Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jogoya StarHill

Well, I guess most people already knew what and where is Jogoya

I had accidentally 'bumped' into Jogoya a week before Raya. Office was planning for a buka puasa and the location was Impiana Hotel KLCC. So Hicham suggested the idea of Jogoya - though at time we could not make any reservation because apparently the booking for the whole month is full. Hence, while browsing the website http://www.jogoyarestaurants.com/ we saw a discounted promotion up until 29th August 2012. We decided then to go on the 28th of August which is yesterday :)

There's supposed to be seven of us but Hicham decided that he could not go, Mus had a bad flu so food shall be tasteless for him and Zayba had a last minute work so she can't make it either. So its just me, Edmund, Abang Ben and Firuz. Off we go at 6:30pm. We walked through the new connector bridge from Impiana Hotel KLCC all the way to Pavilion. We got lost for a while inside the building and both Edmund and Firuz were using Mr Google to search for the place which happens to be just one floor above of us :)

With the discounted price buffet for four people is roughly RM300. Expensive? Yes kind off, but let's see if it matches the reputation. The ambiance atmosphere is one of the first thing we noticed. We were brought to a table at the end of the restaurant. Aiyak, that far! But then again it encourages you to explore what is there along the way which is food food and more food.

The only station I did not stop by was the Sushi station and I did not take any steamboat as well. I started off with some Japanese , , and Chinese cuisine such as the famous Singapore Chilli Crab , the crabs were so soft that I end up eating the whole thing inclusive of the shell! Took some of these yummy scallops , some cheese oysters .

. - This I could not take although its tempting, the crab body is bigger than my palm. This one is strictly for members only :)

Took bits of this and that just to have a taste. Since this is my first time so I don't really know what really wanna eat. The food is not bad at all, in fact some are very delicious and to my liking. I am not saying that there's food which are not tasty, but some are not to my liking. Oyster with cheese is something which does not suit my taste buds that well. And even if I had wanted to eat raw oyster with lemon and Tabasco sauce, I end up watching watching Edmund having few of those. I need more time to tell my throat that everything is going to be just fine :)

We spent almost 2 and half hours there, eating almost everything. Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Ice Cream were on free flow. . There's a chocolate fondue as well.

Had a nice black coffee, and a whole small teapot of Wulong tea afterward. . I purposely chose this kinda teapot just to have an authentic feeling of drinking Chinese Tea :)

All and all its an exceptional dining experience for me. I do plan to go there and really eat for now I know what do I want. My phone decided to black out on me yesterday and hence I could not get any picture. Please note that the pictures above were taken from Google just to describe the food which I have eaten. Whole list of what they have can be viewed via their website. I am loving it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Alhamdulillah, Thank You Ramadhan...

Today is already the tenth day of Syawal and I guess pretty much things are back to normal. For one the traffic is congested as always so that pretty much sums up right? Shamefully I have to admit that last Ramadhan was not with a good productivity. I missed the congregational Tarawikh and most often end up doing it by myself at home after work. Rugi rugi..

I understand that all the good deeds should be done continuously through out the year and not just during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. But Tarawikh is the only prayer you can do during this wonderful and blessed month. I must say that I do struggle with the things which I normally do, being temperamental is one of it. Its a good anger management practice as I learn to calm myself down which is not easy especially when you are surrounded by incompetent people who is just there to test your patience. Good practice but indeed I must do more. I noticed that my productivity is also a bit lower than non-fasting month, which is not good as you are not supposed to use Ramadhan as an excuse for not being able to perform your work as per normal.

But yeah, I can see and feel that I was not productive. I would normally have a lot of things to do, reports to create,analysis to learn but apparently it just stops there so this month and moving forward I need to be on the go. Go go Power Rangers Hahaha can you believe it that I used to adore these rangers, one of its kind I'd say.

Well anyway, thank you Ramadhan for the blessings and gift which you have shared with me. Insyallah, if Allah permits we'll be seeing each other again next year and like wise I shall never stop from trying to closer to you.

Good Bye Param ...

Hmm on this day a month ago, was one of my staff's last day. Param aka Premy (the man is with a split personality) is leaving for a better position and salary. He is an asset to the company but I will never stop my guys from growing outside if not inside.

I strongly believe that a good leader will not only perform his/her job well but also being able to mold his/her subordinates to become better at being the leader of the next generations. People often asked me if I am not tired of training people when they leave for a better position or offer. I guess they themselves forgotten that they have mentioned the word "better". Being a front liner staff allows to you to learn what the job is all about and being better at it. But your leader must be able to recognize your talent before polishing it to prepare you for the next promotions to come. But sadly that is not happening.

I have been conducting a few interviews whenever there's a vacancy for my team and sadly I don't see the leaders playing a significant role in developing the people. Of course, I don't expect you to know in and out the function of the job which you are applying but a little bit of knowledge doesn't hurt and will certainly help you to get through the ordeal of the interview.

Secondly, most of the time the leaders comments are rubbish! Mainly its just to 'give face' or because it is part of the application form requirement. Example; under Time Management Box the staff wrote "I come on time and goes back on time. And the leader will rate it as Excellent! Firstly there's no elaboration on how the staff was able to go back on time, no mentioning about the productivity what so ever. Excellent should go to those who came to work earlier I'd say, but of course not necessary to go back late as it can be a sign of low productivity - targets not achieved hence to complete the target the staffs are staying back.

Sadly the leaders does not make effort to get to know the staffs that well hence hindering the ability to work around their weaknesses while not forgetting their strengths.

Well anyway, Param is a Gentle Giant in my team. Not to mention a little bit crazy with his 18sx jokes. He is slightly round and a very jovial person. He lightens up any situation but is damn serious when it comes to work. His passion was to be in the Operation's Team but sadly no one had actually taken him seriously and he was always the second through some people's eyes. Not to mentioned most of the time being bullied by others to clean up their shit. So one fine day he applied for a position in my team, at that time I was not yet promoted and so we became colleagues. Even when I so-called became his boss, he never fails to lend me a hand teaching me on the things which I know not and always there to listen to my crankiness and craziness, oh not to mention the long 'lecture' aka "membebel" at all times. I am going to miss that.

He never cease to amaze me with all sorts of talents he has, a good makan makan partner as well. Although we are the kinda pair, when it comes to eating I think we enjoyed each others company. He always bring food from home. Staying with his family of four and together with his aunt and grandmother, he was never short of food I guess. He would bring a lot of cakes and fruits to be shared. But my favorite will be the Papadom :) Haha something to munch during work.

I wish him all the best for his future and thank you always for being an awesome subordinate but most importantly an awesome friend. Missing you Param aka Premy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meaningful and meaningless

What's with the post title anyway? I don't know,I guess that pretty much  sums up what I am currently feeling. Well at times, when I am all alone I tend to wonder about the things which I have done, decisions which I have made etc. And then I will be judging my own action and the results of it. Lately I questioned a lot of things revolving whether or not it's worth of something or nothing at all. Was the efforts really worth it or just to buy time before other things started coming. Sheesh, pathetic ....I really don't know. Ramadhan blues....is there really one?

In Islam and perhaps most religion, there is an Afterlife which resulted from your before death. I kept asking myself if I have enough of what is needed for me to pass through to Jannah. Was I sincere enough in performing my tasks?Was I able to contain my frustration so that I don't end up hurting people?Was I a good leader who manage to put aside all the favours for the sake of my team?Am I a good daughter who rarely put worry thoughts to my parents mind (to use the word never is impossible I guess).Have I been a good friend to my friends without asking anything in return?

And since I will be getting married soon, Insyaallah,will I be able to be a good wife....then mother? A lot of things scares me and I am uncertain if I will live that long to be able to collect more pahala,make less dosa if not none,seek forgiveness from everyone whom I have hurt intentionally or un-intentionally,forgiving those who have hurt me....

Allah has been blessing with everything and anything which I can remember.The test HE gave provided the training to make me a better person. And I hope I will continue to be one. Thank you Allah.

Back to office....

Today, sadly I am back to the office after a long leave, in fact the longest leave I have ever taken while serving in this company (I know I know such a show off that I am a dedicated employee when in fact I am not hehehe). Well, despite the laziness in me ( what do you expect after a long leave right? Obviously I need to warm up the engine before moving to turbo speed) I do look forward to coming to the office, to sit on my chair at my desk and checking my emails. Most importantly to greet my friends and my staffs. Missed them so much during the festive seasons. But thanks to an application called What's App, we managed to keep in touch with one another as a group.At least it is not so boring as we are still able to communicate and share the festive season's mood.

We will be having a special Raya Celebration in the office so I wore my baju raya of course :) Will be updating the pictures soon. Though I must say I am not so keen about posting my pics in my blog. Not that I am a celebrity or someone famous but just the uneasiness in me. The 'makan makan' is due at 3pm today at the project's respective floor so I will be going to 20th floor later. Why? Less people equals to more food yeay! Yes, despite my so call small size, I can really eat as in EAT!!! My staffs and my fiancee suspects that I might have a "Saka' with me that is why I can eat non-stop without putting on weight. Saka they say?! I say blessing.

Emails checked and reply. Reports to be updated. Meeting at 12pm and later at 5pm. Was planning to go back slightly early today because I am staying with my mom in Sungai Besi, Dad's off to Mongolia for a visit. But judging from the above, most probably that ain't gonna happen huhu. Anyways will try my luck tomorrow. Till then people, let me go and try to finish some reports here. Will update the makan makan once I am full :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am a sportsman hence I am untouchable...hell yeah

Ramadhan is reaching its end and it is sad to say good bye, not knowing if you will be given a chance to see it again next year :( I did not buy any new clothes or shoes or head scarves this year.I only bought my baju nikah and wedding ring..yeay yeay. Found it at last. Alhamdulillah.

But Raya cookies are a must. I have thre different types of Pineapple tarts )bought 2 and my Bonda bought one), a Red Velvet cake for Raya Eve celebration and some Almong London and Toffee Biscuits. My boss gave me additional Toffee Biscuits as a means for saying thank you for helping me out. I think the continuation of the statement is "...by not annoying me this whole Ramadhan" hehehehe it is a mandatory work for me to annoy and disturb my boss.

As I was browsing my Facebook, a recent post by my friend disturbs me.  Apparently this so called expert Tenpin Bowler walks freely after admitting that he has raped a 13 year girl few years back. The reason why he escaped? Well according to the Court of Appeal president Raus Md Sharif, that public interest would not be served by a custodial sentence, as Noor Afizal showed great promise. And how is that? Simple, when and if he wins any medal or World Title he will be bringing Malaysia to a greater heights and then we as the public will be recognized for it. Get it? Simple right? But then look at the tweet between him and his current girlfriend below

screencapture#1 tweet Noor Afizal Azizan and Atiqah Shabudin
screencapture#3 tweet Noor Afizal Azizan and Atiqah Shabudin
screencapture#2 tweet Noor Afizal Azizan and Atiqah Shabudin

Credit for the screen shot above to http://killingtimewithijahamran.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/child-rapist-walks-free-mole-my/
Judging from the way he tweeted, all that matters is that he is free - so he has all right to be happy regardless what people say because he got what he want - to be free.
Then check out what the next tweet states. Excuse me!!! Why in the name of heaven should we the Malays feel jealous when you escape from imprisonment? Oh, maybe you are referring to those being jailed for the same offense? But wait a minute I don't think so that these dissatisfaction comes from those group of people. Oh I see, you just wanna feel good about yourself. In Bahasa Melayu we "Nak sedapkan hati sendiri".

It shows how stupid our athletes mentality are. Maybe if he were acquitted and some one else doesn't he will feel jealous, that's your freaking low mentality boy. Sadly others are unlike that no matter how much you wished them to be like you.

As for the country judiciary system -sigh, i do not know what to say except for good job guys! This will definitely boosts the youngsters morale. In order to screw someone even if he/she underage all you need to do is be an athlete or maybe someone important. That's a boost right?!

An injustice in the holy month of Ramadhan.