Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is it possible to grieve for those whom you have never met..have never known..

Hi all,

Lately there's been a lot of turmoil surrounding the nation and the world...

Sand sculpture made by Indian sand artist Sudersan Pattnaik

It started of with the missing of MH370 on 8th of March 2014..Sadly up until now, even with all the help which was given, there's no definite answer as to what happen to the flight..Mixed reactions were obtained through social media and sadly most of it were not encouraging at all..Not to the victims and not to the families and friends..Out of a sudden there's too many over night Aeronautical Engineer, Pilots, Navigation Experts etc who claimed to have known what had happened or how it had happened and so it ended with the infamous bickering and the blame game continues...
The world joins in grieving with the family and friends of those boarding this flight.. Miss Maira Elizabeth Nari, the eldest child of the chief steward Andrew Nari has never failed to tweet about her hopes and wishes for her dad to come and that indeed has captured the attention and the hearts of everyone who has never failed to follow her twitter account worldwide..

Picture taken from aiskosong.com
This contributes to a warmth gesture from the Liverpool Team themselves..

Picture taken from ping.busuk.org

Oh I love you Liverpool - You Never Walk Alone :)

Then once the ongoing war which is taking place is between Israel & Palestine..Too many distraught pictures were shared via social media..Now I know that it's meant  to create awareness about what is going on but I am sorry for I can't bear to have a look at the pictures and I believe that's not the only way for me to show my support to Gaza.. One can clearly see that that injustice is taking place..And that it is a new form of genocide..However it is sad to see that the strong and powerful nations just stand aside (if not helping the Israel) and allow such massacre to take place..

Taken from www.lipstickalley.com
Taken from www.radioislam.org
Then just a few weeks ago, another mishap befall MAS when MH17 was gunned down in Russia..Negotiations was done between the two countries as Malaysia is claiming the bodies and black box..Again many speculations were heard and seen via the social media..And it is very tearing when you read the families plead not to disclose the pictures of the splattered bodies which was going viral through all social media possible..

Well, what has all of the above got to do with the subject up there?.. While the world are grieving about the incidents which had happened..There are also those who on the contrary, is creating a fuss on how 'fake' the feelings shown by strangers who were expressing their prayers and grief via social media..
Taken from www.melvister.com

Taken from www.akupunyer.com
And there were some posts which I came across via my FB questioning the sincerity of those who cried and those who sent the prayers and condolences messages for the victim's next of kin and friends..These people were accused of being fake as they have no direct relationship or whatsoever with the victims..And I wonder..

Sadness and tears..Is there some sort of pre-requisite that states only family member or friends who are allowed to mourn the loss of loved ones..And that those who don't even know them should not at all feel the grief?