping me to get in touch with Uncle Ustaz.

As I was wondering, looking puzzled from one building after the other, I heard someone calling, Kak Long Kak Long. I turned and saw Hanis! She is a friend of Ira who is currently studying in UPNM. Waa looking so "handsome" with the uniform. Hanis is a very polite girl, a good positive influence on Ira. She shook my hand and hugged me, asking me why was I there? I told her that I need to see Uncle Ustaz and she pointed to the office.

Alhamdulillah, went to Uncle's office and he helped to check and assured me that the documents are properly filled. Now I have to go and see the Pendaftar Nikah for the half of the documents.

Arrived there about twelve noon, the mosque is just behind the camp. It was empty and locked, assuming its lunch time, I decided to com back later. At 2:30 pm I was there but again the door was locked, just as I was about to leave the mosque, I saw a car arriving. Saw a male wearing a smart shirt with a songkok. Assuming he may be the Ustaz, I went after him. He unlocked the door, phew at least I can leave the documents there. Apparent Pendaftar Nikah went to visit someone who was ill, and so I left the documents there.

I reached office about 3pm and immediately rushed for a meeting. Got a call during the meeting and an appointment was set for tomorrow morning. The usual "soal-jawab" I guess. Two hours after I left for dinner, yea early dinner aka late lunch.

I did not take leave, I only changed my shift so I am required to work until midnight. Hwaa that was tiring. After a short dinner, I went to look for my wedding shoes. Well, I bought two normal pair of shoes, silver stilettos ,and white stilettos more like it. But Bonda said its best to wear socks..... Stilettos and socks does not really match, since it will be very slippery for me to walk in both. So went around looking for another pair of silver shoes. Could not spend a long time though, coz I have to get back to work.

Aiyah, stress me this. Any suggestions ?