Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Am Planning To Write Again

Hello people, how are you doing? Are you feeling well? How's work? How's life? Well, considering that we have not met via the blog for more than a year, it is only justified that I am asking you all these questions. I know that it has been a while since I last typed my thoughts in here. But I have been so busy and plus my computer is now crashed boo hoo hoo. So I have to go to the cyber cafe should I wish to do something related to the PC.
Nevertheless, I do feel the urge to write again eventhough I am certain that no one actually reads my blog; except for me of course.
A lot of things have happened in my life for such a long period. I have enrolled myself for a professional certificate class which was offered by the company. Of course you have pay for it but with a discount surely. Why did I join? Good question.
Well I wanna continue my tertiary level studies and so I thought this is good for me to warm up and see if I can cope with the pretty hectic schedule, deadlines etc. We started off with 80/20 class which pretty much is an English class and presentation revision class for me. I was placed in a group of hard working people and so I have to cope up with them very much. That was a good boost for me. I have to plan my time and work carefully to ensure that everything works fine and smooth for me.
We are always ahead in almost everything and its good so that we have sufficient time to practice and do dry runs for our presentation most of the time. Its nice.
But the challenge will only begin after the real class begins one month from now. Jeng ... Jeng .. Jeng ... Will let you guys know later how its going ok?