Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang....(Ain't Cause of Love)

Last night, I stayed in the office pretty much late. Until 11:30PM to be exact. I have a presentation today and since I don't have any computer at home, (after the only one which I have (purchased using my Bonda's money while I was in college), decided to die on me) I normally have to stay back and do my home work. Last night was one of the nights mentioned. As I was waiting for :) to fetch me, I suddenly has this urge to search via Google for someone who used to be special in my life once upon a time not too long ago. Why? Beats me... But my guess is because that I had come across his name while searching for some other things a few hours before.
Did I miss him? Am I still in love with him? Do I still have feelings for him? One would have think in such a manner and condemned me for such action as I am currently being with someone else now.
I believe its normal for you to think about those who have entered your life even if its within a short period of time. Friends, special love, acquaintances etc. are those who leaves if not a huge impact; a small print in your life. You will remember all those nice things about these people and be reminded of the things which they have done in a manner which could have hurt you physically and emotionally.
Sometimes, my mind does come across the names of people whom I used to know and associate with as I open my Yahoo Mail (the address book and the online chat) or search for something via the search engine, Google, Bing etc. And then out of the sudden the memories came flashing back. The days when we were together, spending time together be it on the phone, kedai mamak, in the car along the highway....Yeah, I know my dates activities are very cheap one. I don't believe in emptying your boyfriend's pocket just to have a grand date in an expensive hotel or restaurant to feel special. Having him for a boyfriend at that moment was already a special moment and feeling for me. I thanked God for allowing him to enter my life even for a very very short while.
Why do we broke up? Lets just say that THE ALMIGHTY had insisted that its not our fate to be together after all. I admit that I was really heart broken, but I could not say the same for him though, for I have decided to cut all ties with him after the short and simple relationship.
I decided that I needed the time to heal and be stronger because the break up really really hit me badly. Imagine me crying almost every night, missing him badly and almost become weak. So weak that I almost gave in to temptations of eating non-stop!!!
Shit, what was I thinking!!! HE tested me because HE knows that I am strong and I will eventually becomes stronger. And I will and I can say that I did. I opted to never die because of it!!!
I became workaholic few years, am still now I believe...Just focussing my energy on work for I know it pays off. And it eventually did. I have moved up a few steps and I will work harder to keep on moving up...up... and away. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blazer Hunting and Shaun The Sheep

I went to the Kota Damansara Giant for the TOP's Detergent's Amazing Race. Managed to get the maximum three wakakakaka. Yeah I know I am soooo Kiasu (Guess got it by talking and listening to too many Singaporeans). Terubat rasa sakit hati yang di rasai semalam. Puas hati? Lebih dari itu beb wakakakaka....

Well, anyway, as :) had to go back and see :)'s mom I had went and picked Angah from work before picking him on the way to One Utama. After lunch in the food court, (thank god the food was nice) we went one floor up and saw a sale was going on!!! Saw that there were some nice blazers and I bought one which is on 70% sale (mine you its a branded one so I am extra happy). Looks expensive but cheap wakakakaka. At last I got a blazer yea yea.

I now have a craze for Shaun The Sheep. To those who knew me, would have known my fondness towards sheeps, since I made it known to them of course :). Simple reason is that I was born in the year of the Ram. I do collect suffs associating with the sheeps, pencil case, key chains etc; normally from Nici (though it can be quite expensive, sigh).

Doesn't he looks cute? He is mischievous as well. The heart of the herd if I may say so wakakaka. I am so crazyyyyyyy in love with this fella and his frens or flocks in this case hehehe.

Yup the John Travolta's famous moves indeed.

Shaun Gerrard is preparing to take a kick.

And the rest of the goal post is preparing to errr...cheat. They actually lowered the goal post to ensure that the ball, I mean cabbage did not went through. Cheeky sheeps.

These are the three little fat pigs who are not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf but rather envious of the fun that the sheeps are having. Always eager to spoil the fun.

Let's get to know these sheeps shall we..... By going to the website there's a lot of readable and watchable items there. You will enjoy it better there rather than me telling you here I believe.
Well, I guess that's all for now. See ya next time Shaun....and of course for you readers; if there's any.

The New Year's Celebration

I woke up about 6:30 and took a shower in the cold water. Was shivering still, when I make my way to the bedroom. Straightaway took the car and went to pick up Jun in Wangsa Maju. Upon arrival :)'s mom had cooked some fried meehoon for Jun especially; and the rest of us generally. Once done, we straight away drove to the Wet World Shah Alam. We arrived there at 9:45am and we had to queue and wait as it will only be opened at 10am. I can see that Huzaifah was very excited and could not sit still. But then again, given any circumstances he will not sit still. A hyper active and energetic kid he is indeed. Once its open we rushed in, stacked everything in the locker and woosh... straight away jumped into the pool. Its quite a small place; very suitable for the kids but not forgetting the adults. The deepest is not even 1 metre. With some accessories for kids to play. But they have the water slide for kids and adults (only opened at 12pm). Limited food sold but as long as its for snacks purposes should be ok I guess. And no outside food is allowed as the guards will be checking your bags. Just a minor touch on the bags. They will not open your bag ( unless of course it smells good or it looked heavy and a felt of plastic bottle).
We spent around 4 hours there as we only left the place at 2pm. I think my skin burnt as I looked so tanned if not darker. (Dahlah memang sedia gelap kan?) We went to the "Kedai Dua Belas Ringgit" somewhere in Subang on the way home. Nothing much but I bought some long sleeves shirts to be worn inside my short sleeves blouses and t-shirts. Hahahaha kalau dah namanya perempuan kan, mestilah nak beli jugak.
Drop by Kopitiam for lunch, no Nasi Hainan Chicken Chop (I think that's the name). Bengang betul, asal nak makan ajer takder....Sheesh!!! So I opted for Chicken Hor Fun. Thank god it was nice for my hungry stomach or else the Supervisor will surely "kena tiaw" from me.
As we reached home, and as I was about to put my head on the pillow, Jun told me that she wanted to go home straight instead of waiting for after dinner. Her excuse was that she needed to wash her clothes as she has no more clothes to wear tomorrow. Aiyah, ini budak. Refused to argue and sent her home straight. On the way back, dropped by Alpha Angle just to check out for any blazers on sale. I badly needed one for my class and presentations. Nothing attractive and so went home.
But then I decided to stop by the Gombak's Giant Hypermarket to hunt for the TOP detergent. Well, it is on sale until 3rd January 2010 so I thought I might as well give it a try. There's was no empty parking space and after three turns, I eventually got fed up and decided to park at the Petronas nearby. After doing a short walkathon, I am crushed to see that there's no TOP at all anywhere inside the Giant. NONE AT ALL !!!!!! I was so damned furious...Grrrr!!!!!
I had to use TOP since I am hanging my clothes inside the house as its easier and I don't have to be worry about the clothes, especially during this rainy season as I normally washed my clothes during night time and leave it to dry the very next day. I don't have to worry about the stinking smell as well.
I was damn tired of the 1 whole day activity and now the detergent was not there. Damn it. Well, I might as well go home and rest and get ready for tomorrow's TOP hunting.
I believed that I slept straight away when I reached home and skipped dinner. I am soooo tired I guess. Wakakaka


The New Year's Eve Celebration

Happy New Year 2010. Yeah I know it's already almost a week after the New Year Celebration, but what the heck. Its normal for people to still meet and greet each other with the "Happy New Year" smile and shake hands right? Well, how did you guys celebrated your New Year? Me? Similarly to last year, a KFC's Snack Plate is enjoyed with the rest of Kepong's citizen. Goodness gracious, the crowd was also similar to last year. I guess everybody wants to celebrate the New Year with the Colonel :).
I left a bit early from the office. 5PM to be exact. Although we are allowed to leave at 1pm but there's just so much things to do and reports to be sent out before 2009 closes its door. And I am rushing to leave before the traffic jam starts, as I AM located near to the favourite place for New Year celebration, KLCC. Thank God I made it and went straight home to pack my clothes for tomorrow's picnic in Wet World Shah Alam.

Went to Carrefour Kepong to find some items when Jun called and said that she will be late. Decided to have the KFC while waiting; when again she called and informed that her boyfriend's car had some problem. Told her that we can pick her up but she will have to wait as we are having our annual dinner celebration.

After the scrumptious meal, headed straight away to Wangsa Maju when again; she called to inform that she wants me to pick her up tomorrow morning. Aiyah, very trouble some. Just when I thought of having an early sleep tonight. Wasting my time and not to mention my fuel going around in circles. I managed to watched some beautiful fireworks from all directions, KLCC, Dataran Merdeka, Curve etc. Although it looks a bit tiny weenie but that'll do. As long as I do not have to be stuck in hours of almost never-ending-traffic-jam while going home, I'll be fine and contented. Nevertheless, that's how I celebrated my New Year's Eve.
Quite boring to some, I know. But I am not that young anyway and so I am pretty much happy :).