Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Day Part Two

Okay, so this is the day :) Woke up early of course. Went to set up a few things and time for the make up. Ina is here to save the day. Hurray!!! Well, those who have been into a wedding would have known that marriage nowadays is relatively costly. The whole bridal package, make up, wedding dress/gowns, henna drawing can easily cost up to thousands of Ringgit Malaysia. And I honestly do not have that amount of money to spend huhu.

So here we go, the make up was quite fast and easy as I have told Ina that I want it simple and sweet. I am a non-make up user and so I don't want my face to end up looking like a Chinese Opera Actress :) (courtesy of Google). And so sweet and simple it was.

Once the Groom and family arrived, we were called to sit in front nearer to one another as the ceremony is about to begin. I guess here in KL in much simpler as compared to Johor. Simpler in what sense? No no no, you still have to do the akad and all, its just that in Johor you will have a commitment paper read out by the bride's mother containing all the doa's and advices to the bride. A very touching moment I'd say. That was what I saw when I had to be my cousin's Lady In Waiting :).

My auntie was sobbing non-stop and then my late uncle had to continue from there onwards. Huhu...Well, anyway back to future. The Kadi was very firm and strict in making sure what ever is required to be shared and passed down to us was done properly.

The form were signed and confirmation was done. And then comes the solemnization. My fiancee was sooo nervous that we were only declared husband and wife after the third attempt (minus the two 'practice' session in between).

After the solemnization, he went for the prayer and then the "Upacara Batal Air Sembahyang" took place. He put the ring to my finger and gave me the "Mas Kahwin" or "Mahar" (courtesy from Google - We did not know that a 'declaration' is required as the Mahar will then belongs to me me and me muahahaha.

Then came the Lafaz Taklik, the Kadi asked him to read and then paraphrase what he understood. I guess he was still nervous that he mentioned "Sekiranya saya tiada dan keluarga gagal memberikan nafkah zahir dan batin pada isteri"....What The Hell!!! Everyone practically laughed at this point of time. Aiyah family only required to give the Nafkah Zahir and not the Nafkah Batin la sayang...Hahaha panic attack I guess.

Alhamdulillah, the session ended rather well. Lunch was served and we get to meet everyone particularly my family members. Next, was the photography session. Since we can not go out that far as some guests are still here, we opted to go to somewhere nearer. A small lake nearby to the golf course and the round about to UPNM hehehe.

Since a proper ceremony has not yet taken place, hubby has to go home that night and promise that he will come back the next day to pick me up :)

What an awesome day it was indeed :) And Monday back to office :(