Monday, November 23, 2009

A Week In My New Position

Well, I believe that by reading the header you guys will have the hint that either (a) I have moved to another department, (b) I got promoted or (c) I found a new job. Jeng Jeng Jeng, any brilliant guesser (If there is there such word) out there?
Hahahahaha yup, I got promoted to a Specialist Level effective on 15 November 2009. We were informed on the 16 November 2009 and started training straightaway. A birthday present for myself who, on 3rd November 2009 had turn 30 years old. :( Like they say, age are only numbers and so I will not let it slow me down.
I am still in training with my former SA, I guess I was born to haunt him wakakakaka. He is a nice guy with a superb technical knowledge. A very soft spoken person and high respect for others. But, sorry girls he's taken. He will be getting married in April which I am by the way, very excited and happy for him.
Going through the training for a bit. I have been taught on how to use the systems, the report templates and schedules by which the reports need to be submitted be it on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis. I am still searching for the best method for the feedback and coaching which I will be conducting. I do know its not easy especially the part to motivate and boost the staff's confidence and motivation.
Based on the role play I did, I know I talked a lot and I need to probe or "invite" them to talk and convey their part, their frustrations, their feelings etc so that we can work things out together. Dealing with human ain't easy mate...Not that I did not know about it since I have been working with them for ages now (exaggerating bit on that part). Well, new work, new pay will definititely contributes to new challenges right?
All the best to me!!!