Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday To Me :)

Well, as soon as the event finished we cleared the place to make it back to normal (boring is more like it I say). Then we had dinner before going to Tesco to purchase some things. I managed to take a short break @ :'s place before dragging myself to Cineleisure for a game of bowling with the rest of the ever so energetic kids. I was actually drop dead tired but hey, this is once in a while occasional event with the kids. I shall not miss it for the world! We arrived there at about 11:30 pm but the kids were nowhere to be found. :). the place will closing at 1 am and so the management had offered us 4 lanes instead of 2, to ensure that we are able to finished the games. :) called the kids to informed them of the news but then he mentioned something about the kids changed their mind & chose not to play because the lane issue. Wallawei saja lah kan nak cari pasal ni kan! Dahlah orang penat penat ni tetiba ni tak jadi main plak. Memang nak mengamuk! Then I saw them jovially galloping inside the bowling area. Cheh bebudak ni sajalah pun kan nak bikin gempak.
We had 3 lanes to ourselves, well basically we were the ones left anyways inside the bowling arena. Punyalah bising macam sentiasa strike ajer, padahal terbabas ajer masuk longkang. Then tetiba sunyi sepi ajer terasa. When I turned around I saw Jime&Zaza brought in a cake-my birthday cake!!! Awww so sweeet..... They sang the birthday song & i blow the candle (nope nothing is wrong with my singular-plural nouns-there's only 1 candle->I love you guys. Save my breath. Our celebration ended at Uptown. Mana lagi kalau bukan di Pirate Steak hehehehehe. Mine is on the house complimented with a bowl of delicious mushroom soup :). Tima kasih Abang Azmi.
It is a lovely birthday celebration for me.
Thank you :)
Thank you Jimi
Thank you Li
Thank you Zaza
Thank you Nina
Thank you Ila
Thank you Jeffri
Thank you so very much!!!
I Love You Guys

Halloween A Success!!!

Well, all the hard work paid off! It was really really a tiring experience->Halloween this year. I was informed that the kids were told not to start the decorations as yet and to wait until a day before the event; or basically to set it up last minute that is. Well, apparently the one who actually said that was never lending a helping hand anyways. But that does not mean that they don't take the credit of the great job that we did. That's what managers do I think; give orders and take the credit. And its up to us to set up everything and boy was that tiring.

But it was a success as the kids enjoyed the story telling very much and we did have some games for them to participate. Last but not least the paper bag pinata...We haven't had time to do one and so we just placed the candies in the paper bags and we hung them. When its over, we just tear the paper bags and the kids and their parents where shocked before excitingly collecting the candies.
I am just happy that it went well and now back to clearing the place.
Then it on the payday itself, we decided to hang around Mali for its Char Kue Tiaw. :) came to pick me up with Lorna. Amir decided to join us & we were fortunate when we found out that Azra & Nazeera was over at Tina & Nurul's place. Adi, a friend I met in the office joined us, for the 1st & last time as he had already resigned from SCICOM and will be flying off to Sandakan for his new job. Pergh talking about too fast too furious:). Well, Amir then decided to pick up Shan & soon we are having our gathering. Together again with the guys->wow indeed it has been that long since we were having our makan makan thingy. As we were talking & eating, Someone came up with the Idea of going to Genting. What?! In the middle of the night for what?! Well just for the sake of it I guess. Along we went with the plan. Basically there was nothing much there, except for the gambling area which is still open&the disco that is currently celebrating the Halloween.
Me & Lorna went on an Amazing Race Genting-to find a toilet. It seems that the toilet on the Ground Floor is mostly under maintenance. Heck. Well after 15 minutes of running here & there without knowing which part of the building we are in currently, we are able to find the toilet. Thank goodness for that. Lorna wanted to heat herself up (she did not bring any sweater and she was wearing a 3 quater pants-well none of us knew we will be ending in Genting right?) under the hand blower; but I could not bring myself to wait in the toilet any longer. A lady next to my cublicle was vomitting a lot & loudly. Hwerk before i am also in the mood for vomitting (I ate quite a lot of prawns just now as Lorna kept giving hers to me) I might as well get out'a there. As we were wandering aimlessly we got the shock of our lives!!! An "aqua" walked passed out with a very short short skirt that is basically showing her butt until whatever is there to be seen. I can see that everyone was staring and staying out of her/his way. A Chinese auntie was a bit scared and decided to join us in waking towards the door where her hubby was waiting. Kelakar giler...
More await outside as a bunch of "aqua" were into the mood of smashing the pumpkins on the road on the way to the parking lot. freaking man these people. We waited outside the building while taking some pictures, as to wait for the "aquas" to leave the place before making our moves to the car. Boy, was it freezing cold up there.
I ended sleeping soundly due to the tiring mis-adventures.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dearest Mohd Au

This morning as usual I woke up early. :) sent me to IKEA where I took the free feeder bus to LRT Kelana Jaya. I made a short stop at the CM station where I went to look for a few items for the Halloween Goodie bags for this coming SUnday event at BTC. On the platform, as I was waiting for the train I heard someone calling my name. I turned & voila it AU!!! Its actually AU! To tell you the truth I was actually been thinking about him this whole morning. God knows why, but it may have something to do with my sister's upcoming final exam. WHy? You see my sis is now in form 4 in one of the boarding school that is known to cater for malay students majorly. And she and her few friends were denied from taking the Science In English for the upcoming SPM. Simple reason->the school does not wish to jeopardize their good records of producing without fail the most students with straight A's in the country. So to make things easier they chose to prevent the students for taking the paper. They came up with ridiculous excuses and un-necessary ideas to prevent the students from taking the paper. Such as? Let's see, asking the parents to sign a letter acknowledging that their children wishes to take the subject. And also to sign an acknowledgement letter releasing them from the responsibilities of being blamed should their children did not obtained the passing mark. I was so furious, as I believe every children in the country deserves the right to what they choose to learn in terms of the subjects that have been provided by the Ministry of Education. As her eldest sister I do believe I have more rights to tell my sister what to take for her SPM&what not to take. Well that led me to Mohd Au->why? You see Au eventhough is non-Malay has a flawless command of the language. He is actually now a journalist for one of Malaysia top Malay Newspaper in Malaysia. He helped me to edit the letter that I almost sent to The Star-condemning such action of the school. Lucky for them they at last have allowed the students to take the subject.
Well, we did not have the opportunity to talk much as he is heading to the office having change the train over at the Masjid Jamek station. But as usual we promised will be in touch with each other. Have a nice day Mohd Au.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Double Happiness

No no I know it sounds like its a Chinese New Year Phrase. But hey, it won't be CNY at least for another 5 months now hehehehehe. Yesterday was JA 1st Birthday& a Birthday party was held @ The-Location-Which-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned. The party planner was Kak Nina my boss of course&I was part of the team. :) eventually came in after being summoned @3pm hehehehe. Poor thing. Well, anyway. There was this NICI kambing that was being used as a prop inside the Kids tent. The tent was there for the toddlers&baby to play around while older kids went to do their face painting, t-shirt printing&frame decorating. Our beloved Uncle is there as well. I was dumbstruck when the birthday boy mummy (who is by the way very lovely, jovial&bubbly) shook my hand&called me by name. Oh my God this woman actually knows my name. Like what Lorna mentioned earlier-she makes effort to know&will be calling you by your name. An effort made by a famous lady that all Malaysian's envy. Well anyway, those whose knows me very well knows that I am known attached to this kambing Icon especially the one manufactured by NICI. When the party was over, kan Nina-my boss gave the kambing to me. Kak Lorna has previously asked for it for me&Kak Nina gavie it to me. Walalwei I was soooooo the very happy man! So happy indeed that I could not care less what the other drivers thought of seeing me hugging the Kambing on the bike. Hehehehehe
And just when I went to McDonald for Sahur :) told me that Liverpool has beaten Manchester United. Let's do the Kambing dance together. Aha Aha Aha

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Job New Environment New Challenges

I know I haven't been writing anything at all since I left MMC. I am full of ideas its just that I could not seem to be able to squeeze my time in between
to write anything on the blog.
Poor blog I am sorry if it seems that I have abandoned you. Not my intention at all. I swear!:) Well, where to begin I wonder....How about with my 1st day
in my new place? I was extremely nervous for God knows why. Not that its my 1st job anyway but stillllll. Maybe because I have the mind set with the
challenges that I shall be facing here. Totally different is what I can say. Customer service again->some might say but I take it as challenge. What I
learned from here can be applied to BTC&vice versa. 1st week training was ok->fun actually. My trainer was Mr Haridas. A jovial bubbly fluffy guy who is
able to make learning in the classroom so much fun with him boucing here&there literally!!! 1st week training was focussing more on instilling the company's value&Customer Service.
There are 18 of us altogether in the class Batch of 53. But half of them has started a week earlier. Each&everyone is very "happening" in their own way.
But I must admit that there are 2 people whom I am not easy with. They did nothing wrong its just I am not able to bring myself to hang out or talked to
them. Yeah I know I know its just so bad of me right? 1st there was this 1 Indian guy who was extremely annoying. He likes to interrupt the Trainer in almost
every sentence he spoke. Boy that is sooooo like bloody annoying. Maybe its because I have been brought up in a surrounding where the teachers are to be
given the utmost respect&you will need to seek permission before speaking in order to prevent interruption of the flow of deliverance of knowledged. He is more like an attention seeker,if you know what I mean. He wants to be involved in each&everything there is in the class. He can't seem to stand it if some else got the compliment¬ him. I was waiting patiently in class but I really can not tolerate this behaviour. And so on a very fine day I actually make him as an example of my group's presentation. Well he did tone down a bit, but when a representative of another dept gave me a compliment for my answer->then he goes back to the old habit of his. Well, after that I noticed that almost all of my colleagues just sorta ignored his comment in class. I guess much like pretending he's not there. Cruel->well maybe you can try being in class with him :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Bid Farewell To MMC!

I am leaving the company at last. I really can not "tahan" the petrol consumption. Damn expensive man.
My plan for this coming Sunday; wake up late and then have a cup of coffee.

And then I shall continue sleeping again, or should I say hibernating. Aaaah...Rest at last.....
No more of this feeling as I look forward for work every afternoon hehehehehe

Alas, to all my friends in MMC "All The Best"

Singning off from MMC,

Happy 30th Birthday Garfield!!!!

As I was reading the comics online, Garfield of course, I just noticed that the fat cat is 30 years old in human years this year!!!

Just to let you guys know, this fat orange cat has been accompanying me for years and I can still enjoy his cynical and sarcastic comments and attitude :) He is just sooo adorable, minus the fact that I am so in love with cats. And I must admit that Garfield was & still is a phenomenon to the world of comic strip.

Garfield's 1st appearance

Garfield's 1st Birthday

Garfield's 2nd Birthday

Garfield's 3rd Birthday

Garfield's 4th Birthday

Garfield's 5th Birthday

Garfield's 6th Birthday

Garfield's 7th Birthday

Garfield's 8th Birthday

Garfield's 9th Birthday

Garfield's 10th Birthday

You get the rest of it right? Everything was taken from Thank you so much Garfield, for being part of my life :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lorna's Last Day!!!Free At Last!!!

Today is; unfortunately; Lorna's last day. Well, I must say its hurrah hurrah for her. The rest of the CDI clan; Me & Jai's hurrah hurrah will only be this Friday morning 20th of June exactly at 1 Am. Then we can shout Merdeka!!! As for Azzam it will be next week. And as for Nawa - I don't really know. He did mentioned some plans of his, but still not sure yet what's the main & final plan. Plus as he still works in MMC I dare not mentioned anything hehehehehe. I choose to remain loyal to my friends, eventhough some of them find it funny & amusing to stab my back. Sheesh. karma, what goes around comes around.
Anyway, Me, Jai & Azzam got called in today by Manager and was asked about our absence yesterday. I told her I already text her informing her about my back ache (apparently it attacks again-sakit giler!!!) - or so I think. She did confirmed that she did not receive my message. "You guys are coming from Damansara, car pooling together, yesterday was a Sunday some more". She put it in such a way as if we are having a conspiracy on not coming to work yesterday. Firmly I said; "We are not having any plans or conspiracy about not coming to work yesterday. I only found out about Jai & Azzam not coming to work only after I called them to informed them that I will not be able to come to work yesterday. But I did not asked them whether have they text you or not". Personally, I don't think its any of my business to ask them anyway. We have been informed about the procedures and so I believed that it is a responsibilityone needs to fulfilled. And thats it. I said it once & I will not repeat myself. I can see that she had already made her decision on her opinions on what happened. From the look of it she already has her opinions (and sticking to it too). As for us, she has already chosen the verdict for us. Guilty. So why bother to go around and telling people that we are not as what we are thought to be? I don't like being the clown at anybody's expenses. So I chose to let time do the talking for me. Easier. Save time. Save energy.

Happy Father's Day To My Beloved Babah & Ayah

Its Father's Day again!!! It's the 3rd Sunday of the month and again the nation is celebrating Father's Day. Well everyday to me is a celebration day but I do get to buy cards with the wanted specific message (such as Father's day, mother's Day, Teacher's Day etc) only available on these certain dates. Normally in the past what I shall do is to purchase more than one cards & will be using it at other dates of the year. During my college days. I remember one card contains the history" Another driving force behind the establishment of the integration of Father's Day was Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, born in Creston, Washington. Her father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, as a single parent reared his six children in Spokane, Washington. She was inspired by Anna Jarvis's efforts to establish Mother's Day. Although she initially suggested June 5, her father's birthday, she did not provide the organizers with enough time to make arrangements, and the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of June. The first June Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, WA, at the Spokane YMCA. (Well, plus minus that's the contain of the card I gave to my Babah). That was the first glimpse of Father's Day history that I got to know of. A bit "poyo" as I thought about my Babah - who is a Military Personnel as well. Some other sources for your reading convenience

Me & Babah having discussions on life & economics crisis - petrol especially grrrrr!!!!
Nope, fortunately (for me) & unfortunately for my Babah & Ayah I haven't yet bring home any guys to be introduced to the family. And my guess is; its still a long way to go. Thank you so very much for understanding my decision & allowing me to hold on to it. Appreciate it very much.
Happy Father's Day Babah. I love you so much!!!!

Happy Father's Day Ayah. I love you so very much!!!
I will be adding some more to this post soon don't worry. For the time being I am just "idea"less. That, by the way is not a proper usage of English word; so please refrain yourself from using it okay? :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mama...Mama...I Love You

A Song For Mama - Boys II Men

You taught me everything
And everything youve given me
I always keep it inside
Youre the driving force in my life, yeah
There isnt anything
Or anyone I can be
And it just wouldnt feel right
If I didnt have you by my side
You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me
And no one else can be what you have been to me
Youll always be you always will be the girl
In my life for all times
Mama, mama you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Mama, mama youre the queen of my heart
Your love is like
Tears from the stars
Mama, I just want you to know
Lovin you is like food to my soul
Youre always down for me
Have always been around for me even when I was bad
You showed me right from my wrong...Yes you did
And you took up for me
When everyone was downin me
You always did understand
You gave me strength to go on
There was so many times
Looking back when I was so afraid
And then you come to me
And say to me I can face anything
And no one else can do
What you have done for me
Youll always be...You will always be the girl in my life

I Love You Bonda

Mother's Day Celebration

Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers Out There

Mama - Spice Girls
She used to be my only enemy and never let me be free
Catching me in places that I knew I should'nt be
Every other day I crossed the line I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become the friend I never had
Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love
Mama I love you...Mama I care
Mama I love you... Mama my friend.
You're my friend...
I didn't want to hear it then but I'm not ashamed to say it now
Every little thing you said and did was right for me
I had a lot of to think about, about the way I used to be
Never had a sense of my responsibility
Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love
Mama, I love you... Mama, I care
Mama, I love you... Mama ,my friend.
You're my friend...
But now I'm sure I know why,
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All I can give you is love is love
Mama I love you... Mama, I care
Mama, I love you... Mama, my friend,
You're my friend...
Mama, I love you... Mama ,I care
Mama, I love you... Mama, my friend,
You're my friend...

I Love You Bonda

Sunday, May 11, 2008

No Elimination

Seperti biasa saya menantikan sessi terapi saya yang hanya akan bermula jam 9 malam. Maka selepas waktu kerja di BTC, saya mengisi perut dengan :) & Kak Lorna di The Chicken Rice Shop. Pergh gabungan Kak lorna & :) sememangnya boleh memenuhkan meja makan hehehe. FYI, Kak Lorna ada temujanji dengan :) petang tadi. Temujanji dengan Perodua Myvi hehehehe. A new car for her, Insyaallah. Malamnya pula :) bermain futsal maka saya agak berseorangan menonton AF6.

Persembahan dimulakan dengan lagu bonus- pemanas konsert. Lagu popular Andy Flop Poppy & Misha Omar "Sembunyi" & Melly Goeslaw & Eric "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta". Kelihatannya pembahagian lagu tidak begitu seimbang bilamana kelihatan ketara hanya sebilangan pelajar dilihat menyanyi dan melontarkan suara. Yang lain sekadar menyanyikan beberapa bait atau mungkin sekadar memenuhkan pentas semata-mata agar tidak kelihatan kosong & lapang. Namun apa yang menyentuh hati pastinya apabila penyanyi kesayangan saya Aishah menyanyikan lagu "Syurga Di Telapak Kaki Ibu" sempena Hari Ibu yang jatuh pada keesokan harinya Ahad 11 Mei. Sayu ajer mendengarkannya. She still has the voice despte a slightly large size - cayalah Kak Aishah!!! Gambar gambar pengkritik and pelajar pelajar bersama ibubapa mereka di siarkan di layar untuk tontonan umum. Para pelajar diberikan sejambak bunga untuk diberikan kepada ibu masing masing kecuali Stanly (semoga ibunya cepat sembuh) & Stacy ( walaupun kelihatan gambar ahlikeluarganya berada di kerusi penonton).

Persembahan malam itu dimulakan dengan Toi menyanyikan lagu "Kasih Berduka" - nyanyian asal oleh M Osman (Could it be Aziz & Zulkifli's dad? - I am so bad with the entertainment highlights in Malaysia). At laSt Toi, an IMPROVEMENT!!! Walaupun persembahannya tiada yang gah, tetapi sangatlah memuaskan hati saya berbanding persembahan persembahannya di sepanjang konsert AF yang lalu. Akhirnya Toi berjaya membuatkan saya kurang dosa di malam itu - dosa mengutuk sudah tentunya. Nyanyian yang kurang mendatar, gerak badan yang rileks mngikut muzik - thank god at last he managed to entertain people. Ada peningkatan dan sudah pasti saya tidak mempersoalkan undian peminat yang masih menyokong Toi selama ini. Berbaloi undian yang diterima dengan kredit yang dilaburkan oleh peminat peminat Toi. Syabas Toi.

Persembahan dari pelajar yang amat saya nantikan - Nadia seterusnya menyusul. Benar kata Ramli MS persembahan Nadia tiada impaknya yang besar walaupun seperti biasa dia belum pernah mengecewakan peminat yang sentiasa terhibur. Memetik kata kata Paul Moss sewaktu memberikan komen terhadap persembahan Siti Sarah Raisuddin di dalam Malaysian Idol tidak lama dahulu - "Bila kita tahu kemampuan Sarah, kita mengharapkan sesuatu yang luar biasa dalam persembahan seterusnya". Saya kira begitu juga dengan perihal Nadia. We know she can sing so she needs something to make us awe and say wow. She needs to work out her X-factor, poor girl. She needs to understand now people are having a much higher expectations towards her ability to sing & entertain. But I seriuosly hope (and vote) she will make it to the finals.
Stanly belted out "Naluri Lelaki" (originally sang by Samsons). He looks and moves so energetically on the stage and down on the floor with the crowd. I am happy that he was increasingly improving after a few gloomy weeks. Bangkit semula Stanly - you can do it. Sememangnya ketara kelihatan Stanly dapat "bersatu" dengan lagu dan mempamerkan persembahan yang menarik tanpa kelihatan terpaksa atau dipaksa. Satu bonus untuk Stanly dalam menghiburkan penonton & pengundinya malam itu.
Riz & "Laskar Cinta"nya gagal menghiburkan saya. Saya perlu bersetuju dengan Kak Ogy bila mengatakan persembahan Riz pada malam itu adalah persembahannya yang paling teruk. Saya tak nafikan lagu itu sememangnya sukar - tapi sampai bila Riz hendak menyanyikan lagu lagu yang kurang mencabar & memihak kepadanya? Sudah seringkali Riz diberikan lagu yang berpihak kepada vokalnya & nampaknya percubaan Ramli MS untuk "mencuba" sesuatu yang baru kepada Riz ternyata gagal.
Nubhan memeruskan persembahan hambar yang dimulakan oleh Riz sebelum tadi. Saya langsung gagal memahami pucuk pangkal muzik & lagu yang cuba di sampaikanoleh Nubhan. Sayang Nubhan punya suara unik tapi malas belajar menyebabkan dia semakin teruk tanpa kelihatan apa apa peningkatan baik dari segi nyanyian mahupun persembahan. Hanya undian kesian & simpati yang menyelamatkan Nubhan dari disingkirkan. Tak boleh salahkan peminat peminat Nubhan sebab muka dia memang comel kan? But now we know who votes for talents & who votes for looks. Peminat sekarang semakin bijak? Pengundi sekarang semakin bijak? Betulkah kenyatan itu sebenarnya? I doubt so people :)
Percaturan AF meletakkan Stacy sebagai peserta terakhir sememangnya bijak kerana saya sendiri antara yang tidak berganjak dari depan tv menantikan si cilik itu membuat persembahan. Antara Nadia, Riz & Stacy - percaturannya seorang di awal konsert, seorang di tengah konsert & seorang lagi di akhir konsert. Perasan atau tidak itu sudah menjadi formulanya sejak beberapa konsert yang lalu. Thank you Stacy for making every week of my watching the concert something worth it!! As usual, persembahan energetic yang ceria, suara yang selari dengan pergerakan tanpa bunyi "pancit" keletihan memang menyegarkan saya yang hampir layu dek persembahan hambar Riz & Nubhan. Tapi dek kerana lelehan airmata rupa seposen keduanya, undian mereka terus melonjak naik. Baguslah anak anak jantan sekalian, teruskan menangis pasti kamu dapat menjadi juara AF kelak. Dan sekali lagi pengundi pengundi telah menunjukkan tahap mentaliti mereka. Jujur saya katakan Riz wajar diselamatkan kerana mamat tu boleh menyanyi & menghibur. Nubhan tu mak aii menyakitkan hati ajer tengok dia menyanyi saban minggu. Berdasarkan persembahan selayaknya Nubhan yang terkeluar malam itu. Tapi memandangkan kejutan yang dirancang adalah tiada penyngkiran lega juga rasanya kerana undian Nadia merosot teruk. But its ok girl, we know you can go far & the votes that you got are genuinely casted due to your talent and not due sympathy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blues For Me.............

As I was doing my work while surfing the net (well my job does require me to surf the net you know :)); I suddenly missed all those cartoons I used to watch while I was still a kid. (The reason why I chose not to use the word "young" is merely because I believe I am still young - well at heart at least). They just don't make cartoons like the way they used to. I still remember watching Alf the sitcom & Alf The cartoon ;
Babar ; Bettle Juice (The beginning of the so-call Gothic cartoon I assume);
CareBears (Awwww so cute wish I can have it all);
DuckTales ; GhostBusters ; Gummi Bears ;
Flintstones ; Jetsons ; Johny Quest
She-Ra:Princess Of Power with her beloved twin brother
He-Man & the Masters Of The Universe; Transformers, ; The Smurfs (remember the rythm la la lalalala la lalalala); Heathcliff, ; Captain Caveman ;
Popeye, Pink Panther ;
Saber Rider & The Star Sherif
Scooby Doo (my all time favourite) ; Scrappy Doo - just to name a few.

I guess the cartoons nowadays are meant for the cyber generation. Continuation of older generations cartoons like Transformers & X-Men have seems to be taken by anime look alike. The cutie faces & round eyes. Kinda restricts the choices of cartoons. Yelah semua cartoon rupanya sama ajer, pun tak berapa best jugak rasanya.

Guess what I found on the net?! This website actually has all the episodes of Jem & The Hologram series. Wallawei and I thought they have been considered ancient or extinct huhuhu.

Apa lagi kengkawan meh kita layan bersama sama. Layan...........

Kesimpulannya setelah melakukan muhasabah diri sepanjang penulisan ini ternyata saya sudah semakin tua. Hadapilah kenyataannya.
P/s : Penulisan kali ini saya tujukan khas buat Azreen yang selalu merungut kerana blog saya terlalu penuh dengan perkataan yang melampau banyak sehingga tidak larat untuk dibaca. For you Azreen - hambik kau!!!