Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Langkawi Here I come...Again :)

In a few hours time I will be going to LCCT, where I will be spending the night before boarding the plane to Langkawi tomorrow morning 7am. This is the first time I am going to spend the night before my flight. Normally, I would arrived just a few minutes before the check in's and then wait for the flight. This was Dean's idea, he normally does this when he goes back to Sabah, so I thought why not. It will be fun i guess :)

But I am stressed!!! I need to finish reading and amending the student's final report. My god, these people really need to be send for report writing class. They have the guide but failed to understand the guide. They have the point but failed to elaborate and the reports are without any continuation. The reports does not have any flows at all. Aiyoh, teaching adults is not easy.

First your "Nawaitu" or reason for learning needs to be clear and true. If you are here because you think its a stepping stone for a better pay or promotions, then you may not succeed. But qualifications without the right attitude does not work. You need to have what it takes to be promoted, but this subject will help you to better understand the post which you are applying for. It will be a guide for you once the promotion is yours, so that you will know what needs to be done and accomplish.

But if you keep on repeatedly giving excuses that you can not complete your work because you are busy and then submitting your report last minute, expecting me to drop everything else and just concentrating on amending your report, you know that you are not going anywhere. You don't expect your first draft to be accepted there and then right? After I know your capability in doing/writing a reports be prepared to be rejected at least 3 times before the final draft is re-vised.

Hmm, while waiting to go back my boss came and tried to see what website was I surfing, Hehehe I am not supposed to open non-related website in the office. Pergh, that was a tough fight. Basically, he just wants to remind me about some pending stuffs once I come back to the office.

Ya ampun, nak cuti pun sempat di ingatkan pasal kerja.

Monday, February 20, 2012

10 days after the engagement

Well, it is roughly ten days after my engagement and still when people ask me, How was it, How are you feeling, What's the difference...I could not figure out exactly what to say. Because people do expect me to say the things which they would like to hear. For example, they do expect me to say " I was excited during the engagement, my heart was pounding so fast that it almost came out". But honestly, I did not feel that way maybe because I was so tired planning and organizing which includes the cleaning and sigh, I did not have the energy to feel the excitement.
For me, its another ritual which means that we are preparing to go another step ahead which is marriage, Insyallah. So what's the big deal? But to those who actually hears me saying that will think that I am taking it for granted. Haiyyah, so difficult it is to please everyone I'd say.