Sunday, September 14, 2008

Double Happiness

No no I know it sounds like its a Chinese New Year Phrase. But hey, it won't be CNY at least for another 5 months now hehehehehe. Yesterday was JA 1st Birthday& a Birthday party was held @ The-Location-Which-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned. The party planner was Kak Nina my boss of course&I was part of the team. :) eventually came in after being summoned @3pm hehehehe. Poor thing. Well, anyway. There was this NICI kambing that was being used as a prop inside the Kids tent. The tent was there for the toddlers&baby to play around while older kids went to do their face painting, t-shirt printing&frame decorating. Our beloved Uncle is there as well. I was dumbstruck when the birthday boy mummy (who is by the way very lovely, jovial&bubbly) shook my hand&called me by name. Oh my God this woman actually knows my name. Like what Lorna mentioned earlier-she makes effort to know&will be calling you by your name. An effort made by a famous lady that all Malaysian's envy. Well anyway, those whose knows me very well knows that I am known attached to this kambing Icon especially the one manufactured by NICI. When the party was over, kan Nina-my boss gave the kambing to me. Kak Lorna has previously asked for it for me&Kak Nina gavie it to me. Walalwei I was soooooo the very happy man! So happy indeed that I could not care less what the other drivers thought of seeing me hugging the Kambing on the bike. Hehehehehe
And just when I went to McDonald for Sahur :) told me that Liverpool has beaten Manchester United. Let's do the Kambing dance together. Aha Aha Aha

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Job New Environment New Challenges

I know I haven't been writing anything at all since I left MMC. I am full of ideas its just that I could not seem to be able to squeeze my time in between
to write anything on the blog.
Poor blog I am sorry if it seems that I have abandoned you. Not my intention at all. I swear!:) Well, where to begin I wonder....How about with my 1st day
in my new place? I was extremely nervous for God knows why. Not that its my 1st job anyway but stillllll. Maybe because I have the mind set with the
challenges that I shall be facing here. Totally different is what I can say. Customer service again->some might say but I take it as challenge. What I
learned from here can be applied to BTC&vice versa. 1st week training was ok->fun actually. My trainer was Mr Haridas. A jovial bubbly fluffy guy who is
able to make learning in the classroom so much fun with him boucing here&there literally!!! 1st week training was focussing more on instilling the company's value&Customer Service.
There are 18 of us altogether in the class Batch of 53. But half of them has started a week earlier. Each&everyone is very "happening" in their own way.
But I must admit that there are 2 people whom I am not easy with. They did nothing wrong its just I am not able to bring myself to hang out or talked to
them. Yeah I know I know its just so bad of me right? 1st there was this 1 Indian guy who was extremely annoying. He likes to interrupt the Trainer in almost
every sentence he spoke. Boy that is sooooo like bloody annoying. Maybe its because I have been brought up in a surrounding where the teachers are to be
given the utmost respect&you will need to seek permission before speaking in order to prevent interruption of the flow of deliverance of knowledged. He is more like an attention seeker,if you know what I mean. He wants to be involved in each&everything there is in the class. He can't seem to stand it if some else got the compliment¬ him. I was waiting patiently in class but I really can not tolerate this behaviour. And so on a very fine day I actually make him as an example of my group's presentation. Well he did tone down a bit, but when a representative of another dept gave me a compliment for my answer->then he goes back to the old habit of his. Well, after that I noticed that almost all of my colleagues just sorta ignored his comment in class. I guess much like pretending he's not there. Cruel->well maybe you can try being in class with him :)