Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy 25th Birthday Andre

Well, to begin with I received this message through our e-mail on the 27th of December.

Greetings to all Discovery Agents,(that is what we are called, that is our post - gempak kan?)
Would like to send out an invitation to ALL ,will be celebrating my 25th B'day tomorrow yeah im turnin 25 darn it!! and everybody's invited. Bring ur boyfriends, galfriends, gay friends all ur friends if u wana.. It would be great to have all u guys there,no worries if u cannot make it.. Dinner starts at 8 . Location Traders Hotel, Rooftop

To those who do not knw how to get there im always reachable at 0122016704

# to those who want a copy of the farewell dvd we made for cikgu shoeb pls let me knw by 2day and i'll make copies.

Well, I am currently stuck with plans here. I had promised Zul & Lisa that we will be spending time together after almost a year not being able to hang out with them. But, I haven't been able to attend any previous functions held by my colleagues. Hmmm, how am I gonna solve this? Plan to go out on Saturday night instead. But hey wait a minute! Zul will be going to Singapore this Friday night. Why? Because his tennis pro player girlfriend, Maria Sharapova will be playing against Anna Chakvetadze at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday the 30th. Well, I decided to ask Zul & Lisa if they wanna join me for Andre's Birthday Party. After all Andre did mention bring your boyfriend (that will be :) ), galfriend (that will be Lisa) and gayfriend (that definitely will be Zul). So, I text them to inform them of my idea, and fortunately they agreed to it.

So, plan is after work I'll be sending Jai home (Azam was on MC - I believe he got the combination of flu & diarrhoea), pick Zul, Lisa & :) and then we will go straight to Traders Hotel (God knows where that is). :) called to inform that he has a last minute work to be done. Apparently a machine needs to be prepared for tomorrow's delivery and that he was only informed last minute of the situation. Hm, this is what happen if you are under employment. Well, never mind then. As long as there were four of us, I'll be fine.

Before leaving home, I received a call from the part time agency which I am currently working with for the weekends. I was informed that eventhough I am entitled to an hour's break I was not advised to skip lunch and go back earlier. Last Sunday when I was sent to Ampang, I had skipped lunch and opted to go back earlier at 7 instead of 8PM. Well, what's the difference anyway? Assuming I took my break at my final hour of duty, that's the same right? Creating a fuss over a small matter. Flashback to last Sunday.

Last Sunday I was asked to go to Ampang on the pretext of "helping out". I asked a few times for clarification. Helping out means I am helping someone there right? Yes, he said. Means that someone will be there with the stuff and I'll be helping out with the sale right? Yes, he said. :) told me, Nope I think you are going to be alone there. Better don't go. But, I insisted that there will be someone there & opted to go & "help out". Well, he did say yes to the above questions right? Can you blame me for believing him. Lurus bendul sangat. Tak mahu dengar cakap orang padanlah dengan muka kan? True enough no one was there & I had to wait up to almost an hour before I managed to get my things and setting up my metal rack there. Seriously takder mood dah nak bekerja masa tu. But nevertheless, I managed to smile & approached all the people who seems to be interested in the product. Its because I am not really into my duty that day, I decided to skip lunch and proceed with the duties until 7PM straight away. After packing my things, I straight away went back with such frustration inside, not to mentioned the agitated feeling as well. I also inquired if I could start a bit early the next day, Saturday as I wanna go to Anti's place for another "makan makan". She seems hesitated as well & then she told me that she will try & asked Mr Siva, The Manager in-charge in Tesco Mutiara Damansara. She'll call back if its not possible. But if its ok, then she will not return call. Then I decided, might as well start as normal la. Such a hustle. Yeah, I know its the procedure so nothing much can be done right?
Well, whatever. I wanna create the party mood so I am not letting anything stand in my way. No sirrey. So, then off we went to Traders Hotel straightaway. Well, as usual gossip is in the air. Its the what's-the-latest-info-aka-gossip in BTC for Lisa & Zul along the way. I informed Zul of the great news - Zarrin's promotion. He immediately called Zarrin to congratulate him. Unfortunately Zarrin was on duty so he was not able to chit chat on the phone. The next topic was on the it-who-must-not-be-named who seems to dislikes@dissaprove of Zarrin's promotion. The it-who-must-not-be-named who never bother to check the section anymore. Aiyah, 1001 true stories to be shared with Zul & especially Lisa (well, she has left BTC for quite sometime now, besides me and a few others she might not know any staff there anymore. Except for Hadi I believed, for I remember she did mentioned him being her friend's brother). Well, that's that.

Once we arrived, I called Andre to inquire about the venue. Aiyah, he's not here yet. Alamak malunya saya. Rasa macam terhegeh hegeh pulak nak datang awal. Poyonya rasa. I just don't wanna be fashionably late. Like I said before, I never yet had the chance to join in any other occasions held by my colleagues; so I thought perhaps maybe I should not come late. But instead I accidently came early. Earlier than the host. Well, Andre told us that he'll be arriving in 10minutes time.

We went to the 33rd floor and waited outside. Once he arrived, he settled the venue with the PIC and then we were off to the spot. Wallawei, superb view man. I have read the comments through its website and true to what I've read. Nice view of the KLCC and surrounding areas. Lights everywhere, it is just the nicest view of KL which one can enjoy. Rasa macam duduk di America ataupun Paris pulak hehehe. Majunya Malaysiaku dengan bangunan pencakar langit yang tinggi tinggi. Kita masih boleh duduk di tempat yang tinggi tinggi tanpa perlu duduk di atas pokok. That's how people once potrayed us Malaysians right? "Do you still live on trees?" That was the most FAQ by the so-called 1st World Country during the early 70's - or at least that's the famous quotes brought by lecturers or Ministers anyway.

Well, there were just the 4 of us and Andre. I introduce :), Lisa & Zul (as Jai's gay partner) wakakakaka. Andre just looked at me with the "you-have-just-gotta-be-kidding-me" kinda look hehehehe when I told him that Zul is Jai's housemate aka gay partner. I know Andre doesn't believe me and surely he knows I am bluffing hehehe. We lepak lepak and sembang sembang a bit.

Well, if I am not mistaken Oni, Nazrin & Kak Yani were the next to come. Followed by Farid & his friend. Next to make an appearance were Ramzul and the clan hehehe. They came together Mas, Aizan & their 2 gal friends. We had a lot of food and drinks. But I must say these were a very 'sopan" & obedient crowd. If it had been my BTC clan, pergh, the next table neighbour will surely curse us before asking to be relocated to another seating area hehehe. Well, it was fun and not really happening but okay lah kan?

I believe everyone is still trying to get to know everyone still & I must say that Andre's party has certainly help to improve our social communication amongst ourselves. I am quite a close & private person I guess. Depends on the other person and situation I hardly open up to people whom I did not know or people whom I am not close to or comfortable with. Well, thats me. After a few backstabbing cases, I am more choosier than ever. People say, once bitten twice shy hehehehe. Me takderlah pemalu tapi penyegan jugak wakakaka.

I remember my 1st few weeks here in MMC. Punyalah tak bercampur dengan orang. Makan pun dekat meja sendiri kalau tak bercampur dengan Jai & Abang Tony. Tapi Abang Tony selalu keluar makan dengan Andre lagi lagi time Ramadhan dulu. Entah yea, masa tu bukan sombong tapi I prefer to sit and watch people before approaching. They have been here earlier than I am therefore, they have their own clique so to speak. Its actually not that hard to talk to people, tapi jenis berat mulut, tulah susahnya. I think the 1st person who spoke to me was Syasya. I had wanted to go to the Surau down on the basement & she showed me the stair case saying that it will take forever to reach there using the lift. Hehehehe from then onwards, I start making friends with Syasya, Mas,Siti & Kak Farah. Next was Kak Ila. Then Kak Liza (she really knows how to cook & she is very rajin to bawak lauk too). There were others too but these are amongst the first people to ever spoken me hehehehe.

Around ten Anti (my manager came) she was bit late because she needs to do some grocery shopping (we will be having another makan makan the very next day at Anti's place). Then came the birthday cake, and as loudly as we can (though not that very loud) we sang the evergreen classic Happy Birthday To You to Andre. After blowing the candle Andre gave a short speech but a very overwhelming one I must say. How he likes working with us and how knowing each and every one of us has adds colour to his life. He enjoys knowing us and spending time with us. And he hopes that we will remain that way if not better. Aaawwwww, such a sweet guy. Who is Andre Raj Pillai in my life? (Yeah, by now you people will say , such a cliche. Each and everytime its the same question to a different name before proceeding to introduce another person who has made an impact to my life. In case you have forgotten, this my blog so suka hatilah kan nak tulis macam mana pun kan? :)

I know him as the most senior staff and also a top scorer here in MMC. I see him as the leader of our team. Next to him will be Hafiz Hassan (I'll save his profile for later edition of my blog). A sweet & simple but yet a charming guy. Likes to smile. Very multitasking (I will not explain that if you don't mind). Very helpful as well. Always there to help us who are in need of his opinion and advise on how to classifiy an advertisement. Likes to smile a lot. When he calls people, he likes to make it loud as if trying to make people jump to their feet (especially to Mas - he likes to tease Mas this way hehehe. Nasib engkaula Mas). He loves BMW; heck he even owns one - and he just turn 25 last Saturday okay?! Yup, in case you haven't noticed; I am jealous here. I love BMW too, but that has to wait until at least ten years from now. BUT ANDRE ALREADY ONWED A BMW! Hwargh jelesnya saya! Jeles lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi.....Okay back to my blog.
Well, back to the events of the night. We left the party at about eleven something. I had to send Nawa before heading to another lepak place hehehehe. Nawa needs to practice for a gig for the next day's event held in Mount Kiara if I am not mistaken. Ler, Nawa tak cakap. Kalau tahu dia ada latihan gig, boleh kami beransur awal. I thought he had wanted to stay a bit late, as he arrives quite late (as compared to us lah kan?). Inside the car Nawa & Zul exchange their knowledge in regards to music eg, favourite bands, favourite genre, what concert did they went to etc. I just found out that Nawa's band is called the "Super Animal Junkie". Macam cecomel pulak. Zul as usual with his Short-Term-Memory Loss syndrome. Kept on asking the same question at least twice before all of us jumped in and scolded him for forgetting the things which have been said just a few minutes ago. Aiyah, this budak has sooo many things inside his mind that he kept forgetting them. Muda lagi tu. Isk isk isk Zul. I hope you won't forget who's your girlfriend or who's your wife nanti. Haru ajer besok besok karang.

Halfway inside the car I accidently dozed off ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....Suddenly became so sleepy. Sedar sedar dah ada di Uptown. Aik, bila pulak plan ke Uptown ni? Then I remembered, originally the guys Zul & :) had plan to go to Kampung Bharu for a freshly made nasi lemak in front of the school. But since we have to go to Damansara to send Nawar, they changed their plan to Uptown instead. Why? Diorang lapar giler! I have had my share of Satay, Popia, Onion Ring but apparently those two are still hungry! Tembolok besar betullah diorang tu. I told :), I wanted to stay and sleep inside the car. Lisa insisted to stay with me, I told her to go on ahead. After all, this was supposed to be a gathering night for her. I'll be fine inside the car. :) told me, "Tapi diorang nak jumpa B". And I got annoyed. "Abang please, I am too sleepy even to sit up straight. Just let me sleep for a few minutes and I'll be fine."

After a few minutes (I don't remember exactly how long) Lisa & me got up and walk slowly towards the eating place. I saw Jai & Sharil there together with :) & Zul. Laa, ada ker mamat 2 orang nih? Jai informed me that he could not make it to the gathering because he had already make plans with his former UITM-mates. Sharil is getting fairer and fairer. Putih gilerr!! "What happen to you?" I asked him. He just smiled. "Kerja dalam air-cond beb. Macam nilah jadinya"."La kami pun kerja dalam air-cond jugak takderlah putih melepak macam kau ni haa".

Sharil is now working with Fitness First, in Uptown, but for the time being he is attached to the Curve branch for his training. He used to be our colleague in BTC, in charge of the Audio section under Erwin. But he stays in the same block as Jai in Palm Spring, same floor in fact. So, we are still able to meet up with each other. We are kinda close in a way. "Mana Ina?" Ina is his girlfriend. Comel and gila gila macam dia jugak. But she is strict under some circumstances. That is one of her characteristics which I admired. Ina went back to Johor till Sunday if I am not mistaken. She has just finished her studies in UITM, taking Mass Comm or was it Journalism. I can't remember. She did her practical with ASTRO but unfortunately chose not to apply for a job there. Well, unfortunately for us ler. Because no more free tickets to any concerts anymore boo hoo hoo. "Oh, Ina takder kau hidup membujang lah yea Sharil?Takper, aku kabo kat Ina nanti dia balik." Hehehehe

Did not spend that much time there. Lisa must be sent home before parents dia carik karang. Yeah I know she's no more an SPM leaver but still, she is still young. Well, younger than the rest of us anyway. So lets not get her into trouble ok.

Tired I am but happy I am too. Now, rest I must. Tomorrow, work I must go. Next blog, write I must. So, wait you must.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Zarrin Got Promoted

Well, if you readers don't mind I'd like to write in English today. Thank you. After work, I went to BTC yesterday. Met up with Kak Iza & Ah Lai. Ah Lai was still in bandage on her left cheek & left arm. But still as talkative & jovial as ever. As we were ready to go for dinner at McDonalds, Zarrin stopped me at the cash register & asked me about my job & the former colleagues who have resigned to join me in the new company I am in currently. Hm, what's the job description like, how's the pay, what are the benefits, how do I travel etc. Well, he kinda looks interested. I kept on giving description of my work until he mentioned "I got promoted to Supervisor starting 1st January 2008". Congrats! I was so happy for him, if he weren't in the register area I would have hugged him proudly hehehehe.

Who is Zarrin to me? Well, I got to know that he is the 1st cousin to the KRU siblings. KRU the singers/rappers (well, I guess age is catching up so no more rapping for them huh?) He is very tall with the English-mix looks. I think about 1.8metres. There was a time when we are waiting for replacement guards from a new company, when the former was terminated. During that period of a week or two (I can't remember) we took turn to "guard" the store. It was during his time that I was placed at the Cash Register. Some Chinese girls actually went up to him to check out if the was a maniqueen. When Zarrin blinked his eyes, they got the surprised and cheekily told him "Oh I thought you were a maniqueen". I had my share of laughter during the incident. Once during the "checking out the guy" by the Chinese girls and the other when he related the story to me. Before that let me tell you something. Zarrin, though with his good looks, is definitely not the average vain type I-am-so-darn-handsome kinda guy next door. When I first worked in BTC, he rarely opened his mouth, not even a smile mind you. He can look at you yet doesn't see you at the same time. It was just so hard to get him to talk, to hear his voice. But nevertheless, I never gave up. Every day I would smile to him and say Good Morning or Good Afternoon or merely a simple hello. Why? Just to hear him replied back or to see him smile and raising his eyebrows acknowledging me, hehehe. I guess it works. I know he is not the snobbish type just that he is not really that talkative & plus I guess he misses his friend from BTS. He was originally in BTS before he was transferred to BTC, to help the new store. But eventually, he stayed here in BTC, though I am not sure whether it is out of his liking to the place or because he had to. Whatever the reason is, I am just glad he did because otherwise I would never had the chance to get to know Zarrin Fenner. After quite a while, we can see that he is slowingly adapting to our hurrah hurrah kinda style. He starts to hang out with us during breaktime at Mamak (though at first he was still busy texting his cell phone). Slowly he started talking and chit chatting and us and finally LAUGHING with us. Hey, wait a minute; a bigger deal was that he started making jokes to & about us. The 1st time he made a joke, we were stunned and after awhile, I blurted it out loud "Fuyyoh, Zarrin buat lawak tu." That was enough to embarass him, but he never shied away from us. That was Zarrin in the changing process.

There was one time that there was no one to assist him in the Sort Room (he was the inventory guy here in BTC). He did everything by himself, scanning in books received, scanning books out for return, receiving magazines returning magazines, recovery the magazines in the shelves etc. It was a pretty hectic time for him. I felt that the least company can do is to give him a raise if not a promotion. My manager used to say, here there are 3 types of situation whereby you can get promoted a) someone resigned b) a new store opened & c) someone died. Quite a ridiculous policy here. You need to wait at least a year before getting a promotion or a raise. Raise can only be upon promotion. And when there's opening they'd rather hire outsiders than open for inner interviews. Zarrin is the fastest promotions so far in history. He got promoted to Assistant Supervisor 1st of May 2007, and after 7 months he will be Supervisor effectively 1st of January 2008. There are some things which he has shared but I can't state it here though. Its purely hati ke hati kinda talk.

Yes, to the envy of some longer serving people, of course they will be back talk. Nature, nama pun manusia. A person had already told Kak Iza & Ah Lai, "But Zarrin's promotion will only be effective 1st January 2008. Much to my calculation it is only 3 days away. Yeah, we (me, Ah Lai & Kak Iza remembered when Zarrin 1st got promoted to Assistant Supervisor. I made a joke to him, saying "Lets now page fo Supervisor Zarrin". And again this person (yup the same person) said, "Technically he's not yet the Supervisor. He is the Assistant Supervisor". What's this Person's problem? I don't know. Perhaps coz, this person had to wait about 2 years before getting the to the promotion part I guess. But face it lah, this person no more entering the section anymore, let alone helping us out. I never seen it done anyway. This person will check here check there the outer part & no more touching aka hands on on anything anymore. Matilah kami ni haa. Being appointed as the head is something. But becoming a leader is another thing. Maybe one should stop focussing on how wreck and bad one life is & start considering others too. As a human being and not merely another staff that can be ordered to do this and that. If you don't show a good example how can one look up at you. You don't show respect to others how can you expect to get one. You don't show your gratitude how can one appreciate you. Think about it. You need not to suck up *** 24-7 but if you are sincere it will definitely be shown. Think about it. Definitely just by taking credits upon what has been done by others won't last you that long. And once it had been told, what can be done? More self defence statement? More cover ups to explain to people why during that time you are not fit enough or compatible enough to perform that duty. Then, can you blame people if they don't trust you, lack of respect towards you. Think about it. Thoughts for the day my dear readers.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Sister Scored 8A's In Her PMR

A great news I received today. My beloved Baby Sister scored straight A's for her PMR (that is 8A's! ). Who is Baby Sister in my life? First and foremost, of course she is my sister! I just mentioned it like what, 4 times (If you include the title)! My youngest sister to be exact. The much spoiled one, after Angah that is. A strong fighter eversince she's a baby. She was born with holes in the heart. Yes, you read right. Not one, but two to be exact. But even when we kept quiet about it, she managed to find out about her condition. But nothing can stop her from moving on. When people around her kept telling her the Dont's that must be avoided; she proved them wrong by proving that it can be done.........BY HER. Spoiled, of course. I mean with her condition and being the youngest in the family I don't think its wrong for me to spoil her too hehehehe. But she still has the respect for me, especially when I am extremely mad at her (Or does that counts as fear - you decide).

I know my parents spent more for them anyways. Jealous, naah. I know where I stand afterall I myself was once spoiled by my Ayah ( Come to think of it, I am still spoiled by him huhuhu).

I don't feel the necessity to ask about her results. Why? Not because I don't care, but
I have no slightest doubt, not even once, that she will definitely scored straight A's. She is smart, I think she is the smartest of us three, next will be Angah. As for me, I am the most lembap one of all. Don't trust me? Go & ask the magic mirror then. I dare you :0)

Well, now definitely I have to get her the HP7 & the owl. A complete set of the last book & its faithful messenger. I am happy nevertheless, Chaiyo Adik! I love you girl.

'Jika enggan buka tudung, carilah kerja lain'

Hm, hari ini bangun agak lambat sikit. Selalunya 5:50 AM dah bangun tapinya hari ini terbangun jam 6:20 AM. Apa lagi, ala ala lipas kudung (tak pernah nampak lipas kudung sebenarnya tetapi dah itu pepatahnya, sebat ajerlah kan?) menuju ke bilik mandi & segera bersolat. Jam 6:50 AM baru keluar rumah. Jai siap hantar mesej lagi, "U datang kerja kan?" Yelah selalunya tak pernah lewat mengambil Jai, kalau selisih pun seminit dua ajer. Ni pasti Jai dah menunggu di pintu belakang sambil menbaca akhbar The Sun. Azam pun dah duduk menunggu di bahu jalan di tempat biasa. Hm, dah lewat tapi masih mahu menyinggah di kedai mamak tempat Azam menunggu. Perlukan Nescafe Ais untuk memulakan hari ini. Kenapa? Supaya tidak mengantuk. Sudah beberapa hari tidak dapat mengoptimumkan prestasi kerja kerana diserang penyakit mengantuk yang teramat sangat. Sudahlah "Tapak" yang mahu di "Tajuk"kan tidak banyak; ditambah pula dengan semangat mengantuk lembap yang kronik memang "persembahan" kerja sangatlah tidak menarik minggu ini.

Sampai pejabat masih punya waktu sebelum jam 8, lega sekali. Tak mahu datang lewat; sebab datang beramai ramai kan? Kesian kawan kawan satu kereta, tak pasal pasal terheret sama nanti. Pengurus memang mementingkan kedatangan di sini. Salah satu bentuk displin, dan rasanya tak salah malah teramat perlu untuk menunjukkan kesungguhan dan kemahuan bekerja yang tinggi. Pantulan sahsiah diri sebenarnya kan?

Sesampainya di tempat kerja seperti biasa, memantau perjalanan stesyen hari sebelumnya dan menyambil nyambil membaca akhbar di internet. Sesudah di mulakan dengan The Star Online, saya beralih dengan Mstar Online pula. Dan hampir penghujung muka depan Mstar; saya terperasan tajuk ini pula 'Jika enggan buka tudung, carilah kerja lain'. Hm, menarik tajuknya. Mari kita baca bersama sama.

Individu yang berminat bekerja dalam bidang kecantikan perlu akur dengan ketetapan sesetengah pengusaha yang tidak mahu menggaji pekerja bertudung, kata Persatuan Kecantikan dan Spa Bumiputera.
Presidennya Mohaizi Mohamad berkata pengusaha pusat kecantikan tidak boleh diwajibkan untuk menggaji pekerja bertudung kerana individu berkenaan perlu menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran kerja sebegitu.

Hm, secara sinopsisnya, kenyataan ini di keluarkan berikutan surat aduan adari seorang pembaca "Menurut pengirim surat itu, seorang rakannya yang bertudung telah memohon untuk menjadi jurujual di sebuah syarikat kecantikan di pusat membeli-belah KLCC, namun pemohonannya ditolak kerana syarikat itu mengamalkan dasar "gaya bebas dan menarik".
Katanya lagi, rakannya itu diminta untuk tidak mengenakan tudung sekiranya ingin bekerja sebagai jurujual barangan solekan.
Pengirim itu yang dikenali Nazreen juga berkata, amalan itu satu bentuk diskriminasi terhadap wanita bertudung."

Apa pendapat anda pembaca? Hm, kalau tidak silap kenyataan itu di keluarkan oleh Persatuan Kecantikan & Spa Bumiputera kan? Oh, maaf status Bumiputera kalau di ikutkan selayaknya di gunakan untuk penduduk asli Tanah Melayu ini. Keturunan penduduk asli Tanah Melayu tidak semestinya beragama Islam bukan? Malah kebanyakan mereka walaupun mengamalkan monotheism - kepercayaan terhadap suatu kuasa/tuhan, tidak semuanya beragama Islam. Rata rata kebanyakannya masih mengamalkan kepercayaan nenek moyang terdahulu. Jadi seharusnya kita yang Melayu ini tidak usahlah mendabik dada dengan status Bumiputera; kerana masih ada yang lebih layak di panggil Bumiputera. Kita masih mahu dikenali sebagai tuan punya tanah, sehingga kita mengenepikan taraf mereka dengan menjadikan mereka berstatus pribumi? Sedangkan kita menunjukkan ketuanan dengan menambahkan perkataan "Putera" di belakang Bumi? Agar menunjukkan status kita yang lebih tinggi kononnya dari mereka? Entahlah, saya pun bukannya pandai Sejarah, dapat C4 ajer pun masa SPM. Jadinya pendapat saya (hanya mewakili saya seorang dan bukannya mana mana persatuan atau individu yang lain) bukanlah boleh di pakai oleh para ilmuwan. Namun, maaf bukan itu topiknya yang ingin saya utarakan di sini.

Hm, tapikan Presidennya Mohaizi Mohamad, rasanya nama bapanya cukup mengatakan ianya di punyai oleh seorang Islam. Hm, gaya bebas & menarik - ayat deskripsi yang di petik dari apa yang di ujarkan oleh Pusat Kecantikan di KLCC apabila menolak permohonan kerja oleh sahabat kepada Saudari Nazreen; penulis aduan tersebut. Apa yang di istilah dengan perkataan bebas & menarik itu yea? Musykil juga saya. Bebas yang bagaimana?

Di sebut di dalam artikel berkenaan bahawa sahabat kepada Saudari Nazreen memohon pekerjaan sebagai jurujual barangan solekan. Tidak pasti pula saya samada di kaunter kaunter alat solek di dalam I-Setan atau seumpamanya. Ataupun di dalam butik butik kecantikan di dalam KLCC tersebut. Kalau di dalam butik butik kecantikan, mungkin pengusaha tersebut merasakan lecehnya menggaji seorang Islam bertudung kerana, pastinya dia sedar hukumnya seorang wanita Islam menyentuh pelanggan lain jantina tanpa lapik. Haram, kan? Pastinya, tidak boleh hendak mengarahkannya melayani pelanggan berlainan jantina. Bermakna sahabat Saudari Nazreen sama sekali tidak boleh mengusap wajah seorang pelanggan lelaki ketika melakukan rawatan muka, atau memeriksa lemak lemak di perut seorang lelaki ketika memeriksa timbangan berat, atau menyentuh kepala ketika melakukan guntingan atau mewarna rambut. Mungkin juga itu akan menyekat aktiviti pusat kecantikan tersebut. Tapi, apa mungkin tidak ada pelanggan wanita langsung di sana? Pelanggan wanita saya kira menyumbang kepada peratusan pelanggan pusat kecantikan di mana mana jua di dunia ini.

Dan kalau sekadar di kaunter alat solek, apa perlu menyentuh pelanggan lelaki di sana? Saya kira rata rata lelaki yang menuju ke kaunter solek, pasti datang di temani seorang perempuan, tak kiralah apa tujuannya. Belum pernah lagi saya terjumpa atau terdengar pelanggan lelaki minta di solekkan di kaunter kaunter solek di mana mana pusat membeli belah pun. Mungkin ada agaknya yang saya tidak tahu. Tetapi berbalik kepada perkataan yang kedua, menarik. Hm, maknanya mengklasifikasikan pemakai tudung ini orangnya tidak menarik? Hm, saya kira tidak begitu. Semuanya bergantung kepada bagaimana seseorang individu itu menggayakan sesuatu yang di namakan "fesyen". Contohnya, Wardina Safiyyah, Norjuma, sekadar menamakan beberapa induvidu. Lihat sahaja penampilan mereka. Sehingga mampu menjadi contoh kepada pemakai tudung dan mereka yang ingin memakai tudung yang lain. Saya kira apabila kita punya persatuan, ahli jawatan kuasa akan membantu kita mencari alternatif kepada sesuatu permasalahan. Tidak boleh guna kata menyelesaikan masalah kerana, kita mahu membantu mereka untuk mampu berdikari bila permasalahan yang sama berulang lagi. Ingat cerita tentang joran dan ikan? Berikan mereka ikan, dan mereka akan makan ikan hanya untuk hari tersebut. Tetapi berikan mereka joran dan ajarkan mereka menangkap ikan, dapatlah mereka makan ikan untuk selamanya (selagi rajin dan mahu makan ikanlah kan?) Macam ambil jalan mudah pula dengan terus menyarankan agar mereka yang bertudung ini mencari kerja lain sekiranya sesuatu tempat atau industri itu tidak mahu menerima mereka bekerja. Mudahnya jalan keluar, atau mungkin erti kata lainnya malas.

Mungkinkah boleh di ambil sedikit pendekatan dan di selidik kriteria seperti yang di dakwa oleh penulis tersebut? Apakah kriteria bebas & menarik itu tiada pada mereka yang bertudung? Apakah pekerja bertudung yang di gaji itu benar benar akan menurunkan jualan seperti yang di dakwa oleh Presidennya Mohaizi Mohamad. Kalau bukan Islam yang mahu membantu siapa lagi? Nampak gayanya terpaksa juga suatu hari nanti, Perdana Menteri masuk campur yea agaknya? Semuanya Perdana Menteri nak selesaikan, letih juga. Di bahu Perdana Menteri ada segala galanya dari HINDRAF sampailah isu isu sebegini. Memang rakyat kita atau mungkin tepat lagi, yang dikatakan pemimpin sesebuah organisasi sudah malas menjalankan tugasnya. Apa fungsinya? Entahlah, Islam itu tidak susah tapi manusia sekelilingnya tidak menjadikannya mudah.

Bicara anda?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Zulhabri Supian

Assalamualaikum Semua,

Semalam Hari Natal, seharusnya saya bercuti. Tetapi seperti yang dijanjikan saya bekerja di BTC. Malah, dari malam Hari Natal lagi saya sudah ada di sana. Pulang dari Cyberjaya saya terus menuju ke Borders dan menyambung tugasan yang tidak sempat di sudahkan oleh kawan merangkap "pasangan-jenayah" saya; Azreen. Katanya dia di serang senggugut, penyakit yang kerapkali menjengah kaum Hawa sebulan sekali (kalau nasib tidak baik lebih dari itu, tetapi syukur, setakat ini saya hanya mengalaminya sebulan sekali). Hampir mahu menjerit melihatkan dua "library cart" dan hampir 8 bakul yang perlu di sudahkan! Saya pasti penyakit Azreen benar benar serius, kerana walaupun baru mengenali beliau tidak sampai setahun; Azreen bukan jenis yang suka meninggalkan kerja yang tidak di sudahkan begitu sahaja, dengan banyaknya. :) Tanpa membuang masa dan dengan dorongan dan sokongan Kak Iza (yang kebetulan berada di sana untuk menemani saya sambil bercerita tentang pengalaman hidupnya hehehe) saya terus memulakan kerja saya yang mana terdaya.

Malam semalam sesudah selesai kerja di BTM, saya mengambil keputusan untuk ke rumah kakak di Gombak. Melawat kakak dan baby sebenarnya, setelah hampir 3 minggu kakak bersalin baru semalam saya berkesempatan untuk melawat. Memaksa diri untuk meluangkan masa kerana almaklum dengan jadual kerja saya yang tidak menentu ini, susah nak membuat sesuatu aktiviti tanpa memaksa diri untuk melakukannya. Ingin berjumpa dan melepak bersama teman teman pun agak sukar sebenarnya. Selalunya waktu yang sesuai ialah malam hari. Sesudah balik dari kerja samada dari Cyberjaya atau dari BTM. Insyaallah tahun baru ini saya akan dapat meluangkan masa bersama sama teman saya Zulhabri, Kak Iza, Adeliza, Azzam (kalau dia masih boleh keluar melepak bersama kami), Jai & tentunya :). Sebenarnya kami masih mengumpulkan teman teman yang boleh di ajak melepak. Ini tentunya akan menjadi acara gilang gemilang bagi saya setelah sekian lama tidak bersama sama dengan kawan kawan BTC yang telah lama meninggalkan BTC untuk meneruskan kerja di tempat lain ataupun melanjutkan pelajaran di Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Tempatan.

Saya & :) ke tengah tengah pusat membeli belah The Curve untuk bergambar dengan kawasan yang telah di hias cantik untuk sambutan Hari Natal tahun ini. Banyak pokok tiruan di hias cantik. Malah kelihatan sebuah rumah ala English Style di hiasi di tengah-tengah The Curve. Meskipun ramai umat manusia membanjiri kawasan tersebut untuk bergambar, kami masih dapat bergambar dengan pemandangan yang cantik. Kebetulan pula saya mengenakan baju sejuk yang agak tebal makanya sesetengah gambar kelihatan seakan akan saya berada di luar negara. Hehehehe tak dapat merasa salji sebenar, dapat bergambar pun jadilah kan?

:) memberitahu saya bahawa Angah & adiknya Sala berserta ibunya berada di Tesco. Kami ke sana kerana kebetulan ada beberapa barang yang mahu di beli. :) membodek Angah untuk makan di Ikea. Dia teramatlah sukanya dengan menu Manager's Special di Ikea yang kadang kadang menghidangkan Nasi dan 2 potong ayam pada harga RM5 lebih. Yelah di mana mana kedai mamak sekalipun, Rm 5 hanya untuk sepotong ayam yang sudah di potong 8 kalau tak 16. Dalam perjalanan :) menunjukkan gambar gambar yang baru sahaja kami ambil sebelum itu dengan mengolokkan Angah dengan menyatakan saya baru sahaja bercuti ke luar negara. Sudahnya kami ke tengah tengah The Curve semula, kali ini untuk mengambil gambar keluarga :) di sana pula. Kami ke Ikea untuk makan malam, Angah belanja tetapi Manager's Special untuk hari itu adalah Frankfurters & kentang lenyek. Kami order Manager's Meal, Angah & Sala mahu mencuba Chicken Menu (Saya tak ingat apa nama penuh menu tersebut), dan Angah memesan Chicken Meatball untuk Ibunya. Sedar tak sedar sudah menghampiri jam 9. Kami sekali lagi ke Tesco untuk membeli rak kasut & mendapatkan parking percuma untuk Angah. Setiap pembelian membolehkan anda tidak perlu membayar untuk parking di Tesco. Kami malangnya meletakkan kereta di dalam The Curve, maka kenalah bayar RM2.

Kami terus menuju ke rumah kakak. Tak mahu lewat sampai. Ada bayi kan, tak elok kalau melawat di tengah malam hari. Takut "ada" yang mengganggu kelak. Setibanya di sana, hadiah yang baru di beli balik dari kerja tadi di capai dan perlahan kami berjalan ke rumah kakak. Alamak pintunya di tutup dan seakan orang di rumah sudah tidur. Saya menghantar mesej kepada kakak untuk memberitahu kami sudah berada di depan pintu pagar. Tiba tiba kelihatan Abah berjalan menuju ke rumah. Abah meminta agar kami menunggu sekejap sementara Abang turun dari bilik mendapatkan kami. Setelah meminta izin ke bilik air saya mencuci muka sebelum mendapatkan akak. Akak kelihatan comel seperti lazimnya & agak kurang berisi dari sebelumnya juga. Hehehehe Kelihatan Muhammad Nazran Azen Bin Rozan Azen sedang mamai mengantuk hendak tidur. Salam saya beri sebelum mencium bayi comel Akak yang sangat mirip dengan keluarga sebelah Akak. Tapi kata Akak, lesung pipitnya ada dua seperti babahnya juga. Perbualan berkisar aktiviti Abang yang kembali aktif dengan aktiviti aktiviti Keadilannya (Abang saya Pro-Keadilan). Hari ini Abang kembali bertugas setelah hampir seminggu bercuti, menghabiskan saki baki Cuti Tahunannya. Abang memberitahu tentang blog seorang sahabat yang lebih senang saya gelarkan Pendek walaupun nama penuh yang diberi kedua ibu bapanya ialah Zulhabri Supian. Hm, lama jugak tak jumpa si Pendek tu . Jadi hari ini saya melayari blog Pendek, melihat apakan tulisannya yang terbaru. Hm, banyak berkisar tentang Sukan SEA yang baru sahaja berlalu. Hm, siapa Pendek dalam hidup saya?

Saya mengenali Pendek ketika mula mula bekerja BTC 2 tahun yang lalu. Pada ketika itu saya di letakkan di KS & Pendek bertugas di FOS. Orangnya hitam manis dan memang manis tambah lagi bila tersenyum. Rendah ajer orangnya, baru boleh panggil Pendek kan? Kuat bekerja dan pantas ketika melaksanakan tugasnya. Seorang yang ramah dan amat berpengetahuan tinggi tentang buku buku yang berada di sekelilingnya. Unik orangnya, seorang yang sentiasa berpandangan jauh. Aktivis yang tersangat aktif, sampai ke tahap yang menakutkan saya kalau kalau dia ni tertangkap. Tapi bak kata Azam, dia ini menjadi cemburu kami kerana dalam umur semuda ini, dia sudah punya Passion & keinginan tentang apa yang di mahunya & tahu bagaimana mencapai apa yang di mahunya. Sedang kami masih mencari cari diri sendiri, minat dan kehendak serta cara cara memenuhi kehendak kami; dia sudah separuh jalan mendahului kami dalam mencapai cita cita dan kehendaknya. Oh yes, I am green with envy with you Zul.

Insyaallah minggu hadapan kami akan berkumpul dan menggila gilakan diri untuk beberapa jam setelah lama tidak berjumpa. Kenapa saya menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu? Kerana saya telah mendapat sedikit inspirasi dari membaca blog Pendek.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Moi a promoter?

Yup, that was the question I asked myself. I have never done this before. And the idea of approaching people? Hmmm that is something to ponder about. Can I? Will I? It all began a few weeks ago when I received a call from my former boss cum colleague from Borders, CT Lai Wah asking me if I would like to do a part time job as a promoter for about 6 weeks in Tesco (yup, though she will forever deny or refuse to answer ; she is now officially with Tesco) Hehehehe, me know already Boss. Well, apparently a company has been appointed to run a subscription promotion for 5 types of Magazine which are National Geographic, National Geographic for Kids, Time, Readers Digest & Harvard Business Review. These are all at a discounted priced that comes with a nice premium gifts I must say.

National Geographic subscription is priced at RM100, for 12 issues (NP is RM14.50/issue) that comes with a free digital camera (basic camera with no memory card but it does come with a cable for you to download your pictures to your PC or laptop once it is full)

National Geographic Kids subscription is RM100 for 10 issues (NP is RM 11.50 if I am not mistaken) that comes with a night scope.

Time subscription is having the best deal ever. 30 issues for RM 113 (NP RM 8.50/issue) that comes with a 256M MP3 player.

Readers Digest subcription is RM138 for 12 issues (NP RM 15.00/issue) that comes with a free wrist watch.

And last but not least, Harvard Business Reviews subscription is RM515 for 12 issues (NP RM85/issue) that comes with a free 4-in-1 USB Pen. Loaded in the USB pen is a 12 unique insight on the leadership & through the subscription you will be able to access their website that is only limited to the subscriber. You will be able to read the latest publication, discussion or seminars that will be posted in their website.

The promotion is for a limited time only, well usually the best offers are within a short period of testing time I guess. I managed to go to work on Saturday. I came in at 12 as promised & Eric has been waiting for me there. Actually, I have arrived slightly earlier, but due to the safety precautions and procedures, I have to run here & there and what's worst is that I was not allowed to bring my hand phone in, which is kinda makes it harder because should I need to do any clarifications, I'll have to run to my vehicle & take my phone. Such a hustle for me. But the best part :) accompanied me on my 1st day. I clumsily left my wallet inside my car, we came by bike. And I asked him if he could take it for me. He agreed even though the fuel tank has shown E for Empty. What happened next? He had to push the bike just right after the LDP toll to my house. So, he went up took a bath and then have a short rest before coming back this time driving instead.

I managed to smile and explained to the customers regarding the products. Well, they are interested to look at the National Geographic maybe because of the Digital Camera, but the moment I mentioned that it is a free gift that comes with the 12 months subscription, they shy away. Laa, we are promoting the magazine not the free gifts. They are interested with the gifts and willing to pay for the gifts but they don't want to subscript the magazines. Hm, konfius kejap. Benar agaknya kata survey, Rakyat Malaysia tidak suka membaca. Take a calculator and see how much you can save. NP for National Geographic is RM14.50 and we are selling 12 issues for RM100! As for the Time Magazine, NP is RM 8.50 and now its RM113 for 30 issues! Isn't that almost 53% discounted? But then again, I think spending RM 100 at one shot is rather too expensive if compared to RM 14.50 each month. At least that's what I thought. And I try to reason to myself that. Well, a mother even asked me why the National Geographic Kids is so much with pictures. Well, since it is for kids you don't expect it to be full of heavy reading stuff as the main National Gographic right?

Hehehe, but I did try my best at delivering the needed information. After lunch, I felt more vibrant and energetic as Ann came with Noelle and with :) by my side I am just so happy and not to mention more excited to proceed with my job. And before I finished for the day I managed to enclosed one sale. Pergh, senyum memanjang tak ingat punya. I was alone that time. Well, I went back at around 8 25pm, after waiting for :) to come up into Tesco. I packed everything and kept it in a safe place much to the help of the Tesco staff which are very friendly and helpful.

I went to Maybank and saw my car. I was happy but it turned mad as soon as I realize that it was empty. Duh, I was tired and where the hell did :) went? I waited in between the alley and in front of Borders. I was wondering why the hell would he wanted to wait in front of Borders anyway? Earlier, I had asked :) to find a parking & come up to see me. Since I am considering myself as being handicapped. I can't bring my phone with me & I have nothing with me, no ID, no money, no handphone....No nothing. Well, after what seems to be almost eternity then I found him walking towards Maybank & I followed :) from behind. :) saw me and smile. I saw :) and my temper tantrum just came rushing in my blood veins.

I am very bad at controlling my temper as I had actually raised my voice at him. I know its very bad of me considering that he had waited for me for one whole day beside. When I thought of that I kept quiet and reasoned with myself before I smile and then we went for dinner. Phew, anger management lesson for me :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Liverpool & Chelsea 0 - 1

Went to McDonalds in Bandar Seri Damansara to have dinner cum supper cum snack while watching football. The clashes were very much awaited that night. Chelsea versus Arsenal & Liverpool versus Manchester United. When we arrived; a bunch of college kids has already sat at the 2 tables on the left side of the screen. I thought that was a strategic location; but its ok. We sat at the last table in the middle. There was another table but it was placed right in front of the screen; better not. Timbang rasa lah kan dengan orang orang yang duduk di belakang nanti tak nampak; terganggu pemandangan pulak. Baru jer duduk menikmati hidangan ada 3 orang ( 2 perempuan, 1 lelaki) datang duduk di meja depan sekali tu. Dah lah duduk di tengah tengah meja tu. Apalah salahnya duduk sebelah tepi di kanan meja supaya tak mengganggu orang belakang. Pentingkan diri sendiri betullah tau! The girls were just accompanying the guy watching football. They did not even ordered anything, not until half way through the first game. I think then they noticed that other tables were with food on it! Well, we enjoyed the game anyway. Sambil makan makan. Perut memang tengah lapar pulak tu.

Sadly my favourite team lost to Manchester United 0 - 1; while Chelsea lost to Arsenal with the same score. Liverpool had a good attack towards Man United but, they could not find the best ending to each trial they had in front of the goal. It has been a while since I last saw Liverpool played a quite active & aggressive game and being there was worth eating & watching.

While eating, Ann updated me with the Asean Idol performance progress & result. A surprise win by Hady Mirza. Pergh, mamat tu menang. Persembahan biasa biasa ajer yang menang. Hm, my guess, each country voted their country's Idol plus the Singapore Idol, thinking that since Singapore is a small country it won't affect his votes that much. But imagine if every country voted that way, surely he will topple other Idols votes right? Salah perkiraan kot kali ini. Hehehe My vote goes to Jac & Mike.

Oh, what the heck; out of 4 at least the food is yummy and filling. Among all, I believe that is the most important thing for me.

Our Pretty Ang on Deal Or No Deal

Well, I got a message from my beloved adik Ann. "Kak tune in to NTv7 now, Christine is on Deal Or No Deal! Yes, our very own Pretty Ang is on the show." Well, as I was having a plea session with God at that time, I sorta read the message few minutes later & when I switched on the TV the moment was gone. All I see was the mix Chindian lady; with the chosen suitcase."I guess she didn't make it to this round huh?"." Ya, she missed by one question kak". Well, a few hours later, as I switched on my phone (battery went flat & so I have to charge it for a while before :) went crazy if I don't reply :) messages or can't be reached).

"Akak vote for Jaclyn Victor, She is representing Malaysia for the Asian Idol. The show has started." Drats! I missed it again. I soooooooo planned to watch it that night. I only missed Jac's 1st song. I watched Hady Mirza singing his first song. A Malay song; Berserah, originally written & sang by Singapore's 1st Idol Taufik Batisa. Okaylah, but did see that he was struggling during the first half of the song. As if the song was too hard for him or perhaps because he was trying really really hard to capture the feeling of the song. The Vietnamese chick; Phuong Vy was rather sweet & pretty but her version of Celine Dion's River Deep Mountain High was not really that impressive though I must say I enjoyed her showmanship quite alright. Sweet; smiley and enjoying the song as she sings is definitely a bonus to her performance. Minus the pronunciation though, do forgive her as she's not from an English speaking country background. But listening to how Celine Dion performed that song, she really really needs to work harder in performing it too. Because the standard has been set and it will be seen. Though one can not expect her to be at par but a more energetic performance would have suited better.

Phillipines Mao Marcelo, was a superb talent though I must say I have to agree with Paul Moss, she still reserved some of her best inside her. Not all was let out. If she was letting out I am so sure she'll definitely be Da Bomb for the night. Her passion can be seen though I must say I don't understand the words that was sang hehehehe. Indian Idol, Abhijeet Sawant sang Everything I Do I Do It For You. Anyone remembered Bryan Adams? Diction can be improved but judging from the cheers, I believe he has managed to capture the hearts of the audience. Good choice of song since the song is still a hit I must say. Breaking the singer-audience barrier seems easier with the song. Indonesian Idol Mike Mohede seems good too. Singing I Believe I Can Fly, I must say he's definitely one of the toughest contestant for Jac to beat. He kinda reminds me of Ruben Studdard, the 2nd American Idol. A cute sweet and chubby guy with a heart full of beautiful voice.

Then came the second round. Hady Mirza sang U2's hits It's A Beautiful Day. He chose the song sang by the 1st World Idol - Norwegian Pop Idol Kurt Nilsen. Mungkin bias agaknya, tapi saya rasa biasa biasa aja nyanyiannya. Doesn't really captures my attention and I do think its boring as well. Phuong Vy sang a Vienamese song - about a girl who falls in love I think. But according the judges, the feeling was not really captured through her singing. But I do believe she not only delivers it well, her expression does glow as she sang the song too. I guess she was the famous participant among the 2 male presenter hehehehe. Mao Marcelo sang Gloria Estefan's hits - Reach. Still, she is keeping her best inside. Thats too bad, because these will be their last performance before the votes are closed the next day.

Abhijeet Sawant sang a Hindi song & I can see that the judges have been waiting for this. I can't remember who, but a judge apparently mentioned that "This is the much awaited performance. The Hindi sensation brought out to Indonesia for Asean Idol". Hehe nope. Not the famous Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (that still is the best Hindustan Soundtrack for me), Hum Sath Sath Hain ( that is still the weirdest Hindi movie for me - no usual conflict through out the story until the last 45 minutes), I think it is his song that he sang. Jac sang her Gemilang and I must say together with Mike Mohede, they delivered the best performance that night! She indeed saved the best for last. The Singaporean judge however commented, that her is singing is too technical. Hello, stupid or what?! This is a competition maa, not some fun fair or karaoke. That's what differentiate a singer who sings and a performer who performs. Menyanyi ni bukan aci redah ajer. Kena tahu cara kalau tidak, takderlah ramai peserta realiti tv yang di reject kan? Not only Jac, but the hosts were also kinda puzzle for a while before managing to respond to his comment.

Compare to the Singaporean judge, I think our very own Paul Moss was much better in giving out opinion. Remember how he commented on Mao Marcelo, it shows that he surfed to get to know the singers; their strengths and weaknesses even before the competition. Even as a judge, he is doing his homework. And last performance, Mike Mohede; sorry Malaysians but I was eager to watch his last performance as well. I just got the feeling he will let it all out and gave his best. It was such a nice feeling watching as he closes the competition for the night. Results will only be announced the very next day.

The voting system is kinda unique, whereby you are not allowed to vote only one contestant. It needs to be 2 or your vote won't count. Just to be fair I think. Well, India is kinda big country and to think that everyone there will be voting for Abhijeet Sawant - other country's contestant won't have a chance hehehehe.

Results? Like I said, Tomorrow; announce it will.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Just In the Neck Of Time

This morning my car decided to mogok....lagi. I locked my door and noticed that the rest 3 locks went down slower than usual. Okay....that's not a good sign because I remembered the last time my baby mogok, that was the symptom. Aiyoo, and as expected as I tried to start the car, it won't start & alarm went on! Wallawei. I was panic and with one hand calling :), I tried pushing all the buttons that was there on the board. I remembered :) telling me that when this thing happen...again, there's this one button that I need to push. But damnit due to my panicking, I just could not remember which one. Alamak, sure kena kutuk & sumpah dengan those yang tidak perlu bangun awal tu. Then :) told me calmly, "Hidupkan dulu lepas tu tekan butang yang ujung sekali tu". "Dah, tapi dia tak mati pun," I menjawab. I memang bab bab menjawab ni memang laju ajer hehehe. " Mesti B tak hidupkan dia dulu ni sebab tu alarm dia tak mati. Cuba lagi sekali". I tried again and voila, it works. :) came to push the car and gave me instructions on what to do next in order to have the car started. :) waited with me until he thinks the engine is stable enough aka hot enough before letting me go to work. Hehehe Thank you sayang.

Well, me merempit & I managed to arrive at the door ngam ngam 7:59 AM. I tagged myself in with a pheew...Then, I saw everybody still standing & thinking to myself what happen. Ler, lupa pulak. Hari ini kan kena tukar tempat duduk sebab dinding kena pecah. They want to enlarge the office hehehe. Our shift supposed to start on January next year. Hm, I am still thinking whether or not to continue working. Because working morning shift means have to work extra one day, Saturday that is; without any extra pay. But afternoon plak macam tak minat. Takut terganggu biological clock saya. Tak biasa kan tidur siang bangun malam. Entahlah, nanti macam mana nanti. Tengoklah dulu macamana nanti?

Semalam gian nak makan sate, so went Sahmuri in Uptown. I ate the "chili" so much that it affected my stomach one whole day today. Pedihnya perut Tuhan ajer yang tahu. So I just ate Hor Fun for lunch. Just wanted the chicken broth to ease my stomach. Tulah makan cili tak mahu pikir pikir. Aci redah telan ajer. Mak ai, mujur takder buasir ke apa ker. Kalau tak, lagi naya.

After work I need to go to Midvalley for a part time job interview there. For the marketing post, that is. Ala, job untuk few weeks ajer tapi pay dia agak tinggilah jugak. In fact double than CMD. Therefore, I thought why don't I gave it a try. Dapat tak dapat belakang kira, janji I cuba dulu betul tak? Ada rezeki, dapatlah. Kalau tak, sekurang lurangnya ada pengalaman mencari kerja lagi untuk di tambahkan dalam CV tak rasmi hidupku kan hehehehe

I need to stop now, need to continue work. Yeah, I know still got a few more minutes but I am currently in a good market so better try to finish it ASAP. We'll see if I have any more things to write tomorrow, obviously with regards with my job interview itu lah.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Got My Confimation Letter...Hip Hip Hooray

Well, a few minutes before break, I was summoned to the GM's room. Dup Dap Dup Dap my heart just keeps on pounding harder & faster. Isk, cuak cuak ni. To be confirmed or not to be confirmed; that's the question. I was thinking that being confirmed is a good & positive thing; since it proves that you have managed to at least performed as what was expected from you. But the draw back is that now the resignation procedure ought to be either submitting one months notice or one months pay. Why would I be thinking of quitting you might asked? Hm, I am still pushing myself to reached the minimum par that has been set by the company but so far there was only once out of 3 months that I managed to reach it; let alone to do better than the bar. So, if I am not capable of doing so then I guess I had better leave. Why? Because my result will not only affect my score & performance but also the company's overall performance too. I don't want to jeopardize the company's reputation. On the other side if my probation is being prolong then it would reflect my not-so-good performance and it will definitely be questioned during my next interview right? But then the resignation part will be much easier ler kan? :) Well, let's go for the former part than latter right? Improve myself and achieve better results.

Well, I told Anti that I had not been expected to be confirmed. She looked surprised and asked me why. Well, I told her that I was not able to achieve the target. And I thought she might wanna prolong my probation period because of that. Well, she said that that was not the only criteria that company looked into during probation period. you attendance and punctuality is also looked at. I am glad that I managed to maintained those two - minus the late coming incident yesterday hmmmm. Well, I welcome myself to the company then hehehehe.

I am 4 minutes late & Pissed!!!!!!

I know I know just less than 24 hours ago I mentioned about not wanting to be late to work. I am already have a record for being late, TODAY! We managed to arrived about few minutes before 8, as usual, we semi-walk/run towards the front door. As usual there was no one, FYI this building was never without anyone. I believed that some offices do run shifts therefore I guess they need the FMSB people to run through the security & monitor the building. Well anyway, back to my morning "Hampeh" experience. As usual there was no one sitting at the desk next to door from inside. We push the door & it was locked (Only certain people were given the access to enter through the front door). Ok, so we took the outer road, there is a staircase outside the building next to the pond (talking about the security, why bother having guards if the building is sooooo accessible to people outside entering without being checked - stupid?! Exactly my point.) We took the staircase from the 1st floor since the elevators will take forever & guess what?! The door on the ground floor was locked from the outside! WHAT?!?! Basket!!!! What the hell do you need to lock the ground floor to the staircase for? This was really getting into my nerves. Really really getting into my nerves. So we ran up the stairs to take the elevators down then we saw the BALD - BOTAK guy walking out from the control which is situated next to the doors to the staircase, near the elevator and about 10-20 steps from the front door. Yes I am giving you the description just to inform you that it doesn't take that much amount of energy to walk to the front door & help to open it for us. When I relate the incident to my colleagues, one of them told me. "Memang macam tu Sya, kalau yang botak tu jaga kalau dia duduk dekat tempat reception tu pun dia takkan tolong bukakkan pintu untuk kita. Dia buat muka tak reti ajer". Orang dah bagi kerja macam tu pun tak reti nak bersyukur. Kalau tak suka kerja ni blahlah. Dah memang ofis kitaorang dalam ni dah tentulah kami kena masuk dalam bangunan ni kan? Bengang betullah. Terlewat 4 minit disebabkan hal ini ajer. Tak tahu nak complain dekat mana? Kalau tahu, siaplah memang wa kompelin abis abis. Tunggulah nasib dia kejap lagi. Memang nak kena tu. Well, that's that for now. If I have some other nicer things to write, I promise I will write even if no one is reading boo hoo hoo :( Well, as I said this blog is only meant for me to express what I feel and did. See ya later.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Raining & I'm Sleepy

Azam called to say that he's not feeling well aka not coming to work. Okie, too much input to the brain I guess. I mean listening to advertisements non-stop for almost 7 hours can make your brain go ting tong ting tong. So, I guess Azam might be having the ting tong syndrome today hehehehe. Went to pick up Jai & again he was late. Well, later than usual la. I make it a point to arrive at his Condo latest by 7:05 & to pick Azam latest by 7:15. I am very confident in arriving early to the office if I managed to leave the Kota Damansara Toll latest by 7:20. I don't like to merempit, plus I haven't send my car for a full servicing & its age is now 2 & a half years old. So I dare not take any un-necessary risk while driving. The car used to be able to go up til 160km/h, but nowadays, even going at 120km/h will make my baby go shaking vibrantly. So better not "dera" my car. So I informed him that he needs to be on time next day onwards. I don't like coming late to work. I just don't think its good for my employee record. Well, I might not plan to be here till I die, and I surely could use a good recommendation letter for my next job so I plan to keep my records clean as I am not a "Star" staff here; not even among the top ten scorer. Sheesh, the job was not bad it's just that I could not cope up with it. I think my mind is still adjusting its wavelength to the environment and surrounding. What can I say, I am indeed quite a slow learner at certain situation.

I am kinda happy. I managed to send messages to my Friendster buddies, informing them that I am still breathing and a live. And the first to reply was Min. Miss her so much. Happy that she still remembers me. Well, during matriculation years we (Min, Nina & Me) were such close buddies, but as time goes by, I think I only managed to still be that close to Nina only. Sigh, maybe we have such similarities and also during that time Min was closer to some other colleagues to ours. Naah, not to worry I know she will never forget me & all of our memories. that's good enough for me.

And during my way back home, guess who called? Nope. Nope.Nope. Surrender? Ono Da Great hehehe good to hear from her.

"Eh, Sya ko tengah driving ke?"
"Aaah, jangan risau polis belum ada. Karang kalau ada polis, aku letaklah kan? Sendiri mahu ingatlah nanti kalau aku letak kan? Hehehe". "
"Kau pakai handsfree ker?"
"Tangan sebelah aku free lah, hehehe", aku menjawab ala ala loyar buruknya.
"Kau sihat Ono?"
"Sihat sihat ajer. Eh, Aida ada cerita dengan kau?"
"Takderlah pulak. Cerita apa, " aku memang tak tahu apa apa yang dia story so aku tanyalah kan.
"Oh belum cerita ker?" Ono mengendurkan suara. Aha, mesti ada something something ni. Lain macam ajer ni.
"Ha, takderlah plak. Storylah kawan. Apanya, suspen plak aku ni ha, cuak pun ada. Apa storynya, citer separuh separuh, tak rap ah."
"Takperlah, kau bawaklah kereta dulu. Nanti lain kali aku citer."
Ni yang aku tak gemar ni. "Hm, yelah malam karang aku tipon kau yea? Tapi tak janji lah yea? Kot kalau ada hal plak". Saya menjawab sambil mengambil tiket tol, menukar gear, memulas stereng & menekan minyak. Pergh, tak tahu plak saya ni multi tasking hehehe.
Well, in case you are wondering, I never did call her last night. As I reached home, :) asked me out to scout for his Futsal Shoes. His shoes were badly damaged. Then, felt like watching a movie. It has been ages since we watched any movies . I think the last was Harry Potter & The Order Of Phoenix. That was centuries ago I think hehehe. The movie? Beowulf. Oklah not bad, tapi Angelina Jolie nampak pelik bila di"CGI"kan hehehe. She really look weird under the CGI effects, still voluptuous but weird looking. Simple plot and not so much dragging so I guess suits my type of movie I guess.

Then this morning I received a Friendster message from Ainul. My best Debate-Buddy in UIA. A sweet but strong girl, soft spoken but very firm with her decisions. And very patient as well. I miss her too. I believe she is still in Kuantan, dengan kerajaan Negeri Pahang kalau tak silapnya. Sejak graduation lagi. Best jer kan? Kerja bagus. Saya lagi yang mencari cari kerja yang sesuai & stabil.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I Have Been Lazy

Well, I must admit that I have been too lazy lately. I mean; check out my blog, when was the last date I wrote. That's why I have been juggling before, to have a blog or not to have a blog - that's the question hehehehe. Well, as compared to other people's blog, mine is just too simple with nothing to ponder except for myself. And as for the start of this week I have been very very very sleepy at work. I am currently now trying to avoid myself from sleeping in front of the PC. Although barely surviving the sleepiness but I must not do so. The temptation is there, with the cool air-conditioning, and dim lights ( yeah, I guess they are against the "Lampu Kalimantang" here). Lucky me Mas brought a Tupperware of sweets, and I am now not able to stop myself from eating the sweets or else I'll go Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It seems that people from USA head-quarters came for a meeting & review (I think). They were in yesterday & today. We were advised to eat outside yesterday so me, Azam & Jai decided to go to a mamak. But today, we decided to tapau only from the runner. It is so hot here, and going in & out the office is rather not good for your health. Jai got dizzy yesterday and my minor migraine is now attacking me. Can't wait for my 1st break, thought of brewing myself a glass of Milo but that will encourage my mind to switch off my brain. Brewing Nescafe and coffee mate certainly doesn't seem appealing as I don't find it as nice as the sweetened condensed milk. Aiyah, suddenly what to drink become such a big decision here. I think I'll either have Salad or Chicken Rice for lunch today. I kinda feel hungry as I skipped breakfast this morning. But I ate quite a lot last night during dinner, hmmmm, I think it was a good thing for me to eat more now. I am too skinny. I tried having everything balanced in my meal, especially vegetables. But nothing seems to be working. I dare not drink/eat those supplements that were supposed to help increase your appetite etc. Takut dah naik macam di pam pam karang tak boleh nak turun pulak. Lagi parah. Not to say I dislike the way I look, but I think it would be better if I can add some more fats to myself. I will continue trying the natural way without the help of the supplements etc. Wish me luck!

Hm, today is my parents 30th anniversary hehehe. They got married in 1977, enjoyed the husband-wife life before deciding to have me! So I was only born in 1979. My two sisters were both born in 1980 & 1992 respectively. Happy Anniversary Babah & Bonda. I already bought a card but God knows when I'll be able to send it to them. When will I be getting married? Well, good question though I might not be able to provide you with the answer. Three years from now will be the earliest possible date for me, as I believe I will be more stable financially during that time. The sound of marriage does seems interesting but aside from it, it does involved a lot of responsibility. And I really really need to adjust my lifestyle. I am used of being single & royal ...I am so lonely....I have nobody on my own...Naaah, I am always alone but never lonely. If that were to happen, then it's gonna be a sad case. I have to adjust to the role of a wife and Insyallah later on a mother and I know that it is not easy. I mean look at my mentor aka my Bonda. But she is one hell of a woman I tell ya. Tough but sweet, firm but caring she's a perfect package of a mother in this imperfect world my friends. And I am so proud of her and being able to be her daughter. And I hope that she is proud of me too as her daughter :). Let me go for a break 1st. I am hungry and need to brew myself a Milo (Yes, I decided to drink Milo).